Whether You Like It or Not, Bill O’Reilly Tells It Like It Is! And, Now It’s Time To do Something About It

Unprovoked Black Mob Violence

Unprovoked Black Mob Violence

This a national disgrace!

Until the male  “leadership” of the black communities decide that their children are more important than their political power, thousands of black children will continue to die, unnecessarily, each year.

There is no room for excuses.

For more of the gory details related to the decline of the black family structure and the resultant violence promulgated by unloved, and unsupervised, young black males, especially those related to the “knockout game” inflicted on innocent white pedestrians, read Colin Flaherty’s book, “White Girl Bleed A Lot.”

It will shock you to discover the depraved levels to which these abandoned kids have sunk. And my question is, “Where are the evangelical Christians?” If there was ever a need for the renewal of the Christian faith within a community, it is within the formally, VERY Christian, black communities.

This is a mission that should be undertaken, collectively, by all of the churches in America. Rather than go to Appalachia, AGAIN, bombard the urban cities of America with God’s love and His guidance. These kids are starved for the Word of God.

The re-adoption of the tenets of Christianity are these lost children’s only chance for salvation, safety and sanity. How can we not respond to their flagrant, and obvious, call for help?

Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points Commentary follows:

6 thoughts on “Whether You Like It or Not, Bill O’Reilly Tells It Like It Is! And, Now It’s Time To do Something About It

  1. Amen. I am sick of worrying about being “politically correct” BULL These kids are the most racist sect of American society, and their enslaved ancestors must be rolling in their graves, as they took their risks to obtain freedom to work for wages and live independently, not to be bankrolled by the government! Where is the strong Christian community of the black churches? My church does a soup kitchen in the predominantly black ghetto of Newburgh, NY and we preach before we serve, inviting all to join our congregation. Sadly, our major response is complaints about the free food. ALL Americans have a responsibility to provide for them selves and their families, welfare etc. is for emergency, temporary situations, not a gift for life. With rights come responsibilities, if you are not responsible, you forfeit your rights.


  2. Oh, amen to that! If anybody ever needs an example of why fatherhood and male leadership is so important for families, communities, economies, take a hard look at black urban communities. A Christian revival would be a huge step in the right direction.


    • It’s their only hope. Government “aid” has been a disaster, making a bad situation worse, beginning all the way back in 1935 with federal “Aid to Dependent Children” during the Great Depression, which was one of many federal programs instituted by FDR that actually prolonged the depression.
      Eventually, in the 1960s, black men began to abuse the system and literally abandoned their families in order for them to qualify. This was the beginning of the end for our inner cities. Without the Christian family unit (headed by the fathers), promoted and supported by Christian churches, nothing will ever change for the better. They, especially the boys, are doomed to an existence of violence, drugs and abandonment as they seem to be unable to turn their lives around alone.


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