Good Guys – News 12-TV NJ Reporter Sean Bergin Rightfully Blames Fatherlessness for Inner City Crime and Gets Suspended from his Job

Sean Bergin, 44 - Former New Jersey News 12-TV  Freelance Reporter

Sean Bergin, 44 – Former New Jersey News 12-TV Freelance Reporter

After more than 50 years of social justice, I thought we, as Americans, had attained the ideal utopian paradise defined by a “color-blind” society. Guess not, because once again, the road to color-blindness shows itself to run in only one direction.

If there was ever a need for the truth, it is with regards to the complete collapse of civilization within America’s major cities. And yet, when a civilized individual, especially a white, Christian man, like Sean Bergin, offers his help or advice, he is routinely punished by the cowardly, but influential, liberals, for his honorable efforts to seriously address the horrific situation.

In America, there is no more depleted, depraved or hellish existence than the one lived by the young black children in our inner cities. You name it and they’ve got it by the tanker load! Drug abuse, violence, crime, poverty, murder, delinquency, truancy, illegitimacy, homelessness, unemployment, child abuse and fatherlessness. Hardly a reflection of Main St. America!

Since 1962, when President Lyndon Baines Johnson invented his “The War on Poverty”, the federal government alone, has dramatically increased the amount of taxpayer money it spends each year to address our inner cities rampant problems.

For more than 50 years the “government”, including local, state and federal, has been throwing money at the personal problems endemic to the inner cities and, rather than reducing the pain, it has remained the same, or in many cases, gotten worse.

Today, the spending has gone from 25 billion to over 500 billion since 1962, as seen on the blue chart.  There is no doubt that this malfunctioning, corrupt, clinical, bureaucratic, and cynical approach to solving these deeply personal problems is not working, for those very same reasons.  Government is, by its very composition, a heartless inanimate object incapable of human emotion.

Well, it’s time to finally face FACTS. Just as Mr. Bergin suggested, these inner city problems are personal failings that can only be stopped by strong Christian fathers. Despite the politician’s, and community leader’s, rants to the contrary, money won’t, can’t and hasn’t  fixed the problems. The solutions are far beyond the reach of a government agency to correct.

Low-Income Federal Spending Chart

Low-Income Federal Spending Chart

The disconcerting truth is that despite the obscene infusion of taxpayer money, distributed under the false pretext of eradicating poverty, the  poverty level remains at the same level it was when the expansive Johnson programs were instituted over 50 years ago.

Poverty Level in America

Poverty Level in America

In reality, the 1962 Democratic Congress should have left-well-enough-alone because, as you can see from the red chart, there was a steep decline in poverty in America, just PRIOR to Johnson’s initiation of his “Great Society” programs.

Obviously, the happy, productive, white, Christian, family based society of the 1950s, which floated all boats, was proving the dour socialists to be wrong once again and that would never do. So OMG! they created an imaginary crisis  to cover their arses and to maintain their grip on power and found a receptive audience in the inner cities.

Although Johnson and his cronies “solution” was called, “The War on Poverty”, it would be better named, “The War on Fathers”, as it literally ejected fathers from their homes. And, the result?  These pernicious programs would eventually enslave generations of women, and children, forcing them to look to the heartless government for support, rather than to the men who once loved and toiled for their happiness. What a national disgrace.

The reason for the collapse? These short-sighted programs actually encouraged illegitimacy because the more kids a woman had, the more cash the federal programs would pay her. The programs actually encouraged men to abandon their families as well, so that their wives and children could qualify for government cash. The programs also encouraged co-habitation, rather than marriage, because unlike a husband, a live-in lover, did not impede the flow of government cash to the woman and her children.

The results were predictable. The illegitimacy rate soared, which just exasperated the level of poverty. In addition, it left millions of mothers and children, beholding to the inhuman bureaucracy of governmental agencies for their very livelihoods. It was a malignancy manufactured in hell.

But, among the many losses, the greatest loss was suffered by the black children, especially the little boys. They were literally legislated out of the support, protection, discipline and guidance once provided by their Christian fathers. This would lead to a debauched existence, just this side of, “The Lord of the Flies.

In 1962, there were few Democrats, with the exception of Sen. Patrick Moynihan, D-NY, who would admit that the proposed programs were specifically designed to undermine the family unit. Nor was it acknowledged that the programs disenfranchised the fathers from their families as the men also lost their inspiration and motivation to remain employed. There was no point to being gainfully employed when it was no longer necessary to be the bread-winner of your family.

None of the politicians at the time would acknowledge the devastating effect that these social programs would have on the family structure, most especially, on the black families. Only Senator Moynihan heroically predicted the impending disaster, but unfortunately, his warnings went unheeded.

Moynihan’s report (the Wikipedia summary follows) would prove to be prophetic. One critical point shows its exactitude:

  • Instead of rates of black male unemployment and welfare enrollment running parallel as they always had, in 1962 they started to diverge in a way that would come to be called “Moynihan’s scissors.”

As time would tell, “The War on Poverty” would prove to be the a vicious betrayal of blacks, in particular, by the elitist Democrat politicians. These “do-gooders” did more damage to black people’s lives through these “helpful” programs than all of the Jim Crow laws combined. These programs literally shackled generations of black children to an inhuman, plantation “massa'” called welfare, destroying their very faith in God and the tenets of Christianity.

This was not always the case. When thousands of black families moved up North after the Civil War, in search of factory jobs generated by the Industrial Revolution, most brought their commitment to the Southern Baptist Church with them. And so, before the white, liberal, elitist politicians interfered with their lives in the 1960s, black families were composed of highly religious, and communal, family units. They may not have been rich, according to white people’s standards, but they weren’t living in a man-made hell either.

These were God-fearing men and women. They were good, hard-working people who raised good Christian children. Acquiring wealth came in a far second to their commitment to living a Christian life. As U. S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas once attested to, as a small child, raised in rural Savannah, Georgia, he didn’t know he was poor until someone told him. And so it was with thousands of black families.

Today, the unthinkable has occurred as black “community leaders” have replaced the white, elitist politicians from the 1960s. These men have betrayed their own people, using their positions of influence to line their own pockets, with little regard for the neighbors they left behind.

The Al Sharptons, Jessie Jacksons and Jeremiah Wrights of the world have enriched themselves at the expense of their black neighbors. They have coerced corporations to grease-their-palms on threats of riots and law suits. They have pressured politicians for more social programs and handouts, despite the fact that they continue to fail, leaving most black communities decimated, desolate and 74% of  black children fatherless.

Despite their rantings of racism as the cause, the issues are personal human problems and the “blame whitey game” doesn’t provide ANY solutions, just more problems. But, I don’t think these guys really care because as the black community spokesmen, they get to drive in chauffeured limos, wear $1000 suits, hob-nob with the goobersmoochers,  bloviate on TV and eat at five-star restaurants, all on someone else’s dime.

I’m sure there isn’t a Christian in America who wouldn’t sincerely like to help the children suffering in the inner cities, but as long as there are people like Sharpton and Wright barring the gate, no one will ever be able to offer serious assistance and Sean Bergin’s story reflects that irrational, and impenetrable, wall of black resentment perpetuated by the black “leaders” whose only interest is to continue to financially support their over-inflated egos.

Sean Bergin sincerely wanted the issue of fatherlessness to be addressed by the community at large. He has seen, first hand, the destruction, crime and vicious banality of life in some of the worst inner cities in the Northeast. He knows it stems from only one thing – the devaluation and destruction of the stabilizing institution of fatherhood

Unlike 50 years ago, black men today irresponsibly father illegitimate children by the millions, while taking no responsibility for their children, either financially or emotionally. This has left young black boys without any direction, guidance or love from the men who should be a critical part of their upbringing. The angry, violent, out-of-control tirades that result from that crucial loss, are truly from hell.

Considering the billions of government dollars spent so far on the “War on Poverty”, with little or no improvement, Mr. Bergin, rightly believes, its time to return to the only proven path to redemption –  encourage, support and reward good Christian fathers for taking full responsibility for their children and their upbringing. 

But no! That idea must be racist because it was voiced by a white man!!!! OMG! Call out the lawyers! Alert! Alert! Alert! Call out Sharpton, Jackson and Wright! Alert! Alert! Alert! Call out the liberal press! Alert! Alert! Alert! Call out the marchers! Alert! Alert! Alert! Call out the National Guard! Alert! Alert! Alert! Rabid Racist! Shoot him! Kill him………..!

Let’s get a grip! In reality, it shouldn’t matter what color, or what sex, the person is who speaks the truth! All that should matter is, “What’s best for the children?” If it makes sense, it’s worth a shot and Mr. Bergin’s commentary makes all the sense in the world.

Officer Melvin Santiago

Officer Melvin Santiago

You decide who’s right, as you watch Bergin’s “racist” report which was given in response to the

Lawrence Campbell

Lawrence Campbell

murder of 23 year-old rookie cop, Officer Melvin Santiago in Jersey City NJ last week, by a 27 year-old black man named Lawrence Campbell, who moments before the shooting said, “Watch the news. I’m going to be famous.”

1000 people attended Officer Santiago’s funeral. His aggrieved cousin, Nadia Krause, posted the following about this wonderful young man, I still cannot grasp the concept that your truly gone. Just yesterday, you were spending time at Julia’s birthday party with us, left work to be here and said goodbye but I didn’t know it would be for good. I would say you were a brother more than a cousin. I love you so much and it kills me that your gone. I am still in disbelief. You meant so much to us and will never forget you nor be ok that your gone. Melvin Santiago died in the line of duty.  Just graduated the police academy in December. Way to young but now there’s another angel in the sky looking over us. You were an amazing person and had a heart of gold. So many memories together. I love you Mel and will see you again!!

Sean Bergin experienced the gnawing grief and fury associated with Officer Santiago’s senseless and brutal death too. So, he wanted to tell the truth about the pernicious cancer devouring black communities, in hopes that he could cause a broad-based communal response.

But, instead, Sean Bergin was first suspended from his job at News 12-TV by the non-Christians who run the corporation and was ultimately forced to quit after the station slashed his pay for his “racist” comment. And, as you have heard, all he spoke was the truth when he said, “The underlying cause for all of this, of course, young black men growing up without fathers.”

Fortunately, Mr. Bergin has no regrets, as he posted this comment on his Facebook page soon after his suspension, “Replacing husbands and fathers with government checks created this mess and that’s why liberal media refuse to look at it.” He also stated that, “If I had it to do over again, I would do the exact same thing. I broke the rules. I knew I was breaking the rules. But sometimes you have to break the rules to do the right thing.”

I hope FOX News picks up Sean Bergin, especially after FOX anchor Megan Kelly did an excellent interview with him on her show The Kelly Files

This country, and especially the inner city children, need more, strong, vocal and selfless Christian men, no matter what color they are!

Sean Bergin is a Good Guy extraordinaire who has the courage of his convictions and deserves our best wishes.

We can all be grateful that  there are still good Christian men, like Mr. Bergin, who have the courage to speak the truth. They are our only hope!

GO SEAN!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Good Guys – News 12-TV NJ Reporter Sean Bergin Rightfully Blames Fatherlessness for Inner City Crime and Gets Suspended from his Job

  1. Excellent Article and very well written. I read Sen. Patrick Moynihan, D-NY book way back in the late 70’s when I was in high school. Unfortunately those in the vanguard of the “war on poverty” and “abortion and birth control movements” such as planned parenthood didn’t just have the goal of destroying the African-American family and the reduction of the growing numbers of minorities – but of poor whites as well.


      • I agree though when it comes to spending money conservative politicians are just as bad as their liberal counterparts; with the amount of money they lavish on the military to impose the will of the financial predators at the top of our society on other countries, on dictators who dance to their tune and financial windfalls to those who don’t need it taken from those of us who do – through the taxes we are forced to pay at the point of a gun.


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