Short Essay – Are You a Flaming, Female, Feminist Fool, Too?

Melissa Cooper

Melissa Cooper with one of her children

Melissa Cooper has two illegitimate children and was living with the father of her last child when, after ten years, he threw her over, and threw her out of his house, for another woman. Now granted, the guy, Christopher Kelley, was obviously a jackass but  no one forced Cooper to live with him or have his child! 

And, gee, I thought feminists are supposed to be in-charge of their sex lives. Duh. Guess not.

Not only did Cooper chose to behave like a live-in prostitute, but she then feigned shock when Kelley chose to end the relationship.

This radical, third-wave feminist fool has only herself to blame and she continues to prove to be her own worst enemy, as she made a

Melissa Cooper and Christopher Kelley

Melissa Cooper and Christopher Kelley

disgraceful situation into a public circus, when she sued Kelley for breach of promise.

And yes, Ms. Cooper was awarded $50,000, which made headlines across the country, but I ask you this – compared to the life-long challenges she will now face with two illegitimate children, no husband, a pittance of child support and the fact that, in this day and age, $50,000 won’t last very long, what does this stupid woman have to look forward to? Poverty? Humiliation? Depression? Loneliness? Stress? Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Ms. Cooper’s legal case exposed everything that’s wrong with young radical, third-wave feminists today. Cooper appears to be in her 30’s. In 2000, she already had one illegitimate child when she chose to move in with Christopher Kelley, who, as I mentioned, is also a jerk. They lived together for four years, during which time she had another illegitimate child with Kelley. In 2004, Kelley gave Cooper an engagement ring and that’s where the story stops until Cooper discovered that Kelley had been having a 2 year relationship with another women, which began before Kelley gave Cooper the ring.

But, instead of breaking the “engagement” at that point, Cooper chose to forgive him and continued to live with Kelley. And, just to add fuel to the fire, the lovely Ms. Cooper also admitted in court, that she too was having another “relationship” after she received Kelley’s ring as well. How screwed-up is this women? But, despite all the red flags, all remained the same in the Kelley/Cooper “household” until 2011 when Cooper discovers, once again, that Kelley is having yet another affair.

Kelley with his new love.

Kelley with his new “love.” Gee, surprise, he found another dopey, third-wave feminist to massage his ego.

When Cooper confronts Kelley, he throws Cooper and the kids, out of his house. And, yes, Kelley proves once again to be a giant jackass. But, to prove that Ms. Cooper is an even bigger jackass – Cooper lives in Georgia and the state of Georgia does not recognize common law marriage. So, Cooper had no legal standing when Kelley told her to get out. DUH! But, do not fear, the “sisterhood” is here! Judge Elizabeth Branch heard Cooper’s case and she upheld the $50,000 payout to Cooper from Kelley.

It never ceases to amaze me that young women still think that they can buck the system and that everybody will go long with them. The truth is that only other foolish female feminists will go along with them, which doesn’t help them one damn bit!

Despite what Judge Branch may believe, her “sisterhood” actions will only get Cooper to the door, but once Cooper opens that door, the harsh reality of living with her stupid mistakes will have serious and life-long consequences. And as a result, Branch did nothing to abate those hard truths, in fact, her ruling foolishly encouraged other stupid, and irresponsible, young feminists to follow in Cooper’s footsteps.

As a full-fledged radical feminist, Judge Branch did what she could to shift the full blame from the woman to the man, despite the woman’s equal culpability. In doing so, she is no different from all the other raving feminists in influential positions within the judiciary, government, politics, organized religion, military and academia. They don’t care one hoot for the Rule of Law, what’s truly good for women, the right or wrong of the situation or placing blame where the blame truly belongs. All these radical feminists want to do is punish those “oppressive” and “domineering” men. And they do what they can to seek out all opportunities to prove that men suck, despite any extenuating circumstances to the contrary. It doesn’t matter that another member of the “sisterhood” is just as much, or more, to blame for the mess, these influential radical feminists blindly do, whatever their positions will allow them to do, to excuse, justify and/or reward another “sister’s” destructive behavior, especially if it is at the expense of another man.

And so, Ms. Cooper’s chances of finding another guy to support her (since she is a pariah for suing Kelley and “winning”) are now slim to none! Not to mention the fact that she’s not getting any younger and she has not one, but two, illegitimate children, by two different guys, neither of whom chose to stay with her! How big a fool do you have to be to get yourself into a mess like this? The answer? a pretty damn big one!

Welcome to the world of radical third-wave feminism.


8 thoughts on “Short Essay – Are You a Flaming, Female, Feminist Fool, Too?

  1. When you wrote that feminists are supposed to be in control of their sex life, it’s false. First of all, feminists are women who want to push away old and religious values and laws to be “free”. In the bible, it says basically that a slut should be stoned to death. A feminist is someone who doesn’t slut shame because they believe a woman is aloud to do what they want with their body. So in reply to what you wrote, feminists don’t think it’s bad that a woman sleeps around because it’s their choice to do so. And if they did slut shame, they would probably be jealous as most women are.


    • Jealous? Another statement based on mental delusion. You are suffering from a form of “projection.” Christianity seeks to sooth your soul, but only if you let it. Try it, you’ll like it.


  2. Incisive post, K.Q., and a sad tale in all regards. I fear the probabilities for good life outcomes don’t favour those children.

    To me, that is always the most somber aspect of these sordid cases.


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