Quote: Robert A. Heinlein on Polite Society’s Purpose

Robert Heinlein - (1907-1988) - American Science Fiction Writer

Robert Heinlein – (1907-1988) – American Science Fiction Writer

“An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”

Although Heinlein was neither a particularly moral, nor highly religious man, his unique depth of understanding, with regard to the value of a polite society, is interesting. kqd

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8 thoughts on “Quote: Robert A. Heinlein on Polite Society’s Purpose

  1. Here is another good quote from Robert Heinlein:

    “Anyone who clings to the historically untrue—and thoroughly immoral—doctrine that violence never settles anything I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler would referee. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forgot this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.”


  2. So true. Manners are totally lacking in our society. No real customer service anymore. It’s something that needs to be taught to young children before they enter school. Respect comes from respect. Thanks for your post.


    • Sadly, most of this crude behavior stems from the millions of formerly Christian female baby boomers who replaced the tenets of their Christian faith with the crass, rude and, in many cases, crude behavior associated with non-Christian radical, second-wave feminism.

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      • It is sad, but there are many working women who need to work to make ends meet these days. I’m not a feminist, but both my daughters work outside the home and manage a family as well. Those tenets often get pushed to the back burner simply because they are too tired to add them to the never ending list.


      • That’s exactly why “career” oriented radical, second-wave feminism is so insidious. It turns women’s priorities up side down, leaving her husband and children to catch as catch can, while she spends all of her precious energy trying to make her BOSS happy, rather than the people she loves. It’s all so pointless and exhausting.

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  3. Heinlein is one of my favorites. He simply had a great deal of wisdom and a rather unique perspective based on his observations about the world.

    It’s a bit amusing, Heinlein is really responsible for driving me away from feminism. Long ago there were some major battles within feminism, where it was believed Heinlein should be banned and his fans should be shamed. Some of us simply snapped and declared, “you’ll pry Heinlein out of my cold, dead fingers.”

    So, religious of not, the man’s writings at least, helped to encapsulate many of the things we love about men, and sort of became that line in the sand. One of these days, we’ll have a reunion of Heinlein fans who went on to become anti-feminists. There is quite a few of us out there 😉


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