Madcap Marriage Vol. #2 Essay 12

church wedding

Church Wedding

Only through a good Christian marriage can an individual attain the highest form of human happiness known to man.

That’s why marriage, as an institution, has survived for thousands of years. Everything else truly pales by comparison.

There are aspects of marriage, both physical and emotional, that can never be duplicated, under any other circumstances. They are specifically reserved for a married couple, and they are only experienced through their internalization of the parameters that define the sacrament of marriage.

This dedication to the sacrament of marriage then becomes second-nature, as the Christian, married couple functions with one heart, one mind and one soul.

As the Bible says, “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” Genesis 2:24

Sure, you can experience happiness in many other ways but the uppermost echelon of human happiness is restricted to those who have achieved a blissful and holy marriage through a devotion to the sacrament of marriage first.  

happy couple

I love you!!

And, this devotion simply requires a commitment to God, each other and their children, a kind considerate heart and self-control. And, these parameters, not coincidently, define a person who has attained maturity as a Christian adult as well

The vast majority of humanity still views a happily married couple as the ultimate personal success story. And whether the radical, second-wave feminist academics, or the non-Christian liberal press, want to admit it or not, the entire world still functions under the premise that a happily married husband and wife are the cornerstone of Christian civilization. Without this couple’s combined efforts, not only for themselves but for their children as well, Western Civilization would cease to exist.

A successful Christian marriage is, in many ways, envied by others. It is the couple’s calling card to the world. It represents their priorities, and their high standards of behavior, unlike anything else. It garners respect and fosters admiration. It allows the couple to go anywhere, without criticism or questioning. They never have to justify their attendance to an event, their involvement with an activity or the company they keep. They are accepted, individually or as a couple, without reservations or suspicion. Their behavior can be depended upon to enhance whatever set of circumstances prevail. The married Christian couple is welcomed everywhere, without exception, explanation or recrimination. They are trusted, and so their way is made easier, by those they encounter each day, because they are trusted to bring goodness with them.

another happy couple in new house

I love you!!

A happy Christian marriage allows the couple to enjoy every aspect of their lives more fully because they share a life-long commitment to the indissolubility of the sacrament of marriage. There is no chance of divorce destroying their precious family.

But just as importantly, they share the most unique gift given to a Christian couple by God Himself, and that is their children. Nothing the couple will ever share compares to the uniqueness and irreplaceability of their children. 

Other people may have similar houses, cars, vacations, jobs, but no one else has this couple’s children, and in this exclusivity, a Christian couple is very blessed.

So, despite what the radical feminists, and the social liberals, declare, there is no other “arrangement” that compares with the long-standing, high level of security, continuity, reliability, joy and happiness, attainable by all members of a Christian family unit, other than through a devotion by the parents to the sacrament of marriage.

Couple arguing

I hate you!!

And, surprisingly, the resulting sense of happiness will also, by association, provide the couple with the much-needed “sense of the ridiculous” they will require, in order to assure the success of their marriage as well.

This especially applies to the wife and mother. If you take yourself too seriously, or find you have an underlying need to be right all the time, as many “liberated” females unwittingly do today, you will NEVER achieve the wonders, or joy, of a truly happy, madcap marriage.

Remember. Whatever the issue is, winning the battle is never worth losing the war. Stop and laugh at your indignation instead. You’ll be amazed at the results, and the reaction of your husband.

For a woman who truly loves her husband, winning every argument, or any argument for that matter, doesn’t really matter. The issue will resolve itself over time as you continually seek to find a happy balance in your marriage.

Why get yourself all riled-up over a temporary situation? Remind yourself that your husband loves you, that he is committed to your happiness, that he always has your best interest at heart. And more importantly, that he deserves your respect, as well as your love.

In addition, he does not deserve all the hysterical drama! Men hate drama.

I trust your decision.

I trust you!!!

So, take a deep breath. Stop, drop and roll. And, let him make the decision at hand.

Do you really care anyway? Or are you just flexing your “feminist” muscles because some college professor said you were entitled to do that?

It’s easier to just drop it. And besides, you have enough to do. Whatever the issue, his making the decision instead of you, is one less thing that you’ll have to worry about, or take responsibility for. And, how could that be bad in your stress-filled world?

It’s the Women, Not the Men to be continued…


3 thoughts on “Madcap Marriage Vol. #2 Essay 12

  1. Bravo! very well said. Common sense, is it more important to be right or to be happy? Also I believe that for couples that truly love each other can respect the fact that they don’t share the same opinion on all topics, down to if the toilet paper should go under or over (seems these silly type of thing feeds the “right wrong dramatic battles). Our faith and respect of selves and our husband.are precious assets and we mustn’t insult ours and our spouses intelligence with dramatic insistaence that only “my opinion could possibly be right” Lord, pls do not allow me to deny my self new knowledge and broader perspectives with close minded egotism.
    Thank you for the thought provoking simple wisdom


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