Current EVEntS – Married Erin Corwin, Pregnant with Neighbor’s Baby, May Have Been Killed by his Wife, Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee

Nicole Lee

OK. This is the first time I’ve written about two vile women involved in one case. And sadly, both Erin Corwin and Nicole Lee are married to U. S. Marines stationed at the 29 Palms Marine Base in Morongo Valley, California.

It was bad enough that 19-year-old, third-wave feminist, Erin Corwin had an affair with her married neighbor, Christopher Lee, but just to add salt to her husband’s wounds, she got pregnant too.

Then, just to make a bad situation even worse, Corwin had the nerve to plan to go on a day long hunting trip with Lee. At first he told police that Erin was just an acquaintance. When pressed, he admitted they had kissed but never had sexual intercourse.  Initially, he also denied the planned hunting trip but later admitted to its existence.  But, he now says, that although they had made plans, that he never met her for their rendezvous at the Joshua Tree National Park.

Corwin, on the other hand, told her Tennessee  friend, Jessica Trenton, that she was romantically involved with Lee and that they planned to  spend “a special day together” to celebrate her pregnancy. Erin Corwin left her home at 7 am on June 28th. Lee left his home at 7:30 am on the same morning but, unlike Christopher Lee, Erin Corwin did not return home. She has now been missing for three weeks and no one knows if she is dead or alive.

Detectives found Corwin’s car about two miles from the base. Footprints were found exiting the driver’s side of her car and were traced to the side of a set of adjacent tire tracks. The second set of tire tracks were from a Jeep Cherokee. Christopher Lee owns the same SUV.

The Lee’s house and car were both searched by police. Ten, spent, .40 caliber shell casings, from a gun that Lee did not tell the police he owned, were found in his car. A search of the Lee’s house turned up nothing but Lee’s wife Nicole told their landlady, Isabella Megli, that the detectives had missed something in their garage. Nicole also berated her husband, and called him “dumb”, in front of Megli, for “not being able to keep his lies straight.”

Christopher Lee was arrested on an unrelated charge on July 4th but he was soon released.  He was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps three days later. The police continue to search for a “crime scene” but have yet to find it or Corwin’s body. As a result, neither Christopher nor Nicole Lee have been charged with Corwin’s death or disappearance.  Until the police find Erin Corwin’s body, they simply do not have a case.

Nicole Lee seems unusually confident that the police will never find Erin Corwin when she told a witness that the, “detectives would never find her body.”  The Lee’s have since moved to Alaska.

I hope the cops checked their luggage before they left.


2 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – Married Erin Corwin, Pregnant with Neighbor’s Baby, May Have Been Killed by his Wife, Nicole Lee

    • I couldn’t agree more! And unfortunately our feminized, secularized, educational system is doing NOTHING stem the tide of “innocently” destructive behavior by very young people before it becomes deadly. I wish they would just admit their inability to set and enforce standards of good behavior and just bring back the Big Guy once again through school prayer! A sound fear of God never hurt a kid.


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