Exceptions to the Rules Vol. #1 Essay 16

feminist rallyWomen have spent the last forty-five years demanding, “equality” from men within their orderly, regimented worlds of business, academia, government, military and religion. And yet, rather than embracing the rules and regulations which permitted the success of those institutions and striving to become an equal member of the team, women have instead made “careers” within these institutions based on adversarial behavior, in direct opposition to the well-established rules which were responsible for the success of those very same institutions.

rally of womenAnd, to make matters worse, women have chosen instead to adopt and embrace nearly every “exception to the rule” on the planet as the basis for setting their own priorities. This has thrown these once orderly, reliable and successful institutions on their heads.

worthless poster

Worthless? Never! Just another radical feminist lie to brainwash young college women away from their Christian faith!

Rather than improve upon the institution’s success, women have “contributed” nothing but disruptive chaos while attempting to institutionalize the ideology of nearly every wacky fringe group in existence, while at the same time demanding “fixes” for problems that did not exist.

Feminist leader - Bella Abzug

Feminist leader – Bella Abzug

While the deeply embedded, demanding, screechy, irrational methods of second-wave feminism continue to serve them well in this matter, the unwitting results of this technique routinely places women on the wrong side of nearly every issue.

Unfortunately, as women charge farther and farther out on a limb, in search of causes through which they can define themselves anew, they are shamelessly making bigger and bigger fools of themselves by behaving as though these trivial, erroneous  and/or bizarre issues are of some import to humanity!

For example:

Why do women expect people to hug a tree?
Why do women support gays in the military, when it will weaken it?
Why do moms encourage breast implants for their 16-year-old daughters?
Why do nurses allow themselves to get fatally fat?
Why do women max-out their credit cards and demand the limit be raised?
Why do women vote for inexperienced candidates?
Why do women bookkeepers steal from their employers and then gamble with the money?
Why do women demean good men while aligning themselves with evil men?
Why do women worship actors and deny God?
Why do women with cancer continue to smoke?
Why do women employees demand company day-care centers rather than care for their children themselves?
Why do women dress like hookers?
Why do women deny their children a faith in God?
Why do women ignore history, repeating the same mistakes for generations and  expecting different results?
Why do women lie about trivial things?
Why do women denigrate their family life while talking to their women friends?
Why do women insist on flex-time from employers rather than caring for their children?
Why do women talk in church as though they were at a concert?
Why do women professors teach lies to their students?
Why do women believe everything they see on TV?
Why do women embrace the whales and abort their babies?
Why do women devote so much time to their girlfriends while ignoring their husbands?
Why do women spend all of their time talking about other people?
Why do women expect their husbands to become “mothers” to their children?
Why do women demand “lactation rooms” in department stores?
Why do moms buy “sexy” clothes for their 12-year-old daughters?
Why do women think that sex doesn’t matter anymore?
Why do women think they can eat and drink as much as the men?
Why do women vote for a candidate only because he’s “cute.”
Why do women think their lives will be simpler if they divorce their husbands?
Why do women waste their time reading pointless fiction rather than informative non-fiction?
Why do women think it’s OK for strangers at the day-care center to bring up their kids?
Why do women think ants have feelings but fetus’ don’t?
Why do women kill their unborn babies in order to buy a house, a boat or go on a destination vacation?
Why do girls think they can play high school lacrosse, just like the guys?
Why do women drink until they pass out and then yell, rape?
Why do women let underage kids drink until they’re drunk?
Why do women curse like truck drivers?
Why do so many “regular” women act like whores?
Why do wives get so fat they need two seats on an airplane?
Why do women listen to vulgar rap music?
Why do women teachers dress like slobs?
Why do women drive like their the only one on the road?
Why do women hate Christian men while embracing homosexual men?
Why do professional women snort cocaine?
Why do women think and talk about soap operas as if they were about real people?
Why do women refuse to cook dinner for their families?
Why do female teachers have sex with their underage students?
Why do women demand schools ban peanut butter for everyone rather than home school their deathly allergic children?
Why do woman pander to the homeless, gays and minorities as though they were helpless children?
Why do women want to legalize jay-walking with “pedestrian crosswalks”?
Why do moms buy junk food for their fat kids?
Why do women think Oprah has all the answers while ignoring their minister’s advice?
Why do women want to have sex with every guy they meet?
Why do mom’s smoke pot with their kids, or worse yet, their kid’s friends?
Why do they reject the ancient restraints of Christianity that protect women from their own folly?
Why do women executives disregard their responsibilities to the stockholders while pushing “green” idiocy?
Why do women trash the true meaning of Easter and Christmas with sarcasm?
Why do women organize their weeks around the Academy Awards, the American Idol or Downton Abbey?
Why do women take their 5-year-old for a manicure but don’t take her to Bible School?
Why do women spend more than they make?
Why do women think they’ll be happier with a job, rather than with marriage?
Why do women buck the system at every opportunity that presents itself?
Why do they deliberately strive to become the oddball, the “exception to the rule?”

Why do these ridiculous women spend their lives deliberately ignoring the sound Christian guidance developed through thousands of years of human experience? Guidance that has proven to produce happy, and rewarding, lives for women and their children?

The answer? Radical, second and third-wave feminism. Thanks to the liberal entertainment industry, the leftist news media and secular public academia’s infatuation with radical feminism, these women have been brainwashed to replace the tenets of their traditional Christian faith with the twisted priorities of feminism.

And in doing so, they have, unwittingly, denied themselves the three essential elements of life that have always provided women with their greatest joy – a love of God, a strong and loving Christian marriage and the beloved children Christianity provides for them.

Fools, one and all! 

It’s the Women, Not the Men! to be continued…

6 thoughts on “Exceptions to the Rules Vol. #1 Essay 16

  1. What’s wrong with fiction anyway? (We speak about the genre of literature here)
    Or, did you mean human (particularly woman) nowadays too much reading it?

    Just asking in order to avoid missing the point. Thank you and God bless, ma’am.


    • Yes. They spend an inordinate amount of time reading made up stories about imaginary people when they could learn a lot more about real people and how they overcame life’s challenges by reading non-fiction AND they could actually learn some valuable lessons. It’s no different than reading the Bible. They are both teaching tools to help people avoid the pitfalls of life by learning from other people’s mistakes. As far as I’m concerned, reading fiction is a total waste of time as compared to reading non-fiction. Fiction teaches you nothing of value and especially today with the popularity of murder mysteries, they usually highlight and glorify the WORST of humanity.


      • Of course I agree in this case.

        How about fictions which portray the hero as “bucking the system” both in canon and fandom? (Often political, such as Harry Potter for example; disclaimer: I don’t condone witchcraft!)


      • I agree. Witchcraft is evil and should not be “innocently” sold to children as simply benign “entertainment”, by adults who know better. It does more harm than good. Anti-Christians use children’s cartoons in the same way. They appear innocent and benign, but often carry anti-Christian themes sold as simply “entertainment.” Children are VERY vulnerable to this animated, child-like, format. I wouldn’t let my children watch cartoons unsupervised when they were very young and I would often do a running commentary while they watched the cartoon to point out the fallacies they were portraying as truths or the evil behavior they were portraying as acceptable and amusing.


      • With all due respect to your opinion and good lesson for future parents in this case, you might missed the main point in this case, ma’am. I ask about your opinion about fiction who portrayed the hero as bucking the system, particularly if there was a blatant oppression in the story. I use Harry Potter as an example due to it’s popularity even with the disclaimer I speak about.


      • It’s hard to have an opinion without specifics. “The system” could be good or it could be bad. Or, “the system” may apply to a union, school, societal or business system. And again, without specifics, it’s very difficult to make a judgement call since many systems are good and the “hero” could just be a troublemaker. Of course, if the hero is bucking a Marxist system of government, he is truly a hero. Harry Potter, not so much. I’m not sure he’s bucking the system as a character but the story’s positive portrayal of witchcraft is definitely a negative, with regards to Christianity.


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