Longform Essay – Do Women Love More Deeply Than Men?

Most people would suggest that women love more deeply than men, but I disagree. Men and women both love, but they love differently. Women routinely demonstrate their love with personal, immediate, and outward signs of affection – hugs, smiles, cards, hand holding, gifts, kisses, laughter, and tears of joy or grief.

Men, on the other hand, do not.

So, is this an indication, which the feminists promulgate, that men do not care as deeply as women? No, I don’t believe it is. In fact, I think men love just as deeply, and intensely, as women. Especially when you consider the fact that men’s displays of sentiment, when finally expressed, often last well beyond their deaths, and that other men, take-up their compatriot’s deeply held devotion, in their stead. The initial reaction may be restrained, but the final reflection of their devotion, is anything but.

If you review history, who demonstrably constructed, and then sustained, for in many cases, centuries, edifices that represented deep abiding dedication, devotion, love, admiration or commitment?  Who built great institutions dedicated to their benefactors? Who built great cathedrals in adoration of God. Who raised memorials to dead heroes? Who built great walls to protect their countrymen? Who constructed bridges named in honor of great men? Who built monuments to lost friends?

Who painstakingly hand-wrote copies of the Bible in remembrance? Who wrote heart-wrenching poetry of remorse and loss? Who gladly died for the freedom of their country? Who toiled in the fields for their family’s sustenance? Who abandoned their homelands seeking a brighter future for their grandchildren? Who defended, to the death, their wives and children? Who slaved, day and night, to invent miracle drugs to cure fatal childhood diseases?

The answer is MEN! Christian men, men who sacrificed themselves, through a deep and abiding love for all of mankind, just as did Jesus. Christ was their inspiration. He was their guiding light. No one loves mankind as much as Jesus and His Father, and Christian men aspired to emulate Their devotion, as best they could.

It was men who experienced, and personally internalized, the intensity of occasion – whether it be the calamities of war; men lost at sea; devastation from flood; joy of a new discovery; birth of a child; first love; men killed in battle; commitment to marriage; the coming of Christ; death of a child; heroic self-sacrifice; nobility of the soul or lost love –  and responded with controlled actions rather than with hysterical reactions.

Women immersed in feminist ideology often believe that the silence with which men often respond to moving experiences is a form of emotional detachment, of not caring. But in reality, men’s reactions are just as personal, and deeply felt, as that of a woman sobbing uncontrollably.

Just because men do not demonstrate their emotions in the same verbose manner as women do, does not mean that they do not feel their emotions as deeply as women. Ask any man who was jilted by his “first love” in high school. The hurtful experience remains with him all of his life, sometimes tainting his future relationships with hesitation.

Men, absolutely do, respond physically to emotional experiences. They just experience them differently from women. Men respond with quiet intensity, remaining calm in a stormy sea, focused on the crisis at hand. It’s much more important to observe men’s actions during emotional situations, rather than to expect to see their emotions on their faces. Women who expect, or worse yet, demand otherwise, are fools.

So yes, despite what radical, second-wave feminism has told women, men do indeed have feelings. And, this truth should NEVER be forgotten by women who truly care for their men. Just because men don’t respond like a girl (Thank God), doesn’t mean their emotions are not totally engaged in the experience.

For men, actions do indeed speak louder than words. Men’s adoration, commitment, sacrifice and reverence for the people they love, and admire, are expressed in thousands of silent memorials they’ve built around the world. Memorials constructed and dedicated to those by whom they were profoundly affected.

The men who created these monumental works of love, intended that mankind should never forget the exceptional individuals they strove to immortalized. These included – The Bible; Taj Mahal; Great Pyramids; Monument to Catherine the Great; U.S.S. Ronald Reagan; San Simeon Castle; Nelson’s Column; Iliad and the Odessy; Frigidaire Appliances; Kirkbride’s Hospitals; Coral Castle; Alexandria; Chrysler Motors; Rio de Janeiro Christ the Redeemer; I Carry Your Heart with Me; Mayo Clinic; Hadrian’s Wall; Iwo Jima War Memorial; Sagrada Familia Basilica; Victor Emmanuel Monument; Florence American Cemetery; Peter the Great Bronze Horseman; Les Invilades Hospital and The Branting Monument, just to name a few.

The list is endless. And don’t tell me that the reason men accomplished all of this, rather than women, was because women were “oppressed”, “dominated” and forced to stay home to watch the kids! That’s ridiculous! Women loved their immediate families, first and foremost, and caring for them was considered a blessing, and their first priority, for good reason. As W. R. Wallace wrote in 1865, “The hand  that rocks the cradle, rules the world.”  Or, to rephrase Wallace’s quote, “The love that rocks the cradle, loves the world.” Women influenced history by raising the next generation of good Christian adults, and teams of Christian men defended, and supported, those loving efforts.

In many cases, the efforts of those good women were the inspiration for men’s undertakings, and women, prior to radical feminism, understood this better than anyone. They also knew that caring for their families was much more rewarding than picking up a hammer and going to work with the guys.

Woman in Mourning

Woman in Mourning

woman mourning 1

Woman visiting cemetery

For women, as opposed to men, emotional devotion was an individual, and personal, undertaking. They included weekly visits to family gravesites; personally sympathizing with a neighbor’s loss; weeping for joy; volunteering at an Army hospital; nursing the bed-ridden; embroidering mourning memorials; feeding the poor; visiting the sick; wearing black while in mourning; praying for the departed; and keeping Christian family values alive for the next generation.

Mother praying with her children

Rather than express their devotion through the long-process of building public monuments, and memorials, women preferred to show their devotion through immediate interactions with the people they loved. One approach is no less important than the other. And when combined, they are the yin and yang of Christian life and devotion.

So, do women truly love more deeply than men? The answer is no. They simply love differently. While men prefer to express their devotion through the construction of public monuments and memorials, women preferred to show their devotion through personal interactions with the people they loved.

Neither loves less than the other and their combined efforts have sustained, and comforted, millions of Christians throughout the ages. That is, until radical, second-wave feminism reared its ugly head in the late 1960s and early 1970s and destroyed the Christian family and all it valued and loved.

1970s Feminist Rally Poster - "Don't Cook Dinner, Starve a Rat"

1970s Feminist Rally Posters – “Don’t Cook Dinner, Starve a Rat” and “End Human Sacrifice – Don’t Get Married”

So, when non-Christian, anti-Christian, lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminists claim that men are heartless, in reality, they are actually describing themselves.

Be assured, there is no evidence to support this generalized, and irrational, claim against Christian men.

And, any young woman who falls for this idiotic feminist pronouncement is simply a fool.


6 thoughts on “Longform Essay – Do Women Love More Deeply Than Men?

  1. I do agree, the concept of loving differently has all but been erased in my generation. However I believe that the romantic movies, magazines, articles are more responsible for this phenomenon than feminism. It is not that we think that guys are incapable of loving but rather we think they should love in a certain way e.g. candlelight dinner.


    • Radical, secon-wave, feminism invented the “war between the sexes.” They have been leading this negative, and unjustified, conversation about the “failures” of men and at the expense of Christian men for 45 years! The entertainment industry has been taking their marching orders from lesbian-led radical feminist academics for longer than you’ve probably been on earth. Theirs is a long and hateful crusade that has made normal relationships between men and women unnecessarily strained for decades. If the truth be known, young men and young women want the exact same thing-to be loved by a wonderful guy or girl. So, let the guy love you the way HE wants to love you. It’s more fun, more unpredictable and more rewarding. He needs to know you love him for who he is, not for who you’d like him to be. Good luck and God bless.


  2. That was just beautiful! Well done.

    Something that’s kind of hard for people to understand, thanks to the influences of feminism, is that men tend to feel loved through respect. Women tend to feel loved through protection, loyalty. The unpardonable feminist sin is to respect men and also to accept that women may need their protection.

    Feminism is like the antidote to love and since I am this somewhat hopeless romantic, it really ticks me off.


    • You and me both! Young feminists are actually unwittingly denying themselves what they are unconsciously, and by nature, searching for – the love of a good man.
      This finally dawns on many of them, but it is often to late to correct the damage.


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