Current EVEntS – Treasurer Lisa Ann Ayers Steals $330,000 from Fire Department

Lisa Ann Ayers and her Lawyer

Lisa Ann Ayers and her Lawyer

Why anyone would put a woman in charge of the finances of any small local organization, company or non-profit amazes me! These small operations can rarely afford to have a full-time accountant and it appears, from the dozens and dozens of cases of long-term female thieves in their midst, that they don’t even have the business acumen to get their accounts audited once a year!

In today’s secular, materialistic world, women have become notorious thieves. They like pretty things, nice cars, big houses, fancy vacations and are willing to do anything to get them, even steal. Unfortunately radical, second-wave feminists, who despise organized religion because they consider it sexist, are no longer bound by the personal constraints of traditional Christian standards of behavior, i.e. Thou Shalt Not Steal.

These “liberated” liars no longer possess the capacity for guilt, shame,  or empathy. Simply put, they have no conscience. Many of these female felons don’t steal money because they are in dire straits. Many steal other people’s money to buy nothing more than needless bling.  Others steal money for what most people would consider necessities, like paying their mortgage. The “justification” for, and the level of, larceny varies from woman to woman but the result is always the same – they steal lots of money,get caught, go to jail and destroy their lives. And I thought, according to radical feminism, that women were smarter than that. Guess not.

Mine Hill Township Fire Truck

Mine Hill Township Fire Truck

Lisa Ann Ayers 40, is a perfect example of this type of unscrupulous woman. Next to the women who have stolen funds from their kids Little League teams, Ayers takes-the-cake. She stole from a volunteer fire company!

How could anybody steal from a volunteer fire department?!! She might as well have stolen money from a convent. Not only did  she abuse her position of trust as the treasurer of the Mine Hill Township Fire Department in New Jersey, she wiped out years of fundraising efforts as well.

This  fire department, which was established in 1915, has had a long and honorable past. Ayers, single-handedly, sullied the company’s stellar reputation.  Over a six-year period of time this wretch stole over $330,000 from a group of trusting  and courageous men who risk their lives to save others. You can’t sink much lower than that.

During her trial Ayers tried to excuse her larceny by claiming that  she had been experiencing “financial hardships.”  Sorry. That’s a ridiculous and pathetic excuse. As the prosecutor said during  the case, “People do various things when they are in a financial hardship, not everyone chooses to steal.”

Ayers was finally outed when she didn’t repay a loan, acquired by the fire department, to install a new roof on the firehouse. Although she claimed that she had returned $100,000 of the stolen money before being arrested, Mine Hill Mayor, Sam Morris, found that to be preposterous because at the time of Ayer’s arrest there was less than $500 in the Fire Department’s bank account.

This feckless, female felon was arrested and went to trial. Deputy Attorney General Anthony Picione asked for a five-year jail sentence stating that Ayers had embezzled money from the fire department hundreds of times. From 2007 to 2012, Ayers had made out 53 checks for a total of $77,661 in order to pay the mortgage on her home. In addition, she stole $22,000 to pay off two car loans and made 224 ATM withdrawals for an additional $68,000.

Ayers was sentenced to 3 years in jail and she was remanded to make restitution to the fire department for $228,631. Her husband said he’s getting a second job in order to pay back the money. My guess is that, considering  Lisa Ann Ayer’s propensity for financial tomfoolery, the fire department will never see their money again.





7 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – Treasurer Lisa Ann Ayers Steals $330,000 from Fire Department

  1. Let’s not forget here that thieves come in all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnic groups, and genders. Stealing is that person’s individual moral failure – it’s not “because she’s a woman, she stole” or “because he’s a man, he stole.”

    Men and women both fall victim to the lure of stuff and to the pretense of keeping up an extravagant lifestyle no normal person could afford, ever. it’s the love of money that makes them do what they do – and they don’t care about the consequences until they get caught.

    Women can be just as effective as men as leaders, treasurers, and workers in-side and out-side of non-profit charities, small-town political positions, etc. However, any individual who steals, would steal from anybody, regardless of who they are.


    • Women were NEVER arrested for theft before feminism reared it’s ugly head in the late 1960s and early 1970s and convinced them to substitute radical feminist materialism ideology for their Christian faith. Women were never on an equal footing with thieving men until this occurred.


  2. Oh my goodness, you are so right! I’ve lost track of all the women hired as accountants who have fleeced our local organizations.

    I really don’t want to admit that, because I’m not that way myself, but the numbers simply speak for themselves. There are 3 different women in my dinky area on trial for taking large sums. If they’re found guilty they’ll probably get probation or something and be forgiven because of their emotional problems or life situation or whatever the excuse of the day is.


    • I think the juries are finally catching on to these thieving women, just like they are catching on to the 35 year old women who rape their 15 year old male students. They are doing more and more jail time. My Mother and I live in 2 different states and the headlines in both of our areas, over the last few years, have been swamped with the same types of female thief stories. And we’re not talking petty larceny, most are grand theft larceny by very accomplished women.


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