Current EVEntS – Secret Service Dir. Julia Pierson Resigns After White House was Breached by a Knife-Wielding Nut

Julia Pierson, 55, being sworn in as Director of the Secret Service in March of 2013

Julia Pierson, 55, being sworn in as Director of the Secret Service. She was hired in 1983.

Here we actually have four influential radical, second-wave feminists pretending to be in charge. The first female Secret Service agent pretending to be in charge is Ms. Julia Pierson who was appointed Director of Secret Service soon after 13 Secret Service agents were found to have hired prostitutes, while on duty in Cartagena, Columbia.

This serious breach of Secret Service regulations occurred in April of 2012, just prior to President Obama’s arrival for the 6th Summit of the America’s Conference in South America.

Paula Reid - Head of Miami Bureau once Sued Agency for Racial Dicrimination

Paula Reid – Head of Miami Bureau once Sued Agency for Racial Discrimination

The second female Secret Service agent pretending to be in charge, is Paula Reid, who was the errant agent’s boss and head of the Secret Service’s Field Office in Miami. No more needs to be said about her ineffectiveness.

Now, back to Ms. Julia Pierson. She was sworn in as Director of Secret Service in March of 2013 after former Director Mark Sullivan resigned. Her task? She was to improve the image of the department in the aftermath of, not only the Columbia scandal, but the never-ending list of security breaches that had plagued the Secret Service during the Obama Administration.

These incidents included the gate-crashers, Tareq Salahri and his wife, who got past the third female Secret Service agent pretending to be in charge in 2009. This black woman failed to check the guest list for a White House State Dinner for the Prime Minister of India. Her serious dereliction of duty allowed the uninvited couple to enter the room where President Obama and the Prime Minister were conversing.

The next breach occurred when a  gunman fired seven bullets into the White House in 2011. And, as the new Director, Ms. Pierson was to also address a chronic, and ongoing, threat to the President and his family. During Obama’s six-year presidency, there had been, SIXTEEN incidents where individuals had breached the White House fence.

But, just eighteen months after Ms. Pierson’s appointment as Director of the Secret Service, she failed miserably in this last assignment. On Friday, September 27th, under her watch, the worst breach of the White House, in peacetime American history, took place.



White House First Floor Plan

White House First Floor Plan

On that day, Omar J. Gonzalez, 42, jumped the White House fence, charged across 70 yards of lawn, overwhelmed the fourth female Secret Service agent pretending to be in charge, who was “guarding” the front door and plowed through the unlocked door on the North Portico.

Gonzalez ran through the vestibule raced towards the East Room and then retraced his steps, heading back towards the stairs to the second floor. The female, front door “guard”, managed to draw her gun but did not recover her senses before a male Secret Service agent, who just happened to be coming down the stairs, saw the intruder, tackled and subdued him.

Gonzalez was carrying a butcher knife and had 800 rounds of ammo in his car. He claimed that he wanted to warn the President that the sky was falling.

If it were not for happenstance, and the fact that the agent coming down the stairs was a big guy, Omar, if laced with body bombs, could have blown the White House to smithereens!

And, although the President and his wife were away at the time, their two daughters were in the White House when Omar knocked the female Secret Service agent to the ground and entered the building. This was an egregious breach of White House security and would result in Ms. Pierson’s resignation.

Every female, involved in these four situations, screams incompetence. Only a PC, radical, second-wave feminist (whether male or female) would assign a girl to watch the front door of the White House! Women are not physically, emotionally or temperamentally suited for guard duty, of any kind, whether implemented from an administrative office or from the front lines!!! In addition, women fail to recognize evil, even if it is staring them in the face. They lack the natural instincts to detect evil in others. And why is that? Because they were not designed by God to tackle, shoot or do battle with other men! And who comprises the majority of criminals? Right, MEN. Big men.

TMartin Luther Kinghis basic instinct for self-preservation, in the presence of evil, is instinctive in Christian men because God created them specifically to protect the innocent from evil. Christian men’s innate physical, mental and spiritual combativeness towards evil produced the illustrious history of Western Civilization, and through their honorable efforts, the subjugation of evil throughout the world. That is, until radical, second-wave feminism screeched its way to the forefront, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, by irrationally denigrating Christian men for following those very same, God-given, directives.

Today, we are living with the twisted results of our country’s wholesale adoption of the psychotic ideology of radical feminism, as highlighted by the outrageous failures of the four, feminist, FEMALE, “Secret Service agents” mentioned above.

This perverse, and exceedingly dangerous, politically correct, placement of unqualified women in positions of authority, just to salve the egos of the lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminists, is going to one day, prove to be disastrous!

It is obvious that this PC BS, feminist “knowing”, has infiltrated our highest levels of national security with telling and heart-stopping near misses. And, until Christian men finally recognize this feminist crap for what it really is, (and it has NOTHING to do with equality) the threats will continue to escalate because the truth is, that without Christian men at the helm, no one is really in charge! 



6 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – Secret Service Dir. Julia Pierson Resigns After White House was Breached by a Knife-Wielding Nut

  1. “In addition, women fail to recognize evil, even if it is staring them in the face. They lack the natural instincts to detect evil in others. And why is that? Because they were not designed by God to tackle, shoot or do battle with other men! And who comprises the majority of criminals? Right, MEN. Big men.”

    Question 1: If women fail to recognize evil, and you are a woman who constantly proclaims women who don’t live up to your standard of femininity are evil, then are you not proving your own point wrong? Unless, of course, you’re incorrect and proving that women are incapable of not being deceived, ever.
    Question 2: If you can recognize evil, then might you also be wrong about the ability of women to stand guard? I know some female Olympic athletes that can lift hundreds of pounds – I’m pretty sure that qualifies them to be equally as strong as any would-be bad buy. Training is what makes the difference between natural ability and capability. Would you not rather have a trained doctor over a doctor with natural ability alone?
    Question 3: If man was designed to tackle, shoot, or do battle with other men, and women were taken from man’s side, does it not follow that she also is designed to tackle, shoot. or do battle with other men and women? She is, after all, designed from the same human template. One could argue that Adam (male) failed to detect evil in the snake and remove it from the Garden of Eden, allowing Adam (female) to be deceived and Adam (male) to choose to eat the fruit. It wasn’t until afterwards that both of them knew the difference between good and evil and Adam (female) was called Eve.

    Women and men are a whole lot more alike than they are un-alike. Women and men share the same boundless capacity for sin, making mistakes, and poor decisions and the same capacity for kindness, charity, doing good, and making the right choices. No one would say of the president, “He is the worst ever! All men make horrible presidents.” Yet you seem to take delight in saying “These women are terrible examples! All women make horrible public servants.”

    Let’s not forget that men and women step down from positions of authority quite frequently in Washington D.C. – many of them were chosen by the president to serve for a time. If they work well, they remain. If any controversy takes place, they are removed. Eric Holder and James Cole, for example, are also stepping down. Washington is a fair employer in that women and men are expected to fulfill the same positions, but mostly, these are administrators that work in offices, not as agents or soldiers on the front lines. They have distinctly different responsibilities from those expected to be on guard duty. With sufficient training, even you would make an excellent guard – so don’t sell yourself short as a woman. You are a perfectly capable individual to be in charge.


    • First, I can assure you that they are not MY standards of behavior for women, but God’s. Next, I only expose the evil behavior of individual women on Fridays. The remainder of the week I encourage, and acknowledge, admirable behavior in women.
      Next, failing to recognize evil is why women become evil. There is no dichotomy in my view. Next, physical strength is only a small part of the equation. Although the fact is, that men have 60% more upper body strength than women. This, combined with the aggressive, and courageous, male mindset, is why men have always walked guard duty and not women. Women suck in real crisis’, just as we could see by the fiasco at the front door of the White House, with a supposedly “elite” female on guard duty. Her placement was just PC BS, plain and simple. No matter what, the risks are just too great to play PC feminist BS politics with people’s lives, especially other women’s lives.
      Next, come on! Adam and Eve were designed by God to be conjoined, not do each other’s jobs. You belittle women’s innate contributions to humanity by assuming that they are only of value if they try to become men. This is a key flaw with radical feminism. They have made being a women, offensive.
      Next, it was not Adam who failed to see evil (devil), it was only Eve. What Adam saw was the women he loved. He was simply a fool in love. Next, you are regurgitating radical, second-wave feminism’s PC BS. You must have been educated in a secular, public school. Other than the air we breathe and the planet upon which we live, there are very few things that men and women share. Haven’t you ever taken an anatomy class? Despite what lesbian-led, radical second-wave feminism proclaims, we are, thank God, NOT the least bit alike. We each have different responsibilities for humanity’s continuation and are wired accordingly.
      Next, I agree, both men and women are sinners, but the capacity for evil behavior by women has multiplied exponentially with the advent of their being brainwashed by radical feminism.
      Next, women do make horrible public servants. Have you ever applied for a permit from a female in charge? They will do everything in their power to screw up your project. They inevitably prove to be brainwashed feminist, socialist, environmentalist, anti-Christian political hacks bent on revenge against the successful efforts of Christian men trying to move the country forward. They function on a purely unjust, political level. They are distracted, rude, incapable tyrants who fail to realize that they are “public servants” rather than egotists. Read my post, “Touchy-Feely Training Vol. #3 Essay 12 if you really want to hear what I think of feminist women who work.
      Next, Eric Holder and James Cole are stepping down? They aren’t stepping down, they see the writing on the wall. They are going to be indicted for the murder and mayhem they have caused Americans. They have been the quintessential political hatchet men for Obama, doing everything in their power to “politicize” justice and seek irrational revenge on Christian men and Christian America. They are not stepping down, they are going into hiding because they know they’re going to jail and they don’t want it to be too public. They are typical Obama appointees – vengeful scoundrels.
      Next, I live in the real world and I would never assume to be capable of guard duty, no matter how much “training” I received. Physics is working against me. You are again regurgitating radical feminism’s lies. Woman cannot hold a candle to men physically! My daughter has a black belt in karate and thought she could take any man on and beat him. Surprise! She was slammed to the ground on a street near our home by another female who thought my daighter was out to get her boyfriend, which she wasn’t! So much for female self-defense. It’s another crock of lies spread by ridiculous radical feminists and it’s dangerous BS taboot, especially for gullible, truly defenseless, young women!
      I hope you’ll continue to ask questions and seek the truth. And, be assured, despite what you’ve been told, radical feminism has nothing to do with equality for women and everything to do with seeking inequality for men. Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise. Thanks for your comments.


      • You do not live in the real world. You live in a fantasy that radical feminism is evil. Women having a career is not evil. Even in the days before 9 to 5, women worked. They worked in the fields besides their husbands to feed their family. The reason people had large families was to have free farmhands, etc., but lets not go there. The point is women working is not some new 20th century phenomenon…and to be quite honest it is getting to be really tiring to see people act as if some radical feminine evil person started this new culture. It makes you seem misinformed and willfully ignorant as you are clearly ignoring verified historical facts. Also the fact that you gleefully love when a women gets fired, you clearly have issues. Moreover, I need to correct you, Paula Reid was the agent in charge who broke open a scandal, fired 6 agents (all men), and ignited the beginnings of change in a “good old boys” network known as the secret service…basically she was quite EFFECTIVE as the previous director of the Miami office did nothing to curb his agent’s poor behavior.

        Next, have you ever asked yourself if more women ruled the world, would there be less wars? I believe the answer to that is yes because NO mother would EVER kill someone else’s child…women never start the fight, but if necessary they will end it.

        Finally, my pastor always said that people who pick and choose where in the Bible to justify their all encompassing hate of an individual is as evil as the devil. You hate anything involving the president…and you justify your hate by spewing passages in the Bible. Jesus did not die to save us for people to use his words to justify your antipathy of a person. Honestly all of you “so called Christians” are making it difficult for other Christians such as myself as people see you as the ultimate hypocrite…and because I am a devote Christian, people think I am just like you. You judge people even though Jesus said He without sin cast the first stone. You say one thing, “God loves all people” and act another “Obama is evil” even though he has not done anything remotely evil like starting false wars, taking money from feeding children to feed the wealthy, etc.” Your entire blog is one big judgment of other…clearly the complete opposite of Jesus. I have this vision that all of these “so called loving Christians” judgment day will be quite interesting. So how will they explain their actions to God…because God is watching.


      • There is NOTHING wrong with a woman having a 9 to 5 job as long as she does not have minor children living at home. And I never said the concept of working mothers was a “new 20th century phenomenon.” And yes, the radical, second-wave feminists did start a new culture of “career” first and “family” NEVER, for women.

        Unlike, radical feminism’s “aspirations” for women, the farm women you described were working at home, and directly for their families. This is the antithesis of what radical feminists want for women. These dysfunctional, irrational, non-Christian, lesbian-led females have spent 50 years turning women AWAY from their families, and especially away from their “oppressive” and “domineering” fathers, and husbands, in order for women to become “independent” from the “male chauvinist pig” men and “be all that they can be.” It’s total PC BS leaving millions of women sad, regretful and alone.

        The radical, feminists have made every effort to reverse the roles designed for men and women by God so that women become the DOMINANT gender. This is NOT what God intended for either sex and it is the main reason SO many feminists are miserable bitches. They are trying to remake, what cannot be remade.

        As far as Paula Reid goes, she was an abject failure at her job, as ALL of the disgraceful behavior that occurred in South America happened on her watch. If she were a man she would have been demoted for failing to maintain discipline within her ranks. She was a weak leader among men because she was a woman, whom again, was trying to reverse the natural relationship between men and women that God designed. MEN are born leaders of men, NOT women.

        As far as whether there would be less wars if women ruled the world, all I can say is HA! HA! HA! You are again regurgitated more feminist PC BS. The world would be a hellish place in which to live if women ruled it. And this is for the same reason that Paula Reid (or Kathleen Sebelius, Valarie Jarrod, Julia Pierson, or Sharon Helman failed (see my Current EVEntS for more). Men would run right over them and since women are incapable of deciphering evil, the results would be horrific. Read Christina Hoff Sommers book “Who Stole Feminism?” as just read the chapter pertaining to the feminist convention to see a microcosm of what the world would be like if women ran it. You can read a summary of that situation in my “Good Books” tab.

        Where have I used the Bible to justify hatred? I use the Bible to educate radical feminists like yourself about the truth with regards to God’s plan for women’s roles on earth and NOWHERE does it say that woman are to be the breadwinner, leader, promiscuous, abort their children, leave their minor children to work outside the home, divorced, lesbian or become “career women.” Only, radical second and third-wave feminists advocate for that debased lifestyle, NOT the Bible.
        Hypocrite? Come on. You are the hypocrite for defending feminism in any form! It was founded on the premise that EVERYTHING Christianity stands for is suspect. Their entire ideology is designed in direct conflict with Biblical teachings. And this was deliberately done. List what you think feminism stands for and then use your head and you’ll realize that EVERY aspect of it is the polar opposite of what is in the Bible.

        I can tell that you are sincere in your beliefs but, that is because you have replaced the tenets of your Christian faith (and there are hundreds of Christian churches that are now run by radical feminists, which may be half your problem) with much of the false ideology of radical feminism. You are in a very dangerous place. I wish that you would continue to read through my blog so you get a deeper understanding of the evil that is inherent in radical feminism, especially for naive women. Read “Short Essay – Radical Feminism’s True Legacy”, “See No Evil Vol. #3 Essay 4”, and all of the “Current EVEnts” (note how many of them work in Obama’s government)

        As far as Obama goes, read my post for today “Good Guys – Ed Meese” and next Wednesday’s – “Admirable Women – Maryanne Godboldo” and tell me if Obama is not a purveyor of evil.


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