Short Essay – Christians, Two Children are NOT Enough

Decades ago, radical, second-wave feminism convinced young Christian baby boomers that having a “career” was far superior to being “dominated and oppressed” by “male chauvinist pigs” through marriage.

two kids and parents

So, when those same women fell in love, and no longer wanted to remain a single “career woman”, they had to find a way around the anti-marriage wrath of the “sisterhood.”

The solution? Limit the number of children they had so as to continue to pursue their “liberating” “careers” at the same time.

In real life, this casual compromise proved to require herculean effort! So, as these women tried desperately to balance the demands of a full-time “career” AND full-time family life, the compromise led to a concerted effort to have fewer and fewer children.

Sadly, having just two children proved to be the optimum number for working mothers, and one child of each sex was considered ideal.

This artificially limited number of children was obscenely unnatural.

Historically, women always had many more children than just two. And despite what radical, second-wave feminist leaders have led young women to believe, there is no evidence that they didn’t love and support, all 10 of them.

The baby boomer’s unnatural limitation on child-bearing has caused many societal problems for our formerly vigorous Christian country as well.

The most obvious, and damning, result of this feminist assault on children is reflected in the statistics showing that Americans have had so few children during the last 50 years that there is serious concern that Western Civilization may not survive these children’s loss.

Social Security and Medicare are actually at risk because there aren’t enough younger workers to continue to fund the baby boomers into their retirement years.two children

White, middle class, Christian women were the worst offenders because they absorbed the twisted ideology of radical, second-wave feminism into their very bones.

More than any other group in America, they have restricted the number of children they gave birth to, in order to pursue pointless “careers”.

America has kept its birthrate just above 2 only because of our Hispanic population. And, although Hispanics make our birthrate stats appear better than that of the Western European countries (where they have dropped to unrecoverable levels), the Hispanic culture did NOT make America the “shining city on the hill.” The WASP’s (White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant) did.

The Protestants are the people who single-handedly created America out of nothing and are proudly responsible for the first 200 years of America’s glorious history and its unprecedented streak of peace and prosperity.

Today, after nearly 50 years of radical, second-wave feminism’s destructive influence over women, those very same WASP’s are watching their population numbers plummet.

And white people are in rapid decline globally because their women have rejected the tenets of their former Christian faith, and are instead following the dead-end route to fewer children, as directed by the anti-Christian ideology of non-Christian radical, second-wave feminism.

And, despite ALL of the mounting evidence against this ludicrous premise, which points DIRECTLY to our demise as a good and joyous Christian society, these foolishly misguided “career” women continue to have just two, politically correct (another creation of radical, second-wave feminism) children.

If we are to survive as a culture, this has got to STOP!

Radical, Second-Wave Feminism Career? - YES! Marriage and Motherhood? - NO WAY! Dumb? - ABSOLUTELY! Radical, Second-Wave Feminism
Career? – YES!
Marriage and Motherhood? – NO WAY!

This nonsense began when radical, second-wave feminists rejected motherhood as a viable life choice for women in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

This left “career” women in a quandary about having children, while their biological clocks kept ticking away.

As mentioned, if they did DARE to marry, and then OMG have kids, the number was limited to two because two children could be molded to “fit” within the mother’s demanding work schedule.

These women’s children’s births were planned. Their childcare was scheduled. Their play dates were organized. Their activities were coordinated. Their children’s little lives were run like a business. Everything was timed, clocked and planned around the mother’s rigorous work schedule. Oh, what fun! NOT!

Sadly, as a result, the kids became just another obligation in the stress-filled life of a “career” woman, while she wasted her irretrievable youth, and energy, tied to a “career” that would NEVER, in retrospect, substitute for the years she missed with her young children.

Most of these women are too exhausted to ask themselves a very important question, “What is the end game?”

If they did, they would realise that the “career” would someday be GONE, along with her distanced children, leaving nothing in their wake but a seething, burned-out loneliness filled with regrets.

In retrospect, the obsessive pursuit of “career”, at the expense of your children and husband, would prove to be a selfish, pointless life, and worse, an enormous feminist scam.

And so, the tragedy continues to this very day. While desperately trying to “organize” her life so as to succeed at both career and motherhood, the “liberated” 😂 feminist obsesses over her two children’s lives, expecting constant conformity to her schedules, and full cooperation to her demands.

Women with only one or two children focus too closely on their children, smothering their independence, instincts and curiosity, as she strives to control everything.

Every decision is made for the children, in their sanitized world, during every minute of the day.

Children become robots, shuttled from one commitment to another. No wonder today’s young adults have so much trouble with concentration, communication, commitment and responsibility.

This is because, as kids, they were never given the time to develop those skills. And worse, there wasn’t anyone with the time to show them how to develop those skills.

Rather than working WITH their children, Mom always did everything FOR them, in a hysterical effort to get out the door on time for the next obligation.

For these stressed mothers, there just wasn’t enough down time to wait around while their kids learned how to learn something new, or fend for themselves.

And why does this merry-go-round continue? Because having only two kids ENABLES this chaotic situation to exist.

If the mothers had had just one, or two, ADDITIONAL children all of this ridiculousness would have been alleviated because there would be way too much to do at home for the mother to even consider working outside her home.

And, despite what the miserable feminists have told you, EVERYONE (including Mom) would be happier if she were at home.

Mom would have the time to love, hug and teach her children, through her OWN example, what’s really important in life – love, commitment, tenacity, perseverance, devotion, responsibility, kindness, integrity, compassion, respect, character, happiness, table manners, faith in God and family obligations. Working full-time allows for none of this. 

mom with new baby and lots of kids Everyone sure looks miserable. NOT!

Just one generation ago American Christian families routinely had 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or more kids.

Interestingly, it’s much easier to remain calm about their children’s futures when there are so many kids to live vicariously through.

The Irish have an old joke about the very large families they used to have. It goes, “If you have 10 kids, one will be a priest, one will be a nun and one will be a crook.”

It’s much easier to accept the one disappointing child, when there are 8 more kids to be damn proud of.

This also removes the hysteria connected to the drama associated with the drive assure that your (only) two children SUCCEED!

These two singular children’s intense need to produce, while under the watchful magnifying glass of nervous parents, is removed from their individual lives, which lets them blossom and explore on their own, their God-given gifts and talents.

white family with 8 kids One, big, Unhappy family. NOT!
ten kids Parents regretted the births of numbers 3 and 7. NOT!

Unfortunately, today, neither our kids, nor their parents have that luxury because all of their parent’s hopes and dreams is dependent on so few children.

So, rather than marry the guy she loves and stay home with the 6 kids she loves intensely, the brainwashed, liberated, “career” feminist gives birth to the prescribed two children and hysterically dives head-long into her “career” instead, while dragging her two overwrought kids, kicking and screaming, behind her.

Despite what radical, second-wave feminism has told you, no one has ever regretted having “too many” children. But, be assured, there are MILLIONS of older, “liberated” “career” women who regret not having had more.

The End  

It’s the Women, Not the Men!

11 thoughts on “Short Essay – Christians, Two Children are NOT Enough

  1. I want to have kids at 18 but I found out about the child free life a few years later. I wish never did. Thank God I got out at 26 (going on 27). I’m engaged and can’t wait to be married and have at least four kids. I want to have as many before I hit 40. Bad news is that fertility goes down as we get older. Good news that it happens gradually.

    Have a kid before 40

    Fertility rate goes down gradually:


  2. In Indonesia, several of it’s people believe alongside improved education, we must reduce our kids (I mean limiting the number of kids a family have) to reduce juvenile delinquency who were rife nationwide particularly street fighting or we called in Indonesia as the “Tawuran”,

    Is that a solution?


    • Better parenting! Especially fathering. Despite feminism’s assertion that raising children can be done successfully by mothers ONLY. That is a LIE. Mothers can raise children successfully ONLY until they are 7 for boys and 10 for girls. Beyond those ages, children NEED the stern discipline that can be ONLY be issued from their male father. This discipline keeps the daughters safe from sexual involvement at too young an age because their fathers stands between their daughters and any guy who wants to “date” her. That guy knows he has to deal with her father FIRST. And for the sons, fathers, unlike mothers, Dads know exactly what their boys are thinking and where they may make bad mistakes because they are male and were once that age too. As a result, the BIGGER male in the family, Dad, can put at stop to it before it becomes a real problem, even if he has to resort to corporal punishment in order to straighten his son out and save him from his youthful impulses. There isn’t a government agency on earth that can accomplish what ONE father can do for his sons future!


      • Fully agree with you ma’am, but you might miss my point a bit. Is limiting children a family have a good solution to the street fighting problems?


      • Of course not! The answer is to encourage the adoption of the caring tenets of Christianity in very young boys, through public education policy changes, is the key to controlling their naturally rambunctious, impetuous, and mischievous behavior. Of course, returning the positive disciplinary influence of Christian fathers (which 50 years of radical feminism has destroyed) to their male children is also essential to containing, restraining and positively redirecting young boys and men’s behavior. Christian male mentoring of boys through the influence of radical feminism is a serious, serious loss to boys and young men. Mothers, and women in general, need to step back and allow Christian men and boys bond on their own terms. So, limiting the number of children born to Christian parents will only diminish Christianity’s influence in your culture due to FEWER living Christians. The muslims are already out-pacing Christians with regards to the number of children born to couples thanks to Western Civilization’s substitution of the “career-oriented”, anti-children, anti-Christian ideology of radical, second-wave feminism for the tenets of their former Christian faith. That shift in population has proved calamitous for both Christianity and Christians, as we are becoming less influential politically, while muslims become more influential simply due to their vast population numbers.


      • Agreed but you might forgot that in context of mine, Indonesia is muslim majority even since our independence in 1945.


  3. I just had my sixth! A baby girl named Gabrielle. I find great encouragement from your work. I wish you would elaborate more on the stay at home heaven type articles or offer more on how to make Home more homey. I stay home and plan to remain this way, however we are feeling the financial pinch . Would you say a prayer for favor in the work department for my husband please? Thank you. by the way I love this article, and wish I was bold enough to tell women these things straight up with no qualms. I think you may have grown older and bolder or were you always so straight forward? What gives you the passion and guts to say these things? Is it your faith? Love T.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Congratulations! And, of course I will pray for your husband’s success at work. He should seek out a local company through your church that is run by an avid Christian, or a national company, like Hobby Lobby or Chic Fil A, as these owners are very supportive of their Christian employees and their priorities in life (children).
      To your other inquiry, I’ve always, from a very young girl, been straight forward about what’s right and wrong but have only recently found great courage, elicited from my strong belief in God and His teachings, to go beyond my circle of influence. I want as many people as possible to avoid evil, and therefore sinful, behavior. Behavior that will lead them to hell (in particular, the ideology of radical, feminism) and at the same time, encourage others to follow Jesus to Heaven, by instead embracing the joy attained through the high standards of behavior as defined by Christianity.
      So many young American people are clueless about the ways of their ancestor’s Christian faith because it has been systematically denied to them by, ironically, very influential Catholics in the judiciary (especially the U. S. Supreme Court), who, decades ago, decided to choose liberalism (feminism) as their New Age faith while abandoning their Christian faith. Their deliberate betrayal of future generations of Americans has had a profoundly negative effect on this country, but especially on those who are too young to remember how idyllic Christian America was in the 1950s and before. And yes, I’m older. So old that I actually remember when these influential people betrayed us. So, my goal is to educate these same young people, especially the men, to find a REAL purpose for their lives, and take up the cloth of Christ, defend His teachings in their daily lives and reclaim America for Him. It’s only through the rebirth, and encouragement, of the emotional, spiritual and physical strength of Christian men that we, as a Christian culture, will survive the vicious attacks inflicted on it during the last 50 years, by those who embrace socialist/liberalism/feminism’s horrific advocacy for evil in America. God bless your husband, you and your precious new baby! 🙂

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