Women are now the Yes-men, but with a Hitch. Vol. #3 Essay 16

Saying "yes" once more.

Saying “yes” once more.

We all know that women can’t say no to anyone. But, in recent years, they have

I'll do it!

I’ll do it!

turned the male version of “yes-men” on its head. The hitch? When the guys said yes to everything, at least they got the job done. The women, on the other hand, say yes to everything and don’t finish anything.

And the reason? Women will not admit their limitations. So, even if a woman is totally overwhelmed with other

She's said "yes", one too many times.

She’s said “yes”, one too many times.

obligations, she will say yes anyway. And it doesn’t matter if the request comes from family, husbands, girlfriends, co-workers, roommates, boyfriends, children, bosses, room mothers, neighbors or the clergy. And, it doesn’t matter if they sincerely believe they can accomplish the request or not, they still say yes rather than admit that they are overwhelmed, and should say no instead.

This is a sick holdover from a chapter right out of the Feminist Manifesto titled, “Superwoman.” And like the remainder of radical, second-wave feminism, it is not only anti-family but, an unattainable, stress-filled fraud. You see, the feminists want you to be as distracted, as committed and as obligated, as is humanly possible, outside the home, in order to make it harder and harder for you to have a happy contented and peaceful family life inside your home because, the more unhappily married women there are, the more it makes their twisted view of marriage appear legit. Don’t get sucked in!

Feminism has taught women to believe that saying yes to everything gives the impression (to other “Superwomen”) that they can handle everything too. Feminists tell women to be proud of being such good “multi-taskers” when in reality multi-tasking is just radical feminism’s politically correct word for being “easily distracted”. All it means is that lots and lots of things never get done.


Oooo! This is so much more rewarding than spending time with my family.

running marathon

I love wasting my Sundays, working up a sweat, with 1000 total strangers!

Since women are very easily distracted, (which is very important at home, where women must constantly adjust to its ever-changing demands, most of which were flexible, fluctuating and on-going tasks without conclusions) using the term multi-tasker as a positive moniker for women working outside the home is just another feminist plot to candy-coat the troubles with women, rather than acknowledging those troubles and dealing with them. Multi-tasking does not work in the goal oriented world of business. Unlike at home, business objectives MUST be attained, finalized and completed in order to build on those successes and address the next challenge.

So, don’t take the bait and kid yourself into thinking that, “If other women can do it all, so can I.” Wrong. The reality is, that it’s an impossible goal. And as a result, it doesn’t matter who the women are, 50% of the time, the obligation goes undone, half done, or if done, with enormous mental and emotional effort.

This is a debilitating and pointless game best left in the locker room. It inevitably spirals out of control, demanding more and more of your precious family time. It’s just not worth it. Shift gears and tell the truth. Tell them by your actions that your family means more to you than making another two dozen cupcakes, running another charity marathon, taking another business trip, doing another double shift or driving to another playdate!

He needs you home with him.

He needs you home with him. Everything else can wait.

In the first place, what makes you think that those people need you more than your family does? I’ll tell you. Lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminism makes you feel that way! Nothing else but radical, second-wave feminism. And, if you feel this way, the miserable feminists have got you. You are their zombie.

happy family

I really want to spend my time with my FAMILY because I love them and this precious time together is SO fleeting.

So, try a new approach and shift your priorities away from trying to impress your feminist female “friends” and try instead to impress your family. Remember, friends are fleeting. Family is forever.

There is nothing wrong with saying no, especially if the situation chronically takes you away from your family. Rather than overextending yourself again, just say you are sorry but that you have a “family commitment.” It is a gracious way to back-out of nearly every request without lying, as you should always have some sort of commitment to your family in the offing anyway. say noIt’s no different from when you were asked out on a date by a nice, but “not-your-type” of guy, and you told him that you were sorry, but that you were “busy”, on the night in question. You could be “busy” washing your hair, just as you could be “committed” to sorting your kid’s sock drawer. It doesn’t matter and it’s none of their business what you are doing. All that matters is that you graciously said no. End of story.

Additionally, saying yes, when you mean no, is deceitful and inevitably hurtful. You must consider the damage you are doing to the relationships you have with the people who trust and depend on you. Soon, having let people down too many times, your credibility will be shot and your reputation will be a mess. And before you know it, when you need someone’s help, they’ll all be too “busy” or otherwise “committed” as well. It’s the Women, Not the Men! to be continued…

2 thoughts on “Women are now the Yes-men, but with a Hitch. Vol. #3 Essay 16

  1. You’ve made a brilliantly intuitive insight here: “…the more unhappily married women there are, the more it makes their twisted view of marriage appear legit.”

    It’s called “mirroring,” and it’s a fundamental narcissistic trait. What feminists pathologically need to be “true”, they will engineer to only ever appear so.


  2. There are times when a yea or a nay is not discretionary but for all other times allow me to go on the record here in saying that since I learned to say no, stress has all but disappeared from my routine day. It is liberating. Recommended.


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