Current EVEntS – Marilyn Tavenner Becomes Latest D. C. Female Flunky

Lois Lerner, 62

Lois Lerner, 62

Why is it that nearly every time there is a scandal within the Obama Administration,

Sarah Hall Ingram, 57

Sarah Hall Ingram, 57

female “managers” are to blame?  Lois Lerner (Director) and Sarah Hall Ingram (Commissioner) during the IRS scandal concerning the targeting of Conservative groups. Hillary Clinton (Secretary of State) and Susan Rice (Ambassador) during the Benghazi scandal that left four heroic men dead, including U. S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Martha Johnson (Chief) during GSA’s lavish, Vegas conference scandal. Kathleen Sebelius (Secretary of Health and Human Services) required contraception/abortifacient distribution vs. religious freedom. And once again,  the latest but not the last, Kathleen Sebelius (Secretary of HHS) and Marilyn Tavenner (Administrator) during the Obamacare website launch debacle.


Marilyn Tavenner, 62

Marilyn Tavenner, 62

The most recent Obamacare website debacle revolves around Marilyn Tavenner. Ms. Tavenner is the Administrator of the U. S. Centers for

Kathleen Sebelius, 65

Kathleen Sebelius, 65

Medicare and Medicaid Services. She is a former nurse (shouldn’t a doctor have this job?) and she is second-in-charge, under Kathleen Sebelius. And as such, Ms. Tavenner is the head of the agency responsible for In this capacity she is accountable for the creation and launching of the website that Americans are to use to sign up for Obamacare. You are probably aware of the fact that, after three years of development, its roll-out, has been an abject failure. Although over three million people tried to sign up on the first day, only six people were successful.

Since it’s launch on Oct. 1st, it has proven to be virtually impossible to sign up for Obamacare, as the website has been basically inaccessible to potential subscribers due to glitches, crashes and overloads. In addition, Tavenner’s agency claims it won’t be able to release the total numbers of people who have signed up for Obamacare until the end of November. Amazon can tell management what it sold every hour, on the hour, all day long. And Amazon’s website is vastly more complex than the site.

Luke Chung - President FMS

Luke Chung – President of FMS

So far, the design of the website has cost the American taxpayers $678 million dollars and, despite the outrageous expense incurred, it still doesn’t work. Luke Chung, President of the software development firm FMS is quoted as saying, “ is a technological disaster.” The Harvard graduate went on to say, “I was just aghast at how awful the process was. The questions that they were asking, the personal information that they were requesting, when I just wanted a quote.” Chung continued to say that during the entire process the site “kept crashing.” He said that the system needs a complete overhaul, not a few “tweaks over the weekend.”

When asked on national TV, what it would have cost the government if FMS had built the system, Mr. Chung said he had built much more complicated systems and that the healthcare system website would have cost about $1 million, not $678 million. What the heck was Ms. Tavenner doing during the years that the website development was gobbling up cash, with no results? Having lunch? Or, could this outrageous expense really have more to do with another set of radical feminist women, rather than Ms. Tavenner?

Toni Townes-Whitley, 49 and Michelle Obama, 49

Toni Townes-Whitley, 49 and Michelle Obama, 49

The answer to this question is, Yes. The cost overruns are another scandal in the making. And this time, the two women behind this new and brewing scandal are Michelle Obama and Toni Townes-Whitley. Whitley is the senior vice-president of CGI Federal and a Princeton classmate of Michelle Obama. They are both members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni (sounds like a racist group.) And, CGI Federal is the company that Obama hired, without seeking competitive bids, to build the website.

To start with, CGI (Conseillers en Geston et Informatique) is not an American company. It is a Canadian company. And their track record? They were hired to create a firearms registry (CFIS I) for Canada. They said it would cost $119 million, with an offset of $117 million in registration fees, resulting in a $2 million net cost to the government. By 2004, Canada’s PBS station was reporting that it had actuality cost $2 BILLION, or $300 per registered gun and the system still didn’t work properly. The Canadian auditor, who was hired to review the mess, said that among the hundreds of problems, even the basic information, such as names and addresses, were either wrong or duplicated.  It was then decided to “improve” the system, and when that proved to be impossible, the government hired CGI AGAIN, to create a new system. In 2007, after more than five years, and at an additional cost of $81 million, the newly elected Conservative government scrapped the malfunctioning first (CFSI I) and its replacement (CFSI II). What a total boondoggle! In 2012, the Canadian government cancelled another CGI registry for diabetes after three years of missed deadlines. This one cost the Canadian taxpayers $46 million and this registry system failed to be completed as well.



All of these CGI scenarios reek of, at the very least, total incompetence, and at the very worse, corruption. Remember the catchphrase from the movie, All the President’s Men? “Follow the money.” Well, you can’t tell me that CGI isn’t funneling some of their outrageous fees into influential, and now conveniently “retired”, former government employee’s pockets. All of the situations are in litigation.

And so, we can add Marilyn Tavenner to the growing list of incompetent female managers. She is just one more female failure, who is in way-over-her-head, on the growing list of D.C. female failures. These egotistical feminist females supposedly run these departments and yet their inability to lead, or even do their jobs has led to outrageous public failures, outright scandals, never-ending denials, total lack of accountability, enormous cost over runs and in the case of Benghazi, even DEATH!

arrogant woman

How dare you question my ability.

You can't tell me nothin' that I don't already know!

You can’t tell me nothin’ that I don’t already know!

These women are both incompetent and arrogant (this technique was taught to them by radical, second-wave feminists – a good offense is the best defense), yet no one connects the dots! The truth is that these are women are pretending to be “capable women” in a man’s world.

And, despite all of their failures, radical feminism has trained them to arrogantly sit there and deny, deny, deny any responsibility. When asked if they were personally responsible for the chaos, the answer is routinely, “Whatever.”For Clinton, it was the YouTube video’s fault. For Lerner, it was the Cleveland IRS’s office’s fault. For Johnson, it was my four underlings fault. For Tavenner, it was the software subcontractor’s fault, etc., etc., etc.

These women are a disgrace! What do they do all day? Chat? because it’s certainly NOT the job they were hired to do.

These important positions were designed by tough men, for tough men and having a woman in these critical positions, in order to satisfy some bizarre quota, or worse yet, some twisted agenda defined by political correctness, is insane, costly and dangerous. Talking tough, looking the part, means NOTHING, if you can’t get the job done!

messy desk

My desk is here somewhere.

These are incredibly important positions and it’s obvious that these women can’t handle the responsibility. Nor can they fill the leadership requirements either.  You have to know how to get the job done yourself, if you are ever going to lead effectively. These women obviously don’t, and can’t!

When you consider their spectacular public failures, one can only guess at the daily disasters within their offices. Considering their deplorable job performance scores, it’s obvious that they have no impact on their subordinate’s timely output, productivity, accountability or responsibilities. So why can’t they get their jobs done? The reason?  women can’t lead as effectively as men because the men don’t like taking orders from women! So, they bail. And guess who’s left? Right. More incompetent women.

It’s time to face the facts before more, politically correct, obsessed, radical, second-wave feminists drive the country into bankruptcy, civil war, or worse yet, into the hands of the enemy. Get them out! Don’t appoint, vote or assign them to any position unless they are TRULY more competent than the men in the room.


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    • You must find a topic that you are passionate about. This will spur you on. Once that is done, choosing a theme (from among the hundreds WordPress has available) that is suited to your topic is important. Write your About first, describing who you are and why you are writing the blog. Decide how often you’d like to publish a post- once a month, once a week, 3 times a week, or everyday, etc. and stick to it. Try and publish your post at the same time of the day too. It helps followers know when to expect a post and when to check their Readers. Then make yourself an extensive list of the individual aspects of your topic you’d like to address and start writing a post about each. Once you get a routine going, it will become much easier. The WordPress community of bloggers are a very encouraging group of people. Their response and support are nearly guaranteed. Go for it and good luck.


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