Please don’t feminize Christ

I couldn’t agree more.

See, there's this thing called biology...

There is this misconception in some circles that Christ represents the softer side of Sears,
and has a passive, nearly feminine persona. Where I live, some people like to portray Christ
as a liberal hippie, perhaps a vegan-anti war protestor, who drives a Prius. I suppose I should
shut up right now and just be grateful when people try and perceive Christ at all, but I’m
compelled to point something out.

Christ is clearly a man, the perfect representation of a man, and He taught us everything we
need to know about our higher selves, about our value and our worth, about what genuine
strength is really all about. Christ gave us the most beautiful example of that master/servant
relationship, about what genuine leadership is supposed to look like.

Christ showed us that humility is not weakness, pride actually is, the toxic kind. That’s a bit of a paradox for…

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