Current EVEntS – Jessica Prince Flings Slushie in Face of Female in Favor of Christian Families

Jessica Prince, left and Christine Weick, right Jessica Prince, left and Christine Weick, right

So much of what’s wrong with women today began when they were just teenagers. This is a very vulnerable time for young women because they make some of the most important decisions of their lives during those, few, critical years.

Decisions that will, forever, define their adult lives. Will they have pre-marital sex? Will they do illicit drugs? Will they become a lesbian? Will they cover themselves with tattoos and piercings? Will they obey their parents? Will they trash their family? Will they fail at school? Will they drink until they pass out? Will they choose the wrong friends? Will they smoke cigarettes? Will they refuse to work? Or worse yet, will they substitute the ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of their Christian faith?

Every day, all day long, these immature females search for ways to define themselves as “grown ups.” For the lucky young children whose parents conscientiously strove to direct their upbringing, based to the tenets of Christianity, the most serious pitfalls of teen life will be avoided. But for teens who are burdened with divorced parents, illegitimacy, absent fathers, “career” mothers, single mothers or atheism, the outcome is nearly reversed.

When lesbian-led, anti-Christian, radical, second-wave feminism swamped America in the late 1960s and early 1970s, overrunning America’s 200-year-old Christian foundation, female baby boomers from dysfunctional families were especially vulnerable to its influence. Still yearning for a “real” family, they joined the movement by the millions.

college feministsToday, these same aged, influential, female, radical, second-wave baby boomer’s legacy includes the secularization of the nation through their irrational hatred of Christianity, and the corruption of generations of young women who have foolishly followed in their footsteps.

American teens have continued to struggle to define themselves because many have been left without the  influence of the positive Christian standards of behavior in their lives, which are necessary to offset the main stream, secular culture’s negative standards of behavior.

In their ignorance, these foolish and gullible young women are left without common sense, good judgement, proper choices, spiritual protection, good guidance, personal integrity and the courage of Christian convictions to know how to save themselves from being consumed by evil behavior.

As a result, most young women choose negative behavior because they know nothing else. They are unwittingly adrift in a world where Christianity, and its protective standards of behavior, are not only foolishly ignored, but irrationally reviled by the feminist women they “admire” and chose to follow.

This hate-filled, lesbian-led, non-Christian, anti-Christian war against Christian men, and the tenets of Christianity is vicious. Young women who already feel neglected by their divorced fathers, and ignored by their “career” mothers, often become lesbians, and while in pursuit of the love they never received, they subconsciously become “husbands” to their preoccupied mothers or “sons” to their distant fathers. Predictably, this approach never works. So with justifiable resentment, they lash out instead at the very institution they yearn to be part of – the fully functional, and joyfully successful, traditional Christian family unit.

Jessica Prince is one of those angry non-Christian, anti-Christian teenagers who is already on the road to hell and is irrationally consumed by lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminism’s abhorrence of Christianity. Amazingly, she wears her misguided hatred for the values of the traditional Christian family, like an irrational “badge of courage”, lashing out whenever she feels “threatened” with the truth hidden behind her diminished feminist “knowing.”

Something about Mother’s Day really set her off and Prince chose to inflict her twisted, profanity-loaded, opinions on Christine Weick, while adding obscene gestures just for effect. Lovely.

Christine Weick, 47 - Author of Christine Weick, 47 – Author of “Explain This! A Verse by Verse Explanation of the Book of Revelation.”

The encounter began when author Christine Weick decided to stand at a busy intersection in Grandville, Michigan on Mother’s Day and hold up a large, pro-family poster that said, “Thank Your Mom Today for Not Being Gay.” It’s hard to argue with the logic behind her factual pronouncement, unless of course you are a crazy, bitchy, radical feminist.

To this end, Ms. Prince decided to accost Weick while the cameras from local WOOD-TV rolled. Defining herself as the self-appointed representative for the entire gay community, she approached Weick…

(The original introduction to my Current EVEntS section of my blog seems appropriate once again as this young female thug defines our future  – I ask you this, “Do you remember Eve’s role in the loss of Paradise?” Well, thanks to radical, second-wave feminism Eve is again in bed with the devil and through these brainwashed women, Christian America is about to become Paradise Lost once more…)

The WOOD-TV’s video of Jessica Prince’s verbal and physical assault follows.

You can judge for yourself why this brainwashed bitch is one of my Current EVEntS and why, if young Christian men fail to FIGHT BACK against these insane women, these freaks WILL prevail in their irrational efforts to destroy our kind and courteous Christian culture.


31 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – Jessica Prince Flings Slushie in Face of Female in Favor of Christian Families

    • Demonically possessed? Is that the logic were now using for sexuality? I had no idea hormones and genes had molecular size demons possessing the sexual stimuli in every LGBTQ person? Oh wait that sounds as ludicrous as your comment. I love how those uneducated in biology, genetics, or any form of medical science play doctor/scientist with no evidence to back up their absurd claim. Do us all a favor and stop before you make an even bigger fool of your self with your fairy tale none sense. Or better yet speed up your deteriorating process!


  1. The masculine and caustic Ms. Prince cried that Christine Weick was in “ignorancy.” I’ve got news for the angry and hateful Ms. Prince – there is no such word as ignorancy. Now – that is ignorant!


    • Hear hear! The ignorant are always the most vulnerable and are easily convinced to do the devil’s bidding. The removal of prayer from school began this horrific trend among America’s youth.


      • There has never been a removal of prayer in schools. Students can pray in school as long as it’s during an appropriate time. Just like talking about Jesus. Teachers jut can’t do it unless a student asked them to or if it is brought up.


      • That is technically true. But the school prayer i’m referencing, which was removed from public schools by the United States Supreme Court in 1964, was the verbose, communal version of school prayer. The Lord’s Prayer or Bible verse which was said in unison, by the entire school, before school began. Quietly reading your Bible, or saying a prayer to yourself, has little, or no, impact on the remainder of the students who need it the most. It fails to set the tone, or acknowledge the importance of Christian behavior, for everyone in the school, including the teachers. This has allowed the troublemakers free reign.


      • It has nothing to do with the troublemakers because prayer never kept it from happening. There has always been troublemakers and delinquents in the history of the world.


      • I’m sorry, but you must be very young. When I was a child growing up in the 1950s and 1960s the kind of troublemakers we have today did not exist.


      • The troublemakers we have might not have existed in the 1950’s but there were still troublemakers. Have you seen Rebel Without a Cause, and heard of the Ku Klux Klan?


      • It’s a classic movie. And the KKK was not only a couple THOUSAND guys but also one of America’s top terrorist groups. Get real


      • Your right I did go to a public school and have received a better education than at a private school that won’t teach science and history the way it is. And the KKK was in fact, one of the top terrorist groups. They killed and tortured many people and vandalized/ destroyed many buildings. If you do not think that’s true go back to school or maybe even a public school.


      • Way to pull the grammar police card. I definitely did not see that coming. It’s sad when all you did was correct me for a grammar mistake. I guess I won.


      • If I have to explain to you that compared to the vicious terrorists involved with Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Nazi SS, the Japanese Baatan death march or, for that matter, Genghis Khan, the KKK were amateurs. I’ll bet you don’t even know why, or who, the KKK lynched. At least, compared with the real terrorists, they didn’t irrationally hate Americans. You need to get a real education. You are out of time.


      • They were AMERICA’S top terrorist group. And for that matter, the KKK lynched the blacks. They hated the blacks. I wasn’t comparing them with the rest of the world. You need to get a real education. You are out of time.


      • America’s top terrorist group? “They hated blacks?” No they hated evil-doers. The same evil doers that make you afraid to take a walk, at night, on the Southside of Chicago. You’ve had a one-sided, anti-Christian, anti-American public “education.” So, I’m not surprised that they didn’t tell you about American’s real terrorist groups including the SDS, the Weather Underground, the Black Liberation Party, the May 19th Communist Organization, the Yippies or the Black Panthers? Or, for that matter, the Apache, Comanche or Sue Indians? These Americans terrorists hated white Christians and killed innocent people, not evil-doers. But, within the hallowed walls of liberal, left-wing American academia, dead white Christians don’t count and that’s why believe what you believe.


      • I am not defending the KKK. I am trying to show you what a narrow-minded education you’ve been given.
        All whites are not bad and all blacks are not good. And, you are mistaken again, I did not defend the Indians. I included them in the list of terrorists.


      • K so one I didn’t say all rights are bad but the KKK was bad. And I meant to say that the Indians were not terrorists if you think about it. We took their land. They fought for their land. We attacked them. We wiped them out.


      • I hope God opens your eyes some day! You are unwittingly regurgitating all of the misinformation generated by the liberal, secular, anti-Christian public school system. The Indians were indeed the most vile of terrorists (since you like movies so much, watch John Wayne’s, pre-PC movie, The Searchers, for an real education on Indians) and, the Indians did not OWN America. If that flawed thinking were the basis for land ownership the immigrants who settled Europe don’t own it either. There was always someone who came before others. Come on, think your assertions through before throwing them out there. This inability to think for yourself, and just repeat the crap you’ve been told, is the most glaring example of your lack of a truly good education. You must learn to think for yourself! Question and research. You will find that most of what the educational system has been promoting since the late 1960s has been hate-filled propaganda against white Americans. And this is despite the truth, that white Christians have provided the world with the most amazing lifestyle in recorded history, though their Protestant work ethic, high morals and determination, all for the honor and glory of God.And In case the public school forgot to tell you, it’s called Western Civilization. So, sit back, utilize and enjoy it rather than irrationally wasting your precious time attacking it. You’ll get farther in life if you do. Now I have to go to church. Good bye, God bless and good luck.


  2. Things have really changed. There used to be standards for behavior, even if you were in disagreement. I mean, even atheists showed a certain amount of respect towards churches, towards mentions of God, religious symbolism. People stood up for the American flag even when they had political conflicts.

    Women have always been women, but there was a certain kind of decorum you held. Nobody would throw a slushy at somebody or go into an obscenity laced tirade because that would be embarrassing, socially unacceptable.

    Today it almost seems like it’s a competition to see who can be the most offensive, the most outrageous. You see it on the TV, in the books being written, on the street. I wish I could tell them all that there is nothing new under the sun, that they don’t shock us. We’ve seen it all and rather than an impressive display of outrageousness, it’s just a redundant and repetitive display of stupidity.


    • And this egregious behavior began with the original radical, second-wave feminist protesters and eventually evolved into the belligerent behavior invented by the obnoxious, lesbian “comedienne”, Rosie O’Donnell. You can be assured that if she were there, she would join-in, and applaud, Ms. Prince’s rant.


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