God Help Us!

If you can get through this article without crying, vomiting or punching a wall, you are a stronger person than I am.

Published on WND.com.


‘It really hearkens back to images of the Nazi Holocaust’


(Warning: This news report contains descriptions of abortionists’ disposal of aborted babies and may disturb some readers.)

Pro-life activists are horrified by reports of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies being burned to provide green energy in Great Britain, but they point out that lax standards in the United States don’t stop the same thing from happening here.

Reports out of Britain went viral this week, following the revelation that more than 15,000 aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated by some 27 different National Health Service trusts. Some facilities burned them as rubbish and others did so as part of a “waste-to-energy” program that generates power for heat.

Americans United for Life attorney Jeanneane Maxon said the discoveries are revolting and reveal some disturbing facts about our culture.

“It is just appalling to see where society has come to that we have disregarded human life, so that even after children are born and you have the bodies of these dead babies – which is tragic in and of [itself] – that they would be disposed of in such a callous manner. It really hearkens back to the images that you think of in the Nazi Holocaust,” Maxon said.

Maxon called the practice “barbaric” and said she’s surprised this happened in Great Britain, which has more restrictive laws on abortion than the U.S. In fact, Maxon said the United States is one of only four nations worldwide that allow abortion throughout a pregnancy. The others are Canada, China and North Korea.

“So if a country that has more progressive laws regarding life on their books can do this, what is at stake for our country? What will we continue to see unless we as Americans speak up and say that life is valuable and precious and it deserves more than being disregarded and used by others for things even such as energy. It’s really just appalling,” said Maxon, who shudders at the idea of energy policy being championed above the preservation of human life.

“Isn’t that just a horrifying example of misplaced priorities in our society that we would value conserving energy over the lives of children? You often hear the phrase that any country’s most valuable resource is its children. I believe that, and, wow, aren’t priorities just so out of whack,” Maxon said.

“When you have devalued children in the womb to be some type of sub-class – where we don’t give them the same rights we give any other children even though they are living children – this is the natural reality of where you’re going to come to. It really speaks to the condition our society … when you devalue life from conception,” she said.

So could the horrors uncovered in Britain play out here as well? Maxon said a lack of clear regulations for abortion providers leads her to believe the bodies of aborted babies can – and do – receive despicable treatment here as well.

“There are no regulations that really discuss and deal with how to dispose of bodies properly. There’s only five states in the United States that currently have regulations of abortion clinics in the same manner that you would see of any other ambulatory surgical center. You’re going to be better protected going in for a knee surgery than you are for a surgical abortion,” Maxon said.

She said the methods some abortion providers use for disposing of babies’ bodies are just as alarming as what was revealed in Britain.

“Many abortion clinics have incinerators so babies would be burned after they are aborted. There are examples of where babies have been born alive and then killed or, of course, burned. In the case of the late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell up in Philadelphia – who was convicted of murdering three children born alive – he was cutting off body parts and storing them and flushing them down toilets to the degree where they had to call in plumbers to unplug their plumbing because it was full of aborted baby body parts. So there are horrifying examples in our country of how the bodies of these little babies are mistreated and disregarded,” Maxon said.

Despite the horrific examples mentioned, Maxon is proud of the pro-life movement for its relentless fight for the rights of the unborn.

“I’m really proud of pro-life America, which has warned the greater community and the countries in the world that this is the slippery slope that we go down when it happens, and it’s just tragic  that we’re seeing these predictions come true,” she said. “But, I do have faith that the voice of pro-life Americans will shine through, and people will start to stand up and say that this is too far and that it’s a reflection of the natural reality of where you come to when you devalue life to that degree.”

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  1. I have recently read a similar article to this one. This is so unreal. I have a wild imagination, but I would have never imagined that something like this could actually be going on. Especially here… and I live in Philadelphia!!!!!


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