Current EVEntS – State Sen. Capri Cafaro Wants All Homeschool Parents Investigated

Ohio Senator Capri Cafaro, D-Ohio, 36

Ohio Senator Capri Cafaro, 36, D-Ohio

Shain Widdersheim, rather than Capri Cafaro, could easily be the subject of this post, as she is another horrific “single mother” who allowed her innocent child, Teddy Foltz, to be abused and murdered by her depraved “boyfriend.”

But, this tragic story has another level of depravity, initiated by another”liberated” female, who again goes after the “soft target”, rather than dealing with the evil surrounding this tragic situation. In doing so, Cafaro herself becomes part of the problem, rather than part of the solution.

And so, once again, we have another hysterical female politician overreacting to a tragic occurrence by proposing sweeping, broad-based legislation that presumes wide-spread guilt without due process or any evidence to support her unsubstantiated and irrational suppositions. 

As a result of Teddy’s death, Ms. Cafaro wants ALL parents who home school their children to be investigated by the government and then granted permission by the government to home school their children because 14-year-old Teddy Foltz was beaten to death by Zaryl Bush while being home schooled. How the hell does she connect those dots, you ask? Who knows.


Teddy’s mother, Shain Widdersheim (third-wave, radical feminist), told authorities that she was taking her son out of  the public school in order to home school him after his teachers reported his abuse to authorities. Ms. Cafaro therefore wants all homeschooling parents investigated for abuse rather than the Ohio State social workers, who were assigned to Teddy’s case, who obviously “dropped the ball”, when they failed to investigate the allegations.

Despite Ms. Cafaro’s bizarre thought process, the fact that Teddy was home schooled had NOTHING to do with his death, as the abuse had begun many years before and the outcome would have, sadly, been the same whether Teddy was home schooled or remained in public school. No matter what, Zaryl Bush would still be lying in wait for Teddy to return home.

The blame for Teddy’s death belongs first, to his despicable mother Shain, but then it belongs to the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS) authorities who abandoned Teddy to his horrific fate, despite the fact that everyone,  including neighbors, friends, teachers, police, family and others, knew Teddy was being viciously abused by Zaryl Bush.

But, in typical radical feminist fashion, Cafaro would prefer to place blame where it doesn’t belong, and in this case, it is on the highly successful, private, homeschooling industry, which is grounded in the Christian faith (and we all know what radical feminists think of Christianity) rather than face the fact that Widdersheim was morally corrupt or that Cafaro’s own State government social workers failed to do their job to keep Teddy safe.

In her irrational thinking, Ms. Cafaro would prefer to subject the innocent homeschooling parents to the vagaries of these same incompetent social workers rather than call a fellow “liberated” female out, for being the repulsive piece of slim she is or, more importantly, demand a sweeping investigation of Ohio’s social services department. 

But please, don’t confuse Ms. Cafaro with the facts, she may cry, in Rep. Pat Schroeder, D-Col. fashion.

Post script – Bush was sentenced to 33 years-to-life, which he is appealing and Widdersheim was given the maximum allowable sentence of 15 years in prison. Despite Ms. Cafaro’s efforts, homeschooling parents were not sentenced to prison during this case.


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