Current EVEntS – Heather Jensen’s Toddlers Die in Hot Car While She Has Sex in Truck

I ask you this, “Do you remember Eve’s role in the loss of Paradise?” Well, thanks to radical, second-wave feminism Eve is again in bed with the devil and through these brainwashed women, Christian America is about to become Paradise Lost once again…

Heather Jensen, 25

Heather Jensen, 25

Grand Junction, Colorado

This radical, third-wave feminist’s two little boys, two-year-old William and four-year-old Tyler, died while locked in her car, with the heat running for over an hour, while she had sex and smoked pot with some guy in a nearby truck. William and Tyler died of heat-stroke. The littlest one died at the scene and the older child died a week later. The children’s father was killed in a car accident just two months before their deaths.

Their mother, Heather Jensen, giggled and smiled during her court appearance, flipping her newly permed hair, as the chilling details of her neglectful behavior filled the courtroom. She routinely left her two toddlers alone, locked in their apartment, causing neighbors to break in to rescue the toddlers, who were heard pounding on the walls. The evidence would prove that Jensen was a self-centered sexpot and a profoundly neglectful mother.

For nearly two months after the little boys deaths, their paternal grandmother fought for the children’s bodies. Their mother wanted to cremate them, like a dog, but the grandmother wanted to bury them near their father. Thank God, she was finally successful in her efforts and the little boys were laid to rest alongside their father in the town of Palisade. Grief-stricken, the step-grandfather called for Jensen to be given the electric chair.

The suffering endured by these two innocent children at the hands of this heartless, soulless young female, who was more concerned about her sexuality than her children, is another example of the devastation unleashed by third, wave feminism. These creepy women grew up watching Sex in the City.

Singer Brittany Spears drives with infant son on her lap.

Singer Brittany Spears drives with infant son on her lap.

Influenced all of their lives by sex-driven, third-wave feminism, they have become twisted young women who actually aspire to become the likes of Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson! The result has been the creation of millions of empty, evil women who idolize and emulate these brainless, clueless, shallow, amoral, empty-headed sexpots. These pitiful young women worship actresses and singers for whom life is a joke and whose fatherless children are just another occasion for a disgraceful photo-op. These are women devoid of their humanity and for whom there is no sin, no soul and therefore no accountability. These are the types of debauched women produced by wretched third, wave feminism. These are women raised without religion, without faith and more importantly, without the personal constraints of Christianity which would have kept them safe and happy and the culture intact.

The heartache inflicted on the grandparents of little William and Tyler will remain with them

William and Tyler Jensen

William and Tyler Jensen with their mother who killed them.

for all the days of their lives. The pain for the children has ended. These innocents are again with God. May they rest in peace, safe and secure with their father in heaven. God bless them all.

It’s the Women, Not the Men!

10 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – Heather Jensen’s Toddlers Die in Hot Car While She Has Sex in Truck

  1. I belive there is a special place in He?? For the so called grandparents and people who write things they really know nothing about..What about INNOCENT untill proven guilty? I know her (Heather) and she did go to church from a very young age,
    maybe not your kind…


      • Here in lies the problem. At 1st I was stunned at the ” it’s the women, not the men concept”, but I chose to keep an open mind and follow before judging (something I am far from perfect at, yet I believe all humans should be making an effort to not judge prior to obtaining a thorough understanding of what we are judging). kqduane, I think you are being attacked by this reaction. A reaction to comment, prior to breathing through the anger and pondering, researching, and observing all facts etc. We must strive to RESPOND, NOT REACT! This requires the above mentioned patience and research (simply read what kqduane always quotes, and check the facts from which her opinions have been formed that she shares with us). I will again state for anyone who did not see this that I am far more leftist than kqduane, however am learning a lot and developing a far more informed and open minded view thanks to her essays.
        Thank You kqd,
        Sarah Merritt


      • Thank you very much for your comment Sallie. It is my fondest hope that my blog will help save more young women from the tenacious and destructive grip of radical, second and third-wave feminism and that it will also give our young men the facts, and encouragement, to help the women they love avoid the fractious “feminist lifestyle”, in order to find true happiness in both of their lives.


      • It is an important message. There have been many teen and college young women in my life, who have confided in me over the last decade or so, and what has become the acceptable normal behavior to this generation is terrifying to me.
        I would like to ask your followers to ponder the education of our young men as well. Being a 2 time survivor of violent rape, I see that young males are not being taught that No does indeed mean No. They are not being taught that sex is primarily for pro-creation and a private intimate sharing expression of love between 2 people that they engaged in, when the love guides them there. It is not an obligation for women to service their men, it is NOT a recreational activity or game in which we keep score and it is not a right for men or women to demand from any one at any time. Our bodies are sacred gifts from God and I, for one feel an obligation to attempt to convey this message to young people whenever the opportunity arises. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to say this in public.
        Sarah, Sallie Merritt


      • The teachings of Christianity are the ONLY source of this vital information. Without it’s guiding light, all behavior becomes warped, resulting in misguided decisions and bad choices. Thank you for going “public.” More women need to speak up! I hope to encourage them not to be intimidated by those who are obviously in the wrong. Christianity requires that they be vocal in their opposition to evil behavior. It is our sacred obligation to help others find happiness in Christ. Thank you for your comment.


  2. Bravo Kathy, excellently summarized. I am far more leftist than you, however I admire your style and blatant honesty. Too many “acceptable” behaviors are scaring me to death. No matter what your religious beliefs are, decency, kindness and respect for our fellow humans simply cannot be a bad thing. Thank you, well written.


    • Thanks Sallie. America’s little children have suffered so much unwarranted pain and suffering as a result of radical, second-wave feminism’s grip on the hearts of women. Whether through abortion, divorce, neglect or even the removal of the protective influence of prayer from schools, radical feminism has turned women away from the inherent joy of having children and has instead turned them into heartless, cruel, soulless, self-centered freaks, effectively made of STONE.


      • Once again, this could not have been written better. There’s a part of me, that does not want to admit this out loud, but I have been greatly affected by the confusion, expectations and hard sell pressure of this movement, I’ve always struggled to accept myself as the decent human being God put here on Earth. This confusion and radical teachings led me to fear failure, reject the idea of having a family of my own, lest I be labeled “Stepford Wife! Just a few examples of the crippling affect these radical preachings had on me personally and I am surely, by far, not the only one.
        With lots of Love


      • Hi Sallie,
        You are absolutely not alone in your confusion. Only other radical feminists would have accused you of being a Stepford Wife for marrying a man you loved and who loved you and having children. There’s not a man in the world who would deny you that joy. Unfortunately, if the truth be known, most of radical feminism is based on lesbianism. These “women” hate men for twisted personal reasons, most others are not privy to. Read the book “Who Stole Feminism? by Christina Hoff Sommers if you really want to see how screwed-up these feminist leaders truly are. The truth is that radical second-wave feminism is a destructive and disturbing lifestyle for 97% of women but the pressure to succumb to its attitudes is nearly overwhelming, as women continually degrade and berate each other for following their hearts. Until women stop listening to feminist women and start calling them out for the twisted people they are, nothing will change, unfortunately that takes courage most women do not have. I love the saying, “If you can’t be a good example, at least be a terrible warning.” That’s my mantra and why I write this blog.


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