Current EVEntS- Lt. General Michelle Johnson Allows Removal of “So Help Me God” from Air Force Academy Oath

Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson

Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson

On March 1st, 2013, Ms. Johnson was appointed the first, female Superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy. Just eight months later, under pressure from a notoriously litigious lawyer, this “liberated” feminist, and an academy board, agreed to remove, “So help me God,” from the academy oath.

So, another Christian tradition bites-the-dust, as Christian men stand idly by and watch. They

Atty. Mikey Weinstein

Atty. Mikey Weinstein

watch in silence as another non-Christian, chronic bellyacher, Atty. Mikey Weinstein, joins forces with another “emancipated”, and influential, female feminist, Lt. Gen.Johnson, and together, they successfully deny religious freedom to the vast majority of Christians through their misguided, and/or vindictive, efforts.

This twosome’s “success” not only affected the majority of the academy’s Christian cadets, but set another anti-Christian legal precedent to be used by another non-Christian lawyer and another radical feminist under another set of circumstances, at some point in the future. Through the “successes”  these types of troublemakers we, as silent Christian Americans, are telling our children that Christ isn’t worth fighting for. And, this is proving to be at the expense of young people’s humanity as we once again watch another Godless child attempt to assault a teacher in Colorado on Dec.13th, finally killing himself in the melee. Children NEED God and we are letting the troublemakers deny them one of their inalienable rights.

Every time this combo of troublemakers joins forces, the outcome is always the same – white, Christian men lose another piece of their God-given courage to quell evil (and this has always meant the possibly of giving up their own lives so that others may live) and provide peace and tranquility to everyone.  This kind of courage produces heroes and  their heroism produced the greatest advancement for mankind in the history of the world – Western Civilization. And, only the acceptance of Christ as their Savior and God, including Christ’s promise of eternal life, can produce good men with that kind of powerful courage. The courage to die for the better good.

As the public assault on Christ continues at every level of American society, my question remains. Why are the troublemakers winning at every turn? Where are the courageous men of old? The answer?  They have been intimidated and silenced by radical feminism. Lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminism has been, for 45 years, academically brainwashing our most talented women to believe that men (white, Christian men) are a threat to their “independence” , and by association, so is God. And so today, millions of these “liberated” women are plying their influence successfully within every major institution in the country – military, business, organized religion, government, judiciary and academia. And this is why the tiny minority of atheists are successfully driving God out of our Christian nation. They have millions and millions of “independent”, influential women, like Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson, on their side. They must be stopped!

Jay SekulowI know of one man who is willing to stand tall, and work tenaciously, to stop this type of religious ACLJ logointolerance, in America and around the world.  His name is Jay Sekulow. He is the Chief Council for The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and has been very successful, in his efforts to stem the pernicious legal tide, currently rising against Christians and their beliefs.  For a quick list of some of his cases, see “Jay Sekulow” at Wikipedia.  If you have a few bucks to spare this Christmas season, Mr. Sekulow could use your help, as ACLJ is a non-profit and therefore relies completely on the generosity of Americans concerned about the assault on traditional Christian values. Visit for more information.

It’s time to fight back, in whatever capacity you can!

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