Admirable Women – Jackie Anderson Christensen – Reformed and Recovering Feminist

PolitiChick logoHere is a young woman who has seen the light and is now making a prodigious effort to offset the damage radical feminism has done to women and, by association, to America.

To quote from her biography, “Texas PolitiChick Jackie Andersen Christensen, is a native Texan, mother of two, conservative and recovering feminist.

Jackie is now a voice among many in defense of traditional values and the preservation of America’s founding principles. Having lived her early years as a feminist, Jackie brings a perspective of its destructive effects from a personal vantage point, stating that feminism is the corrosive material in society that not only destroys families, but is also a leading contributor to the national debt, political unrest and many other social problems.

Jackie believes that liberty can be summed up in one phrase: “Freedom endowed only by the Creator and consequences owned only by the citizen.” Her mantra is that truth must be revered again, ‘even if it does not flatter us.’ Jackie believes that liberty is not a complex idea or privilege and believes in the common people, especially kids.”

Her website is called “Mrs. Conservative” at You can also find her on PolitiChicks TV too.

Here is another courageous women who is fighting a rising tide of liberalism. I admire her efforts and her positions on the problems America faces due to the wholesale adoption of radical feminism by women, as the gospel truth.

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