Longform Essay – Rewarding Intellectual Stimulation? Stay-at-Home CEO vs. Go-to-Work CEO

Radical feminism has spent the last 45 years trying to convince as many young college women as possible, that living an “emancipated” life and having a “career” is more rewarding than raising a family. Even writing that sentence makes me laugh! How they managed to pull-off this ridiculous scam, still amazes me. Are young women really that gullible, that malleable, that naive ? I guess so, because there are now millions of these sexpot “career” women strutting around the world claiming to love being an “independent”, “sexually liberated” woman, that is, until they hit 50.

Corporate ladder

Corporate ladder?

How could so many young women become so easily brainwashed? Have any of them asked themselves what the “end game” is here? Have they looked at themselves in the mirror and asked where they’ll be at 60? Have they asked themselves who’s going to want them after they’ve slept with half the country? Have they thought how lonely they’ll be without husband and children to comfort them in their old age? AND, just as importantly, do they really think they will become the CEO of Bank of America and fly around the country in corporate jets? COME ON, GET REAL!

Have these flaming feminists really thought things through? Have they thought about the, much more likely, outcome of their “liberated” lifestyle and their “careers?” I don’t think so. They are living one day at a time, just like little kids and pets. And, if a glimmer of the truth peeks through the delusional haze that envelops their pointless, and self-absorbed lifestyle, they quickly respond, just as Scarlet O’Hara once did, with “I’ll think about that tomorrow.” Now, that’s a great plan!

I sometimes think they subconsciously expect a prince to arrive, forgive them their trespasses, sweep them off their feet, to live happily ever after, despite their lousy reputations as sluts, bitches and jackasses. Well, I hate to be the one to burst their bubble but, there isn’t a prince on earth who wants nasty, old, used goods.

women tired at workBefore it’s too late, young women need get off the merry-go-round for a minute and listen to their inner yearnings. If they did, they would realize that traipsing around a big city alone, working at a mundane job, sleeping around on the weekends and drinking til they can’t see, is hardly the illustrious, rewarding, fulfilling life they’d been promised by feminism.

The truth is that nobody appreciates anything they are doing because nothing they are doing is worth noting. So why continue doing it? Because some oddball, radical lesbian feminist from their university told them this was what they really wanted? COME ON, GET REAL!

There isn’t a soul on earth who appreciates a woman, her unique gifts and her God-given talents, more than her family – not friends, co-workers, college buddies, roommates or bosses. Sorry, that’s just the way it is. So, why torture yourself? Don’t follow the Pied Piper off the “Iamwomanhearmeroar” bridge. Slam on the brakes and reconsider your feminist infused goals.

Stay-at-home mom 2A Christian woman will find more rewards, accolades, gratitude, love, freedom, peace and joy when she puts her time, and talents, to work for her family, than she will ever find becoming an irrelevant, worker-bee, among the million member workforce.

The fact is, that she will never find her bliss in the workplace. Only at home will her efforts be fully appreciated by her husband and children and the rewards, immediate, never-ending and wrapped in love.

If she is assailed by a rabid, radical feminist “career” woman, who claims otherwise, remind her that unlike a “career”, running a household requires vast talents, to the extreme. And the reason? because most “careers” are centered around simple, routine tasks, such as answering phones, going to meetings, talking to people you don’t like, chasing uncooperative clients, writing reports, submitting paperwork, organizing other people’s lives, filling out paperwork, typing, straightening shelves again, or checking on customers. The vast majority of “career” responsibilities require next to no ability when compared to running a home. And as for “career” rewards? Ask her to “show-you-the-money.” Ask her where her trophies are for a job well done? Ask her if anybody really cares if she comes into work, other than her co-workers, who only want to advance their own “career”, through her efforts.

A “career” woman usually uses a very limited amount of her innate talent during her workday. Most jobs don’t require multiple talents to perform them. Most are just an ongoing, chronic repetition of the same activities, with a few variables, in order to keep the monotony from driving people into total boredom. Most jobs offer little, or no challenge, for the worker. If the high point of your day is going out to lunch, something is very wrong.

Mom wearing multiple hats

Mom wearing multiple hats?

On the other hand, running a household with a husband, 4 kids, a dog, and couple of cars is a real “challenge” and requires dozens of talents to address the wide-ranging activities, challenges and  responsibilities that change almost daily. This is why women were blessed with the ability to multitask and why it is wasted in the public workplace. The ability to multitask is overkill in the simplistic world of work and, as a result, most of that talent goes unused and is under-appreciated.

God blessed women with the capacity to multitask for one reason – to handle the continually changing landscape, and varying obligations, required to care for her family and to run her home.  Have you ever watched a young mother smile as she carries her infant down a set of stairs, while holding the hand of her toddler, conversing on the phone propped on her shoulder, and carrying her purse and her toddler’s toys, all at the same time? Now that’s multitasking at it’s best!

The woman of the house is the CEO of her empire.  And, as a young mother, and CEO, she is in charge of thousands of operations devoted to the well-being of her family. Young wives and mothers have numerous job titles, versus the one that most “career” women are given.

Mom's multiple titles

Some of Mom’s multiple titles

As CEO (Child Enrichment Officer) of her home bound corporation, she carries the title of Teacher, Preacher, Community Organizer, Principal, Psychologist, Chef, Child Development Specialist, Chief Operating Officer, Custodian, Decorator, Business Administrator, Nurse, Juggler, Vice-President in Charge of Future Planning, Banker, Comedian, Laundress, Travel Agent, Nutritionist, Hair Stylist, Painter. She is the President of the Board of Directors, Secretary, Taxi Driver, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Human Services, Seamstress, Dean of Students, Office Manager, Personnel Manager, Retail Buyer, Coach and if she loves her yard, Gardener, Landscaper and Farmer. And, I’m sure you could add a few more to the list.

How any woman can say, with a straight face, that having a “career” is more intellectually stimulating, or more emotionally rewarding, than taking care of her family, is beyond me! If she insists in this farce, she was probably raised in a non-Christian household where family is not valued the way it is in a Christian household.

If there was ever a young woman who couldn’t decide what she wanted to be when she grew up, wife and mother, is the perfect choice. She could, seriously, do everything she ever dreamt of doing through the singular role of wife and mother. She could, unlike feminism’s take, truly, “be all that she could be.”

So, my point is – being a CEO doesn’t hold-a-candle to being an accomplished wife and mom. And until radical, second-wave feminism convinced women otherwise, the entire Christian world agreed.

CEO instructing subordinates

CEO instructing subordinates

By way of observation, the CEO only, personally, handles a small percentage of the responsibilities listed above and he has tons of managers to help him accomplish the remainder of his goals.

A young wife and mother, on the other hand, willingly, and adeptly, handles all of the jobs listed, without much help, because an accomplished Christian wife and mom is motivated by her passionate love and, her endless devotion, to her beloved family. And, she has another great advantage over the workplace CEO too – at the end of 40 years of service, she will be revered and cared for by her children, as opposed to being handed a gold watch and shown the door.

I don’t get it. Where’s the upside to being a “career” woman? They are not nearly as accomplished as young wives and mothers and they certainly can’t handle, in a week, what most young wives and mothers handle, with aplomb, in a day. I’m convinced that the lazy way out of life is to get a job because being a loving wife and mother isn’t for the faint of heart and it certainly isn’t for wimps!


6 thoughts on “Longform Essay – Rewarding Intellectual Stimulation? Stay-at-Home CEO vs. Go-to-Work CEO

  1. That was well said. Something else being a wife and mother gives you is the opportunity to invest in people, rather than money or careers or empty status symbols. People are more valuable than anything else in the world.

    There are some traditionally female jobs outside the home that also allow women to use those nurturing people skills, serving, nursing, caregiving, teaching. What bothers me about feminism is that feminists, women themselves, have been taught to sneer at these jobs, as if the work done in caring for people has no value. That is a sword that cuts us up in a million different ways. Even after women have raised children, grandchildren, they have something valuable to contribute to society. Feminists not only steal young women’s lives, they steal the value of older women, too, and ultimately the value we place on people in general out in the community.


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