Short Essay – What Happened to Common Courtesy?

snide behavior

Snide behavior

America has, in recent years, become a rude and crass country, devoid of common courtesy. Family

Rude behavior

Rude behavior

members don’t speak to each other; girls spit on the street; people cast unwarranted sneers at total strangers; clerks are unjustifiably rude to their customers; children arrogantly scream at their teachers; and women disgracefully curse during everyday conversations.

Spewing cynicism has become the norm; responding with sarcasm is routine; public anger is chronic; ignoring people in your presence is prevalent behavior; commitments are disdainfully overlooked; phone calls are never returned; snide remarks abound; adults cut in front of people in line; drivers give other drivers the finger; actors curse on TV; crass women dress like hookers, etc., etc., etc.

Public Anger

Public Anger

And why has civility and common courtesy disappeared? The reason is simple. Both civility and common courtesy have vanished from the landscape because the aspiration to become a Christian lady has been vanquished by radical, second-wave feminism.

shocked lady 2

Shocked Lady

At one time, Christian women were inspired by their faith to set high standards of behavior for themselves, and by association, for everyone else within their sphere of influence, including both men and children. As a result, no one wanted to shock or upset the ladies with crass or crude behavior. Women behaved like ladies and were treated accordingly. This improved everyone’s behavior and thereby produced a courteous society.

And yes, (although it’s hard to believe, as you look around at the behavior of the female pigs America is now producing) we were once a country filled with kind, considerate, courteous, thoughtful, modest, moral and pleasant Christian women. And then, women were hit by an avalanche of deceit!

It arrived in the late 1960s and early 1970s, in the form of radical, second-wave feminism and it changed the course of history as well as our daily lives. This “ism” told young women, through every form of media, that working outside the home was the only way to truly live. These gullible girls were told that it was the only way to live “independently” of the “male, chauvinist pigs”, whose only goal was to “trap” them into marriage, while at the same time, “oppressing” and “domineering” them. Radical, second-wave feminism’s

"I am Woman, hear me roar!"

“I am Woman, hear me roar!”

powerful influence bred irrational animosity towards Christian men and inured discontent with the traditional Christian values that most of the millions of college-bound, baby boomers grew up with. And amazingly, these impressionable girls, who were both very young and equally inexperienced, believed this bizarre premise. In their misguided efforts to adopt this new “feminist lifestyle”, they abandoned the time-honored Christian traditions of Western Civilization and the men who loved them while rudely stomping off alone in pursuit of a “career”, instead of a family. They left a trail of unbridled arrogance in their wake as they tried to reinvent themselves into someone who had never existed before. And so, the struggle began.

Police Department

Police Officers

Once these girls became part of the college-educated, workforce, they discovered that, despite the assertions of the feminist leaders, they could not compete with the men, in the rough and tumble, centuries old, public arenas that men had created for themselves – institutions constructed around men’s natures, priorities, interests, and temperaments. These girls could not muster the bravado, the instincts, the endurance, the strength, the commitment, the focus or the attitude needed to accomplish the goals set by these men for themselves. Nor could they protect their “feelings” in the highly competitive, slash and burn, environments that existed within many of these male-dominated arenas. They found they were out of their element. It became obvious that there was more to working in a man’s world than what was taught in college. Much of what men brought to the table was based on instinctual, intuitive, and innate male behavior, none of which was accessible to women. The basic elements of the public institutions that men had created, were part of their very nature, it could not be taught.

Bank Officers

Bank Officers

So, in order to offset the highly charged, male-oriented surroundings, women resorted to tears, rudeness, sarcasm, cynicism, insults, stalling or just “dug in their heels” or refused to do the work required, in order to offset the highly deserved sneers directed towards their inability to comprehend or compete in the men’s world, by the well-heeled and highly experienced macho men who ran these successful institutions.

Unfortunately for everyone, radical second-wave feminism had brainwashed women to think that men and women were the same, when in actuality, they were not. The discovery that they were unable to compete with men, came as a shock. But rather than gracefully acknowledge this simple fact and adjust accordingly, these women began to sue for redress, in an effort to create a “level playing field”.

These lawsuits, which should have been brought by the men in order to address the women’s incompetence, were instead brought by the incompetent women. They irrationally demanded that, despite their inadequacies, they should be promoted along with the men. The men involved in the lawsuits were taken off-guard because they were being accused of handling the women differently then the men in their charge, when in fact, they were not. The fact was, that incompetent men were not promoted either.

Facing facts was not what the radical feminists wanted to do. It would have exposed them for the charlatans that they were. What they were now faced with, considering the reality of the male-oriented working environment, was the need to demand special treatment in order to give them “a leg up” ,on the men. Rather than adjust to the  male workplace environment and accept its rules and live with the consequences, they became determined to change the workplace to suit them, to feminize it.

In order to pursue this line of reasoning, these irrational women reinvented womanhood as a “class” of victims, just as the blacks had done, in hopes of reaping the same legislative advantages. It was a stretch because there was no evidence that women had been denied their civil rights. But they arrogantly forged ahead anyway. And to everyone’s surprise they succeeded.

lesbians marching

Lovely, young ladies?

Once this view of women was adopted by the general public, the lawsuits began in earnest. They claimed that women were being “discriminated against”, and that men were being “sexist”, when in fact, none of this was true. Ironically, the women had been screaming for equality and when the men gave it to them, promoting or demoting them according to their qualifications and performance, just as they did the men, they screamed louder. This is a perfect example of why second-wave feminism is routinely defined by the word “irrational”.

As the lawsuits continued to accumulate, and women were encouraged by the  lopsided results, civility and common courtesy began to disappear among young women and the “battle of the sexes” began. For those of us who are living in today’s crass world overwhelmed with radical feminism, it’s obvious who won and lost these battles.

As a result of these unprecedented lawsuits, and despite centuries of proven excellence and superiority, the male-dominated institutions began to unravel themselves as they were forced, through Affirmative Action legislation, to absorb this influx of incompetent college educated, radical, second-wave feminists. In order to accommodate these women, and in an effort to invent “a level playing field” for both men and women within these institutions, men began to disassemble the standards by which that superiority had been attained. Job specifications were lowered, military physical skills were reduced, police department height and weight restrictions were abandoned, religious ideology was altered, academic admission requirements were diminished, business skills were modified, 9-5 work schedules were scrapped, and promotions were given based on sex and race, not merit.

Not only did this experiment cost a fortune to implement, it reduced their ability to compete, diminishing their competitive edge dramatically. In addition, the morale within these institutions took a huge hit, as the highly qualified men working for these institutions. were suddenly passed over or worse, ignored, in favor of their less qualified female co-workers. These were men who had followed the rules, honed their talents and had spent a lifetime, fine-tuning their skills, men who were now being side-lined just because they were white, Christian men. And yet, they graciously and politely stepped aside all the same. And, as it turned out, this would prove to be the beginning of the end of the respect for, and influence of, the good Christian men, who had created the most successful and accomplished country in the history of the world.

Forty-five years later, this negative, “in-your-face”, female “attitude” continues to prevail. Radical, second-wave feminism, has permeated nearly every aspect of public life but especially the formally, male-oriented arenas of military, government, education, medical and academic institutions with demoralizing and costly results that have destroyed these institutions ability to aggressively and effectively compete in the world market or on the global stage. Religious institutions were not spared either. As the liberalization of the churches, in

Mandatory chuch attendance no longer required

response to women’s demands that they become inclusive and accept behavior that was in direct conflict with the teachings of the Bible continued to prevail, attendance plummeted, as men backed away from the homosexual and lesbian push, supported by the women. The Episcopal Church has experienced the greatest disruption as its leaders nearly turned themselves inside out to accommodate those who reviled Biblical teachings. This “church” is now a divided, disaster that stands for nothing.

As we can see, crass behavior has flooded the landscape while foolish women still believe that being discourteous is a sign of toughness in the workplace, when in fact, it is just a bluff and a cover, for total incompetence. Not only can’t they play the game at the level that the men once did, but the truth be known, they don’t really care whether the institutions succeed or fail. They take no responsibility for the outcomes of their irrational ideas, because it’s “all about them” instead.

Maria Shriver - Mother and Author

Maria Shriver – Mother and Author

As Maria Shriver once wrote, “You know, people who are really good at their game are generous with their gifts, not stringy with them.”  This describes Christian men to a “T” and her comment applies not only to talent but to behavior as well. Only incompetent people resort to obnoxious or rude behavior when confronted with a new situation or problem. Women are notorious for this reaction when challenged. Incredibly, the arrogant, rude women living the “feminist lifestyle” take pride in this attitude, rather than be ashamed of it. And as a result, it has permeated every public arena.

To these radical, second-wave feminists, it is a badge of honor. And as a result, they have totally lost the ability to be gracious, kind, loving, and giving women. But more importantly, our society is now devoid of what was once Christian women’s high standards of behavior based on Christian teachings and without that constant reminder of what common courtesy looks like, American women have become debased.

This non-Christian view of interpersonal relationships thrives on the misguided adage, “The best defense, is a good offense”, which assumes everyone is out to get them, when in fact they are NOT. This triggers prejudicial forethought and as a result, it

A happy group?

A happy group?

becomes the precursor to a self-fulfilling prophecy, which produces lousy interactions, no matter what the initial intent. The truth is, “You reap what you sow.” Happiness is not possible with a chip-on-your-shoulder, only misery will result.

A truly happy family.

A truly happy group.

On the other hand, the Christian view of interpersonal relationships thrives on the Bible quote, “Do unto other, as you would have them do unto you.”, which assumes the best of people. Under these circumstances, personal interactions are something to look forward to. Something to be nurtured and enjoyed. Something that brings happiness. Unlike the non-Christian view, Christians believes these relationships will prove rewarding and they treat others with the respect and kindness Christianity prepares them to receive in return. And, until radical, second-wave feminism reared its ugly head, they were rarely disappointed.

Radical, second-wave feminism has pushed women off an unhappy cliff. Trying to compete with men, under any circumstances, is futile, even if backed by the courts. This effort has produced millions of crass and discourteous females and despite forty-five years of demands to level the playing field, it still is not. And, it’s no one’s fault. That’s just the way nature works. Women are not designed by nature for battle, only men are.

Sadly, we are losing the last examples of America’s truly Christian women. The kind and generous women who valued home and family above all else. The women who dedicated themselves to their church and their communities. The women who could be relied upon to carry themselves with dignity and self-respect. The women who loved their God, their family and their country.

These mothers and grandmothers, whom we grew up with, are now in their 80’s. Happily, they are still a small reminder of a Christian

Rosie O'Donnell - comedian?

Rosie O’Donnell – comedian?

America where women gave and received, both kindness and courtesy. A time when Christian women valued all individuals because they were “created in the image and likeness of God.”

But soon, we will lose them forever. And who will replace them? The Rosie O’Donnell’s of the world? If so, America will be a much diminished place in which to live, a joyless landscape, devoid of civility and common courtesy.

THE END It’s the Women, Not the Men!

5 thoughts on “Short Essay – What Happened to Common Courtesy?

  1. Just ask ma’am, do you indeed have personal experiences with bad attitudes and courtesy in your own country (such as adults cutting the line)? I usually think such problem is confined in the third world countries..

    Good to know your story about this.


    • Absolutely! And we find that the feminist, “liberated” women are by FAR the worst offenders! Not only do they demand that you defer to them, but when they are shown to be incorrect or in the wrong, they yell at YOU! This attitude was adopted from black woman here. This was ALWAYS their default position when corrected or reprimanded. No shame, guilt humility or repentance. Just “in-your-face” snarling. Christian men, by and large, have remained much more courteous. I can’t say that for Jewish men though. They are the RUDEST of all men. They take rudeness well beyond just cutting in line and eventually into nearly every personal relationship in which they are involved.


      • The Jews in your country.. no wonder antisemitism (or at least the Jewish conspiracy theories) still attractive to some people in varying degree.


  2. KQ. ANOTHER GREAT ONE. Rosie Odonnel isn’t funny. Why is the Republican party leadership running away from, these truths? tim s


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