Admirable Women – Ashley Lauren Fisher Overcomes Debilitating Injury

Ashley inside 2 Ashley Lauren Fisher

Ashley Fisher was a 23-year-old beauty, born in New Jersey. She was a model with a NYC agency and an aspiring actress, dancer and classical pianist, having performed in Carnegie Hall, Steinway Hall and on MTV, when tragedy struck.

In 1998, Ashley and a group friends, including her boyfriend, were spending a few days at the Jersey Shore. Having spent their last day swimming and playing in the surf, they decided it was time to head home.

In a last bolt of excitement, Ashley climbed onto her boyfriend’s shoulders and dove into the surf. It would prove to be the last time she was ever able to display her inimitable zest for life. She broke her neck when she hit the bottom.

Ashley would find herself, floating face-down, unable to move, while holding her breath. She was rushed to the hospital where it was determined that she was a quadriplegic. 

Struggling to wean herself from the ventilator proved to be Ashley’s first challenge, as she desperately wanted to be able to speak again. 

After three years of grueling therapy, Ashley regained some of the motion in her shoulders, upper arms and one wrist. 

But today, nearly 15 years later, she remains wheelchair bound, although she is grateful to be able to use her hand to operate the vehicle herself.

Ashley in wheelchair inside

For his part, this wonderful man has continued to help and support Ashley in all of her endeavors. She has a custom van and a devoted driver who continues to take her to auditions for wheelchair bound actors and wherever else she needs to go. 

Ashley’s home was remodeled to include an elevator which allows her full access to every room in her home, including a gigantic closet full of the beautiful clothes, boots and purses she loves, and wears, with great style. 

Ashley also employs aides to help her dress, apply her make-up and cook her favorite meals. She always looks fabulous as she sits in her wheelchair with her legs crossed, her dainty feet adorned with spike heels.

The restaurant doesn’t consume all of Ashley’s time, as she is the co-founder and chairwoman of Discovery Through Design.

Ashley Fisher for the Christopher Reeve Foundation

Ashley Fisher for the Christopher Reeve Foundation

This non-profit is dedicated to the creation of clothing for women with disabilities. It also honors disabled women’s lifestyles while creating awareness and raising funds for spinal cord research. 

Ashley was the keynote speaker for the governor’s “Conference on Employment of People with Disabilities” and continues to be a requested speaker for many associated charities. 

Ashley is also very involved with the “Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation for the Spinal Cord Injury Project” at Rutgers University in New Jersey. 

Not only has Ashley received “The First Red Bandanna Award” for her civic efforts but her Italian restaurant, Pazzo Pazzo, located in Morristown, NJ has receive four-stars for excellence.

Pazzo Pazzo Restaurant

Pazzo Pazzo Restaurant

Ashley now has a new boyfriend who is as devoted to her as anyone has ever been. He cares for her lovingly and is routinely seen with her in her yard, planting the flowers she loves, while she rides along the lawn directing his efforts. All the while, as their two dogs scamper around her motorized wheelchair. 

Here is a lovely, cheerful, kind, considerate, smiley, courageous, sweet, thoughtful woman we can all admire. 

Ashley Lauren Fisher has overcome dozens of hurdles that would have stopped most people dead in their tracts, with both wit and charm. She is truly an admirable woman and an inspiration to all who know and love her.



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