Current EVEntS – Judge Debra Steinberg Nelson and D. A. Angela Corey Attempt To Skewer George Zimmerman

I ask you this, “Do you remember Eve’s role in the loss of Paradise?” Well, thanks to radical, second-wave feminism, Eve is again in bed with the devil and through these brainwashed women, Christian America is about to become Paradise Lost once again…

Presiding Judge Debra Steinberg Nelson

Judge Debra Steinberg Nelson, 57

In April of 2012, George Zimmerman was arrested for killing a black teenager in Sanford, Florida. This week, he was acquitted on all charges, despite the lynch-mob mentality of the news media frenzy surrounding his two-week trial.

Not only did the liberal media “try” George in the press, finding him guilty of murder before the trial even began but, despicably, both the female trial judge and the female State Attorney, did what they could to assure the same result.

Florida State Attorney, Angela Corey, 58.

Florida State Attorney, Angela Corey, 58.

The biased antics of the liberal, left-wing news media was predictable, as they have been drunk on their own elitist stink for decades. But, the behavior of the presiding judge Debra Steinberg Nelson, 57, and the Prosecutor Angela Corey, 58, was, for the uninitiated, less expected. Although, for those of us who diligently connect-the-radical-second-wave-feminist-dots, their pattern of behavior was very predictable.

The rule of law in this instance, meant nothing to these brainwashed women. It was about getting even, by irrationally pushing their preconceived, prejudicial, radical, bigoted, sexist, racist agenda, based on “consensus”, consciousness-raising, “knowing” and radical, second-wave feminist assumptions about Christian men and their behavioral motives, rather than about seeking the truth. 

This type of woman has been trained for decades by radical academia to irrationally assume the worse about white, Christian men’s motivations. And, in lockstep with the lesbian leaders of radical, second-wave feminism, they, in whatever capacity they are in,  do whatever it takes, including, as in this case, lying and withholding evidence, in order to “prove” that those men are, in actuality,”oppressive”, “domineering”, “sexist”, “racist”  hillbillies.  And, this is despite the fact, that cases like George Zimmerman’s, have for decades, proved their assumptions to be baseless and seriously flawed. But to these women, that doesn’t matter, because their entire lives are based on these irrational premises and without them their lives would implode .

This vicious, lesbian-led undertaking, based on radical feminism’s prejudicial and unfounded view of Christian, white, men’s ulterior motives, began with the (surprise!) 1972 rape case, brought by a black, 15-year-old girl named Tawana Brawley against six white men, most of whom were policemen, in Wappingers Falls, N. Y, and today, includes the 2006 rape case involving a stripper and three white Duke University lacrosse players in Durham, N.C.  Just as with George Zimmerman, none of these men were found to be guilty of rape or racism. Instead, it was proven that both of the black female “victims”, lied prodigiously during the trials. And yet, while those trials were underway, the biased main stream news media reviled those innocent men in the newspapers and on TV, shamelessly destroying their lives, careers and futures, without any evidence of wrongdoing.

George Zimmerman, 28

George Zimmerman, 28

The most recent case involving George Zimmerman, who’s father is a judge and who’s mother is hispanic, was found to be a blatant case of judicial injustice as well, but in this case the cancerous growths proved to be two white women, rather than two black women, but the issue remained the same. It was assumed again that all white, Christian men are racist bigots. Once again it was the “good guys” against the “bad guys”, with the case stacked, unjustifiably and disgracefully against the innocent “good guys.”  Who are really the racists today? It’s not who you’ve been led to believe.

Both Judge Debra Steinberg Nelson and State Attorney Angela Corey conspired to find George Zimmerman guilty for purely political reasons and they were not below using the “race card.” Corey overruled the local Sanford police department’s determination that the death qualified as self-defense in a “Stand Your Ground State”, after a million ill-informed and hysterical people signed a on-line petition claiming George murdered Trayvon. Validating and vindicating “mob rule”, Corey file charges of second-degree murder against Zimmerman and had him arrested 44 days AFTER the shooting.

Angela Corey immediately began to bend the rules. In a murder trial, the prosecution and defense lawyers are remanded, by law, to turn over to each other, all critical evidence regarding the case. this is to assure that there are no surprises on either side and so that they can prepare adequately for the trial. Not only did prosecutor Angela Corey fail to provide the defense team with


photographic evidence that Zimmerman suffered lacerations to the back of his head and a broken nose, all inflicted to his head as he was being pounded against the sidewalk while beaten by 6′ tall Trayvon Martin but, she suppressed the photos taken from Trayvon’s phone showing videos of his fighting, photos of stolen jewelry, photos of a gun, and violent text messages, all of which showed him to be a very violent kid.

Ben Kruidbos

Ben Kruidbos

When Ben Kruidbos, who worked in Corey’s office, decided to become a “whistleblower” and release the photos from Martin’s phone, rather than admit her guilt or explain herself, she fired Kruidbos instead. This propensity for vengeance is well-known. Corey was fired by State Attorney Harry Shorstein in 2006 citing “long-term issues” with her supervisory performance. When he retired and she was elected to take his place, she fired 10 assistant states attorney, over half of the investigators and 48 support employees, which comprised more than 20 percent of the employees in the Attorney’s Office.  Shorstein described it as “a bloodbath.”

As a result the blatant malfeasance on the part of State Attorney Corey during this case, many

Alan Dershowitz - Famed Defense Attorney for Patty Hearst, Mike Tyson, Claus von Bulow, Jim Bakker and OJ Simpson.

Alan Dershowitz – Famed Defense Attorney for Patty Hearst, Mike Tyson, Claus von Bulow, Jim Bakker and OJ Simpson.

 high-ranking lawyers called for “disciplinary action” to be taken against her, including famed defense lawyer and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz. Not only did Dershowitz take issue with the suppression of the exculpatory evidence mentioned earlier but went on to say that the prosecution’s attempt to include a charge of third-degree murder by claiming that the shooting of 17-year-old Martin, by 28-year-old Zimmerman, constituted child abuse was outrageous. Dershowitz said that this high-jinx was “so professionally irresponsible to warrant sanctions and investigations” into Corey’s behavior.  In conclusion, Dershowitz said that Angela Corey was, “basically a prosecutorial tyrant, and well-known for that in Florida.”  In a fury over Dershowitz’s comments, Ms. Corey called the Harvard Law School, where Dershowitz has been a law professor since 1968, and exploded in what Dershowitz described as a “40-minute rant”  and “threatened to sue Harvard!”  I would say that this was another example of Ms. Corey’s notorious “abuse of power.”  To Ms. Corey’s further discredit, she called Zimmerman a “murderer” while being interviewed by HLN’s Vinnie Politan in Jacksonville, Florida on Tuesday July 16th. It appears she is still seeking vengeance, despite the jury’s innocent verdict.

Presiding Judge Debra Steinberg Nelson’s behavior replicated that of Corey’s. She refused to allow the defense attorney John O’Mara,

Defense Attorney John O'Mara

Defense Attorney John O’Mara

to include Trayvon Martin’s suspension from school, his use of marijuana or his phone texts or photos that showed his propensity for violence. The judge also refused to allow the defense lawyers for Zimmerman to depose Benjamin Crump, the civil lawyer for the Martin family. At issue was Crump’s phone conversation with the black girl, who was the prosecution’s star witness. She was purportedly on the cellphone with Trayvon when he and Zimmerman had their confrontation. The 5th Circuit Court of Daytona Beach overruled her decision, allowing Zimmerman’s lawyers access to Crump. It would prove to be important to the defense, as it was determined that both Crump and the black witness lied on multiple occasions. Nelson also refused the defense attorney’s request to sequester the jury, so that they would not be exposed to any of the biased coverage of the trial by the  news media.  In addition, Ms. Nelson would not allow the jurors to see the location of the crime.

Beyond Judge Nelson’s obstructive behavior in meetings outside of the courtroom her obnoxious, rude and unprofessional behavior was evidence inside the courtroom, as she strove to “one-up” the defense attorneys. In a testy exchange with defense attorney Don West, Judge Nelson, after acknowledging that Zimmerman had the “right to remain silent”,  hammered George, again and again, repeatedly asking whether he wanted to testify on his own behalf. Each time she asked the inappropriate question, Mr. West objected, and each time he objected, she snippily overruled him. Zimmerman finally broke the stalemate and said, “No.”  You can watch this bizarre exchange on YouTube. Click the link below.

This type of radical, second-wave feminist does not believe that the rule of law applies to her because she was taught that it was established by white, Christian racists, bigots, sexists, and homophobes.

Neither of these women should have been appointed to these positions of influence.  Neither are emotionally, psychologically or ideologically suited to uphold the rule of law. Their attitudes are not only totally unprofessional by besmirched by self-centered, radical, second-wave ideology which always leads to trouble.

Both of these women should be forced to step down. They would force these resignations, if the roles were reversed, and a white man had done what they did.

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