Admirable Women – Susan Patton Encourages College Women to Find Husbands

Susan Patton - Princeton Alumni and Mom

Susan Patton – Princeton Alumna and Mom

Susan Patton is an alumnus of Princeton and the mother of a 2 male Princeton students.  She is now a world-wide celebrity! The reason? She had the unmitigated gall to write a letter-to-the-editor of The Daily Princetonian newspaper suggesting that the female students at Princeton should take advantage of the bright men at Princeton and find a good husband while attending college.

This was brought about after she spent an afternoon with dozens of female Princeton students at a conference on women in leadership and discovered that the young women were terrified to vocalize their hopes to marry.

As a human resources consultant Mrs. Patton has spoken to hundreds of career women who  have everything a professional could want. But, she continually finds that they are still unhappy. the reason? Most realize that, now in their mid-30s, they are unlikely to find a husband and that they are even less likely to have children. As a result, Susan wanted to open the discussion and give the students permission to discuss their natural yearnings for marriage and family, as well as career plans.  She spoke the truth as she knows it, gave her advice accordingly and for this she was nearly assaulted by the wacky Feminazi.

The belligerent ravaging she took as a result of this letter, by radical, second-wave feminists around the world, is a perfect example of the tactics these men-hating women have used to bully innocent women into submission to their political and personal agendas. These women are so overwhelmed with irrational hatred that they can’t see straight!

The response was disgraceful, not only as a representation of how pervasive the twisted ideology of radical feminism is but more importantly how despicable female feminists can be to other women who fail to see the “advantage” of a life without a husband and children.

I’m sure Mrs. Patton expected some backlash, as she is the President of her Princeton class and still very involved with the university, but I’m sure she was unaware of just how vicious,  out-spoken and paranoid radical feminists are today. Luckily, these nuts have no shame and they brazenly showed their true colors in red, white and black!

Susan Patton must be admired for continuing to speak her mind despite the enormity of the blowback.

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