Short Essay – Why Do Men Take Things Seriously and Women Don’t?

smiling Katie Courick

Walter Cronkite?

smiling group of workers


No matter where you look, whether on TV or in schools, offices, stores, hospitals, churches, libraries, restaurants, banks or in the military, the judiciary, the political realm or on the public streets, you see thousands of radical, second-wave women who do not take their serious jobs seriously.

I for one, am so sick of the unprofessional, giddy, female, high-talkers who are crawling all over this country’s once illustrious institutions, giggling and chatting their way through the work day. Why don’t they take their responsibilities seriously?

I find this ridiculousness especially annoying on TV, because all of the serious issues of the day are routinely discussed there. And yet, if there is a woman included in the discussion, (and it doesn’t matter if the show is about the serious worlds of finance, healthcare, education, business, religion, military, politics, natural disasters or even war), that dizzy dame insists on “light-heartedly” presenting her smiling opinion. And, just  to make matters worse, she inevitably delivers it wrapped in some sort of bouncy body language.  What’s up with that?

What happened to seriously addressing serious issues? Unfortunately, even the male co-hosts get wrapped up in this silliness, as they bounce along with the women, giggling and laughing as well. Get a grip! Are they serious adults, or just big kids?

This sort of behavior typically happens when men and women interact.  By nature, they rightly get happy and sometimes even silly. And that’s fine, if they are out on a date or home having dinner. But when it’s displayed on a serious, nationally televised show, a show about the serious issues of the day, it becomes, not only inappropriate but, downright annoying.

Where are the Walter Cronkite’s, Chet Huntley’s, David Brinkley’s, and Edward R. Murrow’s of the broadcasting industry?  Men who took the serious news, seriously. Men who delivered the serious news, seriously. Men who understood the seriousness of serious issues? What happened to seriousness in general?

smiling military commander

Battalion Commander?

Well, I’ll tell you what happened to seriousness. Women in the workplace is what happened to seriousness. Or worse yet, women in management is what happened to seriousness! How can anybody be serious in a room full of giddy, chatty, smiley women? They can’t because it’s infectious.

Army girls

Combat Ready?

Women are, by nature, not serious. Women are, by nature, cheerful. And that’s a good thing when applied to family, home, neighborhoods and community living, all of which were created for, and around, women’s needs and natures . But, this perpetual state of cheeriness looks ridiculous when applied to the serious worlds of business, military, organized religion, politics, hospitals, education, finance and government, all of which were created for, and around, the serious natures of the institutions and of the serious men who created them.

Men in Combat

Serious Men!

Unlike women, men are, by nature, serious people, because it has been their onerous job, for thousands of years, to be prepared for the worst. They have always been responsible for the serious business of survival. Whether this entails the financial survival of their family or business, the political survival of their government or party, the physical survival of their country or patient, or the eternal survival of their souls, it has always been men’s responsibility to assure that these institutions, all of which were founded on the need to protect their families from suffering, remained intact. Women are incapable of understanding the importance of this task because, for time immemorial, it has never been their business.

Christian men have always understood the potential dangers, presented by other men, to their way of life. And to this end, they stood guard. This threat is more ominous today than at any time in recent memory, as our Christian way of life,  is under attack both locally and globally. Christianity, which is the foundation upon which Western Civilization was created and upon which democracy and capitalism have flourished for the benefit of all Christendom, is under perpetual assault. Without Christ’s steadfast guidance, and strength, men cannot uphold the obligations required to sustain the American Dream.

smiling conference women

Business Convention?

smiling Elizabeth Hasselback

Football Expert?

And, just as unfortunately, the working women are now interfering with the ability of serious men to band together to protect all of our institutions from the destructive forces lurking in the shadows because they remain cheerfully oblivious to the dangers.

Women do not, nor will they ever, understand the serious side of America’s illustrious institutions, Christian institutions that invisibly protect them from evil of all kinds. The serious and dangerous aspects of maintaining the infrastructure necessary to protect them from fiscal, economic, spiritual, political and personal calamity.

These institutions were created by serious men with serious responsibilities. Men who were willing to unselfishly sacrifice themselves  to sustain the moral and ethical tenets of the Christian ideology that propelled them forward in their struggle to perfect those institutions for the honor and glory of God. Men who took a sacred oath to maintain certain standards of good behavior in order to assure the continuation of those vital institutions, thereby guaranteeing Americans the highest standard of living in recorded history.

smiling co-worker

Business Woman?

Trivializing the importance of these institutions by employing giddy girls to represent them is dangerous. Their presence demeans the institutions, the challenges they face daily and the men who sustain them. And the foolish, radical, second-wave feminists, who promulgate the giddy, cheery, oblivious “feminization” of these institutions through their employ, will leave them vulnerable to attack from both within, and without, those fortresses. No one, especially our enemies, will take them seriously or consider them a threat.

These powerhouses of serious men are slowly being eroded away by these undisciplined females, who are incapable of taking anything seriously. Without the male gatekeepers, each and every one of these institutions is at risk of eventual collapse, while the influential, giddy girls, obliviously leave the gates unlocked to assailants who patiently wait in the shadows to attack the unprotected realm within those open, unguarded gates.

THE END It’s the Women, Not the Men!

8 thoughts on “Short Essay – Why Do Men Take Things Seriously and Women Don’t?

    • “Working at IT”, is one thing. Working at something that will benefit YOU the most, both now and in the future, is quite another thing. Following the money will never get you where your heart really wants to be. And in reality, the money is not really there. But, there is SO MUCH more to life than working for a living. Read my post, Admirable Women- Erin Callan, CFO of Lehman Brothers Regrets Not Having Kids” or Admirable Women – Anne-Marie Slaughter Regrets Time Away From Family for Career” to see what the future holds if you continue to pursue a “feminist lifestyle” based solely on the pursuit of a career, and at the expense of a family. The long-term consequences are less than rewarding and in most cases, very lonely. Don’t do it!


  1. I have once again been catapulted into my past while reading an essay of yours. I am left somewhat confused, I have mixed feelings concerning this essay. Un-doubtedly the nonsense on the newscasts of today is nothing short of disgraceful, but I’ll have to go out and observe women in action on their various jobs for a time, as I can’t think of other instances of such gross ill behavior that I’ve encountered by professional women. Perhaps I over look it? I’ll have to research.
    It was April of 1977, I was 19 years old, worked in the dining room of a hotel on the beach in Jacksonville, Fla. There was a piano in the banquet room.The hotel allowed me to use it on my off hours when the room was not in use. I’d walked the 12 blocks to the hotel early afternoon with my flute and a chart book as I was working on an original piece, I left at about 3:00 pm as I had to work at 5:00. It was chilly and I was wearing a big sweater over t-shirt and jeans, no make-up, nothing “enticing”. I was right in front of the Police station when a young man with an old pick up truck snatched me, put a loaded gun to my head, forced me into the truck (all the door handles had been removed, he put me on the floor and had the center of the floor boards blocked with tool boxes leaving me no options for escape). He drove quite a ways to a secluded swampy area and for the next five hours I was his slave, I feel further detail unnessecary, you all know what occurred during those hours. I knew I was dead’ but by some miracle that to this day I do not fully comprehend, I survived and he drove me back to my place of work and let me go, being sure to not let me see his plates etc. His “Dr. Jekyll” was concerned I not lose my job, yet before he opened the door, his “Mr. Hyde” told me, and I quote “I’m still gonna live down town, and I;m still gonna come to the beach every weekend so if this wasn’t good for you all you have to do is point me and and tell them to come get me” This told me that he did this every weekend and this was the only reason I called the Police, I could not do nothing when I knew many more women would suffer the fate I had just survived and quite possibly worse.
    What happened next is, I believe why this crops up on me so often when reading your material. The police were not bad, I spent hours doing a composite drawing, rode on the floor of their car and found the scene of the crime, recognized the outline of the state that was on a sticker in the truck on the map of the U.S. in the station. first though they had to take me to the hospital for a rape kit, which in 1977 was performed by disapproving men who treated me like a filthy whore, unfeeling piece of meat and a major interruption in their coffee break. I was raped again!!
    Long story short, they caught him, charged him with 7 felonies including rape and the loaded hand gun, I was summoned to give deposition to the defense attorney, I told the cops I’d be fine providing they did not ask if I was wearing a bra. I sat across the desk from this big, fat attorney and after asking my name he asked if I was wearing a bra at the time of the “alleged crime”. I slammed my 2 hands on his desk,arose from my feet, placed my face an inch from his and said “are you wearing a bra?”, he was stunned and did not reply, so I told him “I find that irrelevant and refuse to answer.”. That was the end of the interview. My rapist copped a plea and was sentenced to 11/29 in Co. Jail (that, it was explained to me, is one day short of a year so you don’t have to go to state prison and your time is cushy!). This despite mounds of irrefutable evidence against him, and I had no say in this.
    Although the men in this country still do not see rape as the life sentence it is for the victims, Thank God there are many women now in various professional positions, that are continuing to work tirelessly to improve the treatment of victims and (allbeit to litlte avail as of yet) encourage stiffer sentences for this horrific soul killing crime! They take this very seriously.

    Although I agree with many of your thoughts and ideals, this is why I fear just going back to things as they were in the 50’s. Where does the effective compromise lye?


    • Sallie, what can I say? Your experience was horrific and nothing can change that. It will stay with you for all the days of your life. No one was there when you needed them and hat was a terrible and frightening discovery. And I agree that rape is taken more seriously then ever, thanks to both men and women coming to grips with it legally. Although I still like the old-fashioned way, where the father and brothers of the girl, would beat the shit out of the bastard. Today, the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction and unfortunately the cry of rape is now being abused by the very women the system is now designed to help. Today, this can be as destructive for the innocent young men as it once was for the innocent women. We need to regain our Christian roots. Teach our children the difference between right and wrong, even if it means putting the fear of God into them. Only then, will we all reap the benefit of a moral society based on mutual respect, inspired by Christ. America was never perfect but generally, it is so much worse today then it was in the 1950s. Now, young women give themselves away for FREE to any Tom, Dick or Harry they meet in a bar. If this is a good way to lower the rape rates or improve your self-image, give me death. As opposed to these feminist sex-hounds, even prostitutes are smart enough to charge something for their services. Today, I feel that women are chronically left unprotected and vulnerable to feminism because our men have been hammered into silence and as a result they have lost the courage of of their Christian convictions. We need tough guys again. Guys willing to risk life and limb to protect the people, and especially the women, they love. In our, “everything is grey” culture, which is devoid of black and white rules of right and wrong, we continue to devolve, and will eventually lose everything of value – God, family and country to the obscenities espoused by radical feminism. I firmly believe there is tremendous room for improvement and I believe it is possible to swing the pendulum back to the middle, but only through the acknowledgement of feminism’s evil tenets. It will take great effort and the place we must start is with the children. Nearly everyone older has already been corrupted, in one way or another, by radical, second-wave feminism’s ideology. Sallie, you are one tough woman and an inspiration to us all. God bless you and your efforts to overcome such a devestasting experience, at such a young age. I wish your Dad and brother could have beat him to a pulp for you! kqd


      • Thank you Kathy, if Dad and my brother had been there and known, they would have! As it was I had a whole crew of young men who filled the bill. Yes indeed the act of beating the rapist serves many purposes, helping the victim to begin the journey back to believing they are safe, and empowering the loved ones to feel more than helpless, to name a few. Particularly since the courts still fall far short of recognizing the severity of this offense.
        For women who falsely report rape, you too should be beaten to a pulp and punished harshly by the law as well. It is still difficult enough to prosecute rape. To make light of it for what ever sick personal agenda is disgraceful and grossly irresponsible!!!!
        I agree we must target the children if we stand a chance of regaining any thing remotely resembling sanity in our society and I do so whenever the opportunity presents itself.
        Back to the middle is a goal that makes sense to me.


      • Glad to hear justice was finally served. I wish I’d been there to watch. Too bad you didn’t have a gun on you. You could have taken care of him right away.


      • Indeed. I feel quite strongly that should I ever be approached again, I’ll inform the perpetrator that there will be no sex today and only one of us is walking away alive. I’ll then probably have lunch!!! Thanks again.


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