“Polite Society’s” Purpose Vol. #2 Essay 19

Polite Society 1880s“Polite Society” is a term that came into use during the 1880s and it remainedpolite society 1950s with us until the 1950s.

It refers to the behavior of the upper echelon of our society and is primarily associated with Protestants.

The behavior of the members of the varied denominations of  Protestantism were guided by their strong Christian faith in God which produced their sincere concern for the feelings of others.

Kindness was the rule of the day, and both men and women behaved accordingly, in both their private and public lives.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Well, because people were born and raised within the strict parameters of their Christian faith, keeping that promise was relatively easy, and as a result, well-bred people were rarely rude, whether at home, in public or at work.

This situation existed primarily because, as youngsters, Christians were all taught how to become polite, hard-working, trustworthy, and kind adults.

This community-wide code of morality, ethics and courtesy, based on the teachings of their faith, virtually eliminated the need to criticise someone’s behavior, as everyone played by those same rules. And these standards of behavior produced a highly civilized, well-organized, well-behaved, cohesive community of Christians, and by association, country.

Today, this is no longer the case. We are surrounded by louts, not only at work, but at home too.


And once again, we can blame the non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminists for the demise of another reassuring, comforting, and traditional component of America’s glorious past.

The concept of a “polite society” has vanished from our landscape with chilling and disheartening results.

Its loss has turned, what was once, a polite, pleasant, kind, thoughtful, courteous and peaceful society into a cynical, crude, immoral, crass, unethical, rude, and obnoxious prison.

Chribiblestian women have traditionally engendered genteel behavior in both men and women. They demanded to be treated with the respect that their good Christian behavior entitled them to, all in accordance with the lessons learned, by both men and women, from the Bible.

The Holy Family - Jesus, Mary and Joseph

The Holy Family – Jesus, Mary and Joseph

The Bible teaches men the avenues by which they are to show respect for women, as both husbands and fathers.

The lives of the Blessed Mother, Joseph and Jesus were always an inspiration for all Christian men, women and children.

Good Christian behavior garnered reverence for women, esteem for men and respect for both. This societal understanding and acceptance, of what was deemed good, personal behavior, was one of the key components of the success of Christian Western Civilization, as exemplified by its “polite society.”

Feminist leader - Bella Abzug

Bella Abzug (1920-1998) – Radical, Second-Wave Feminist Leader

When the non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminists, and their socialist cohorts, took advantage of the societal chaos surrounding the civil rights movement in the 1960s, they began, what would become today’s rude society. In no time, they destroyed our “polite society” by denigrating Christian behavior and espousing instead, the “do-your-own-thing”, “screw you” mentality, to the 74 million, college-bound, baby boomers, especially the females.

And yet today, the aging radical, second-wave feminists stubbornly refuse to take responsibility for all of the evil behavior that resulted from their “revolutions”, both sexual and societal.

And this, despite the fact that all of the evidence points in their direction. In fact, I would challenge you to find anyone, or anything, else to blame for America’s fall from grace.

1970s Feminist Rally Poster - "Don't Cook Dinner, Starve a Rat" and "End Human Sacrifice, Don't Get Married."

1970s Naive, Former Christian, Female, Baby Boomer Collegiate Feminist Rally Posters – “Don’t Cook Dinner, Starve a Rat” and “End Human Sacrifice, Don’t Get Married.”

After the college campus feminist/anarchists tirades, sit-ins, law suits, protests and psychotic hissy-fits, EVERYTHING changed in America. Gone were the sexual mores of love, marriage and children. Gone were the ethical standards of good business practices. Gone were the merit based advancements in education. Gone were the promotions based on talent. Gone were pride in family, God, country, flag and our military. Because, gone were the essential, and basic, human qualities only Christianity can develop in a culture. These, and more, were trashed, along with everything else bequeathed to America by the sacrifices of the millions of Christian men, during our American miracle.

Gloria Steinem - Creator of radical, second-wave feminism

Gloria Steinem – Non-Christian Creator of radical, second-wave feminism

In less than 10 years, every traditional Christian, 1000-year-old human value, standard of behavior, polite kindness and consoling commandment were dramatically and publicly trashed by non-Christians including Gloria Steinem (radical feminist), Abby Hoffman (radical campus activist), William Kunstler (leftist lawyer), Betty Friedan (radical, second-wave feminist), Leonard Weinglass (radical’s defense lawyer) and Jerry Rubin (social anarchist). These freaks were not only hell-bent on getting the attention they were denied as children, but ruining Christian America’s peaceable and powerful kingdom.

In this insidious effort, they USED the naive, young Christian baby boomers as their pawns. And, they were dramatically assisted, in their assault on Christian America, by the TV industry, which was in its infancy and looking for visual excitement.

These shameless, difficult, unhappy, vindictive, loud-mouthed and demonstrative creeps were perfect performers for the media, and so they grabbed the limelight, the attention they desperately craved and the political power that came along with the bully pulpit they’d created and then ran full steam ahead.

Sadly, 50 years after these unprecedented, unfounded and irrational attacks upon all of America’s successful Christian based institutions, including academia, military, business, organized religion, politics, government and family, Americans are still suffering from their dramatic loss of Christianity’s sense of human dignity.

footballToday, our secularized populous’ preferences are a glaring examples of this decline. People routinely choose – football over church; kids sports over family dinner; irresponsibly over responsibility; sex over love; procrastination over hard work; abortion over life; creation over Creator; secularism over faith; career over children; socialism over democracy; selfishness over generosity; materialism over character; rudeness over politeness; impulsiveness over patience;  pets over people; friends over family; possessions over people; money over individuals; rudeness over silence; selfishness over consideration; divorce over marriage; and dozens of other disastrous decisions. Every one of which represents non-Christian values, and NOT Christian values.

Betty Friedan (1921-2006) - Founder of Radical, Second-Wave Feminism. Author of "The Feminine Mystique" published in 1963.

Betty Friedan (1921-2006) – Non-Christian Founder of Radical, Second-Wave Feminism. Author of “The Feminine Mystique” published in 1963.

And why do we choose to jump off the cliff of crassness, rather than cherish our short time on earth with each other? Because a group of dysfunctional, non-Christian females convinced millions of young, female, baby boomers, during the late 1960s and early 1970s, that polite society was for wimps. And, that their depleted ideology would lead to “liberation” by breaking the bonds of “patriarchy”, “domination” and “oppression” by Christian men, thereby allowing them to achieve “independence” and, become “to be all that they could be.” “I am woman, hear me roar!”

It’s too bad that these dysfunctional freaks were lying through their teeth!

 It’s the Women, NOT the Men! 

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  1. True. Although I know your family is polite society. I can’t claim that honor, but I can brag that my children are. God bless you. tim s


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