Quote: Peter Hitchens on Brainwashed

Peter Hitchens, 62 - English Journalist and Author

Peter Hitchens, 62 – English Journalist and Author

“Is there any point in public debate, in a society where hardly anyone has been taught how to think, while millions have been taught what to think?” 

I hope so! because otherwise, radical feminism will prevail. kqd

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2 thoughts on “Quote: Peter Hitchens on Brainwashed

  1. Oh, I share his comment with all my heart! People have not been taught to think, but rather, what to think. Also, we’re incredibly emotional, we have these knee jerk reactions to everything we hear and our offense becomes more important then our reason or whether or not what we are hearing is the truth. Drives me crazy.

    However, there is a valid point to public debate. We might lose thousands of battles, but many people will eventually listen. The truth has a way of standing up and defending itself.


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