Parental Relationships Vol. #2 Essay 16

The Ten Commandments

Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother.

This is the 4th Commandment, not Suggestion, but Commandment. It has been at the core of the advancement of civilization throughout recorded history. It has allowed humanity to drag itself out of the mud of barbarism, to become disciplined creatures with high standards of behavior and respectable lives. Until recently, that is.

1970s Women’s Liberation Rally. Nobody bothered to ask, why?

When the non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminists began to screech about male “domination” and “oppression”, they were responding to their own twisted relationships with their parents. Their home lives did not, in any way, reflect those of Christian families and yet Christian men unwittingly, and unfairly, became the victims of their vicious accusations as well.

Unlike the radical feminist’s non-Christian fathers, these were good Christian men, lived by the rule of law; took responsibility for their families; stood-up to evil, thereby setting standards for good behavior, not only themselves, but for others. These were Christian men who charted paths into the unknown, with the courage of their convictions and faith in the Lord, for the benefit of others. Men who not only loved their families, and wanted the best for them, but men who also wanted their families to be proud of their actions as well.

Thank God these good, God-fearing, Christian men still persist to this very day despite the nearly 50 year war that the lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminists have waged against them.


And these honorable men do not just jump out of thin air. They were created by parents who loved them, guided them and later, admired them. Christian parents who followed the time-tested tenets of their Christian faith, allowing themselves and their children to live a life filled with courage, happiness and convictions, uncompromised by the distracting, and demeaning, noise of secularism.

These are the parents of great men. These are the parents of respectful children. These are the parents who built Western Civilization. Without their contributions and dedication to the lives of their children, America would not exist. And so their children learned to honor their parents because their parents were honorable people, trained in the same Christian faith.

Radical, second-wave feminism has kicked this crucial building block of civilization out of the foundation of human life. These fanatics have trashed the concept of marriage and along with it the revered concept of mother and father.

I miss my kids.

I miss my kids.

Father’s have suffered the most damage, as second-wave feminists have annihilated their sole purpose to protect and provide for their families.

Unjustly divorced father, with very limited custody rights

Unjustly divorced father, with very limited custody rights

Worse yet, these witches have destroyed the father’s influence in their children’s lives through divorce. And to make matters worse, these lying, divorce demanding mothers are enabled by family court systems that are awash with misguided misandry and run by irrational, brainwashed and vindictive radical, second-wave feminists who don’t care to hear the truth.

As a result, despite the false sense of security instilled in young people by pop culture and secularism, our once great Christian democracy is teetering perilously on the brink of collapse.

The slowly diminishing, remainder of “The Greatest Generation”, who still hold the dregs of our Christian society together, are becoming elderly. The country has but a few more years before all of those deeply Christian, and honorable, men will be gone.

And then, the end will come quickly. We, as a country, will be devoid of the strong leadership of those Christian men. Men with high moral standards and deeply felt ethics who allowed America to become the greatest country in human history. The question remains. Who will replace them? The self-centered, depraved brats our faithless country is producing today? I don’t think so.

Christianity vanquishes evil

Our only hope is to tap into young men’s natural instinct for God. They MUST go back to church for guidance and take that inspiration into the world with them, and showing respect for their fathers and mothers is one of the most important steps in that process. It is one of the key demonstrations of the maturity that comes with faith.

We love you Father.

Show respect, seek their advice, listen to their opinion and don’t scream at them when they correct you. Remember they love you and want the best for you. Follow their rules, whether or not you agree. Always remember they have lived long lives and you are just beginning.

Help them, whether they ask for your help or not. It makes you a better person. And, you will leap-frog over your contemporaries, who fail to seek their parents advise.

3 generations of one family

3 generations of one family

Take your parents to dinner; send birthday cards; go to church with them EVERY Sunday; go for a walk with them; make them dinner; visit them everyday after work; take them to a play or concert that they’d like to see, even if you don’t; go grocery shopping for them; rake their leaves; or just call them to talk.

We are here for you.

It doesn’t take much to make parents happy. This is the very least you can do for the people who worked their whole lives to give you everything they could. It’s time to grow up and switch roles. Your parents aren’t getting any younger and someday soon they will be lost to you forever.

His children are busy with their “careers.”

Her children haven’t called in weeks.

And remember your children are watching. Someday soon the baton will be passed from you to your children and you may be the one, sadly waiting for the phone call that never comes.

It’s the Women, Not the Men to be continued…


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