Poem: YAKBACKERS by K.Q.Duane



Men, there is a creature in our midst,
who hails from Feminia.
She looks and acts and chats like you,
but do not be deceived.

This being is no more like you,
then apples are like frogs.
She plays a farce for all to see,
from which she is conceived.

She dresses well, and speaks well,
she loves to be appointed.
To boards or councils or judicial seats,
she’s thrilled to be anointed.

This creature, she appears to be,
a woman of broad thinking.
When actually, and unfortunately,
she lacks that very thinking.

Her lack of knowledge, understanding,
and experience,
is hidden behind the fake facade,
she brings to your presence.

But, I am sure you’ll recognize,
this creature I now describe.
She lives among us everyday,
and her motive is to deride.

She lies in wait while others talk,
saying nothing of import.
Until the end, when all deciding’s done,
she SUDDENLY pronounces.

“I disagree.” “I disagree.”
“I disagree.”, on high.
Despite the fact that she cannot,
explain the reason why.

She will not budge despite the fact,
that she is inevitably wrong.
She stands her ground while those who know,
entreat her to, “Come along.”

She will not retreat from her “opinion” so oblique,
because she senses her “power” is at hand.
This creature trained and molded in the land of Feminia,
is now the “WOman of the Hour.”

And so the “meeting” grinds to a halt,
as frustrated members seethe.
She will not vote for common sense,
something she just cannot perceive.

When pressed for answers she cannot give,
she resorts to indignation.
When pressed some more, she begins to speak
a language of incomprehension.

While finally trying to explain her point,
she resorts to “yakkity yak.”
When confronted with some sound advice,
she continues to just “yak” back.

And so a yakbacker she becomes,
despite her “informed” appearance.
She babbles on with great aplomb,
belying her world of nonsense.

If you say “up”, she’ll say “down”,
don’t try to argue with her.
Her language is just pointless drivel,
her silence you’ll much prefer.

So learn your lesson, as you must,
and avoid this situation.
When confronted with a choice again,
remember this compilation.

Avoid the nuisance, avoid the hassle,
avoid the consternation.
Stop the trouble, stop the problem,
stop the confrontation.

When the occasion arises once again,
to your board do not appoint,
A yakbacker from fractious Feminia,
for she will always miss your point!

Get her OUT of here!

Get her OUT of here!

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