Admirable Women – Dir. of Communications for Rep. Fincher (R), Elizabeth Lauten, Pressured to Resign Because She Told the Truth

Elizabeth Lauten

Elizabeth Lauten

Elizabeth Lauten was Director of Communications for U. S. Congressman Steven Fincher (R) from Tennessee. She witnessed the embarrassing behavior, and dress, of Obama’s two daughters during the annual turkey pardoning at the White House, commented about it, was skewered and unfortunately resigned.

First of all, there was NOTHING that Miss Lauten wrote that wasn’t true. The two girls, Malia, 16 and Sasha, 13, fidgeted, smirked and rolled their eyes during the ceremony so much so that the news agency filming the event went from a wide shot of Obama and his daughters, to a tight shot of just the President.

Elizabeth Lauren FacebookIt was embarrassing to watch their juvenile behavior, especially since, at 16 and 13, they should have known better! And if they didn’t know better, their mother should have known better! 

Obama girls photoSecondly, both of the young women were wearing mini-skirts and ratty tops. It was the first thing I noticed when they came into view. Their clothing was atrocious for nearly any occasion but especially for a nationally televised event taking place at the White House. Their skirts barely covered their rear ends.

And, Miss Lauten was right when she chastised them, “Dress like you deserve respect, and not a spot at a bar.” In my humble opinion, I think Miss Lauten gave their choice of attire too much credit. The  young women weren’t even dressed well enough to go to a bar. They looked like they were going to hang around the house and watch TV all day.

As far as Miss Lauten’s commentary about the President, and his wife’s, behavior with reference to “the apple not falling far from the tree”, SO WHAT! I could list one hundred more vile commentaries, made by the Democrats, about former President Bush than the one Miss Lauten’s made about the Obamas.

And again, she wrote the truth. The fact that both these young women’s parents have shown disrespect for their Presidential position is documented, all over the internet. In fact, there are sites that just keep track of those disrespectful occurrences.

Lastly, when you get into politics, you jump from the frying pan into the fire. It is NOT a world for thin-skinned people, unless of course you are a thick-skinned female looking for trouble. And, I’ll bet my lunch that 99% of the blowback Miss Lauten received about her “snarky” comments were from radical, second-wave feminist WOMEN. Women who have absolutely NO respect for America, its hallowed institutions and especially for Christian Republican politicians. The very same radical feminist women who invented “snarky.”

Rep. Steven Fincher - Republican Congressman from 8th District in Tennessee

Rep. Steven Fincher – Republican Congressman from 8th District in Tennessee

My advice would have been for Rep. Fincher and Miss Lauten to stick it out and wait for the next big thing to distract the scatter-brained news media. That usually only takes two weeks.

I hope Miss Lauten is hired by another Congressman because we need more good women who are willing to tell the truth about the abysmal behavior of women in America.



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