Admirable Women – Erin Callan – Former CFO Lehman Bros. Regrets Not Having Kids

Erin Callan, former CFO Lehman Bros.

Erin Callan, former CFO Lehman Bros.

Mother’s Day was May 12th.

Erin Callan, 47, a “liberated”, radical, second-wave feminist is a woman who wasted her youth working in the financial industry. She topped out as CFO of Lehman Bros. She sacrificed her personal life for her career including her first husband, whom she divorced. In 2008, Ms. Callan quit Lehman Bros., worked for Credit Suisse for a short period of time and then quit once more.

Today she married to her boyfriend from high school, who is a fireman, and lives quietly in Florida. Her principle regret is not having any children of her own. She and her new husband have tried every procedure available in order for Ms. Callan to get pregnant, without success. She is now living with the regrets spawned by embracing the misguided tenets of a feminist lifestyle, based on dedication to career alone.

To the academic leaders of radical, second-wave feminism, Ms. Callan was a major success in their efforts to have women break the male-dominated, corporate “glass ceiling.” She was another notch in their “screw you” belts. But unfortunately, for Ms. Callan personally, she was but a sacrificial lamb and another of their useful idiots, who is now left holding-the-bag, filled with regrets.

I admire the courage she’s shown, in the face of the ferocious feminist backlash to her comments, in expressing her regrets about spending her youth focused on her career alone. Her honesty may keep other young women from making the same demented choices, thereby avoiding this sad and tragic ending for themselves.


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