Castrati Casualties Vol. #1 Essay 6

Bang Bang! You’re Dead!

Not only has the feminist cult destroyed many women’s lives, it has also reduced our young men to driveling idiots, as well. According to liberated women, men aren’t even capable of driving the car anymore, as they are routinely seen slouching in the passenger seat while the woman drives the car. Grrrr… The “man” is obviously not only another pathetic victim of radical feminism but he has joined the League of Castrati Casualties, as well.

This demeaning feminization of men begins almost at birth with their “emancipated” mother’s angst about how to bring up a “sensitive” boy according to feminist doctrine. But the underlying feminist plan for intimidating boys into submissiveness is more perverse and most of the damage is done through the public school system. It’s negative, dismissive and harmful attitude towards boys, and their innate need to lead and act, has permeated the system to such an extent that even little boys in pre-school are under attack.

Boys as young as three are being forced to function, and try to learn, in an atmosphere designed around the needs of girls who, according to radical feminism, have been neglected by our public school system since its inception. As a result of this reversal of priorities, it is the boys who are now being neglected and whose needs are being ignored, or even coerced, out of existence.

One of the primary problems with elementary schools is their disregard for the very nature of boys. They are very active children and they need to be permitted to expend their pent-up energy and, to be appreciated for that trait, since the community will need their ability to act, very soon. Discharging their energy is a critical physical need with which boys are born. It can’t be avoided, overlooked, criticized or disregarded. If teachers, or mother’s, want the boys to learn to concentrate, they must be permitted, in fact, they must be encouraged, to work off their excess energy OUTSIDE. Inside doesn’t cut-it.

Despite America’s obsession with the bogeyman, child kidnappers (99.9% of which have always proven to be an ex-spouse) boys need to go outside to play, to walk to school, to run to school and bike to school and to town. They must get outside and run around. They have to fight dragons, kill the “bad guys”, be a superhero, defend the castle, build a fort, and sail the seas in order to see themselves as men and “good guys.” They need to show off their “running skills”, their tree-climbing skills, their biking skills and their jumping skills. Whether the females who run most little boys lives like it or not, boys need to have sword fights, gun battles and wars, in order to practice for their innate, natural, ultimate and crucial role in life – to defend their families, community and country to the death, if need be. Only a brainwashed, politically correct, feminist nut would believe that this kind of play means they will become gun-totting murderers as adults, and yet there are “educators” who actually do  believe this nonsense about this innocent kind of “boy’s play.”

Little boys can no more pretend to be someone they are not, than the sun can stop shining. “Educators” or liberated “mother’s” efforts to try to force boys to conform to some sort of feminized behavior modification program are not only asking for trouble but more importantly they are damaging the boy’s psyche as well. Little boys can’t change who they are, any more than you can change who they are! And no thinking person would want to try.  Boys are too valuable an asset to society to allow anyone to try to ramrod them into becoming a feminized version of themselves.

Mother said, "Don't go near the ice bucket?"

Mother said, “Don’t go near the soda bucket?”

Mother’s, especially single-mothers, and female teachers must remember that they are little boys, NOT little girls and to behave otherwise destroys the boy’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Unfortunately, this view of boys is very prevalent thanks to radical feminism’s efforts to feminize the world, while at the same time crush masculinity. As the assault continues, boys are routinely sat-upon at school and at home for their innocent and instinctive nature to act. And deplorably, if they don’t go quietly, they are drugged into submission!

These over-reactive female principals, teachers, and mothers are, more than likely, without real men in their lives to reassure them about the innocence of the boys behavior.  And, these same liberated women, who coerce, intimidate, threaten, and demand that boys conform to the limited activity levels of girls are no better than child-abusers. If little boy’s rambunctious behavior does not fit in with the controlled environment of the classrooms designed for girls, change the setup and the let them play outside more often. Concluding that their instinctive behavior is bad and must be stopped at all costs only satisfies the women’s need for conformity, not the boys need to become a leader.

The recent hysteria about bullies is another example of feminism’s distorted and contorted approach of the world. There have always been, and will always be, bullies. Trying to legislate it away from afar is a typical feminist approach. It will not work! Neither will feminized passive psychology, female reprimands or counseling. It can only be handled the “old-fashioned” way. In the same manner that little boys, and Dads, have handled bullies for centuries. Let the good kids beat him up!

When confronted with a problem women are unprepared to handle, rather than take the female approach, which is talk, talk, talk and waste a lot of time, energy and money trying to “discourage” bullying through ineffective female-based “intervention”, let the boys handle the situation by themselves! Let them “beat up” the bully when he acts up! Pushing around, and knocking down, a ten-year-old jackass is a lot easier than trying to handle an, out-of-control, eighteen year-old jackass. Straightening them out at ten is still possible, at eighteen, it’s not! It’s the Women, Not the Men! to be continued…

2 thoughts on “Castrati Casualties Vol. #1 Essay 6

  1. If you want to ruin a boys chance of growing up to be a man, let him be educated by females and encourage him to find the feminine side within. Forget that women have little of hope of teaching a boy how to be masculine and never say encourage him to express a masculine side (I’ve never heard that phrase being used).

    Boys/Men are (generally) physical creatures and many of men’s values are aligned with this. A father will let his boy jump from a great height and know there’s a good chance his boy will skin his knee in the process. It’s a test of physics and physical abilities for the boy, as well as knowing the result of failing. Pain puts limitations on his abilities and gives him spacial markers – the understanding of the world around him. A mother stops the boy knowing pain causes negative emotion and as such is to be avoided. The boy’s natural desire to ‘fly’ is supressed and the feminine approach is promoted.

    Men’s language is a rich and active one but we’ve never heard it being referred to as this. We don’t speak like women do but our form of communication is just as important in the order of our life as talking is to women’s lives. At this point of time there is little consideration for the physical attributes of men’s communication. Instead, there is a strong push for men to promote the chatter (female) side into their lives and in doing so this clips off all the masculine traits. It’s bye bye balls once again.

    Men have accepted a great change over these last five decades and while it’s easy to say that life has improved for some women, it’d be difficult to say the same for men – equally difficult to find improvent in the unified lives of men and women – that which we call relationships. Divorce is high, separation is high, single parenting is high, suicide is high, crimes involving males is high, and men’s depression is high… leading to other things.

    Sick of women beating them around the head with their own balls, some men have turned away from women altogether, to other people/things less dominating and confrontational. Paedophillia is on the rise and rape of the elderly is on the rise. Beastiality, dogging, cottaging, recreational sex-buddying, and many other sexual sports have blossomed while the women remain focussed on an imaginary goal that never has an end – forgetting that they are only half of an equation, not the whole.

    It’s not just about sex and sexuality with men. The day to day lives of men are altered in the same ways too. Many don’t know they’re confused… but most know something’s not right. By the time they are old enough to sense the isssues that bugs them, they say nothing. The next generation has moved in and altered the course even further making any issues the men before them superflous. Beside’s, they’ve grown up in a time that does not value negative comments about the woman’s movement, so why try and fight an already lost war?

    When women ask today, “Where have all the men gone?” You can comfortably reply with, “They were assimilated into womanhood. Thank your mothers and grandmothers for that.”

    Michael Forman (author of In The Bed Inside me, a story about emasculation –


    • You are 1000% right!!!! I’m trying to address the exact same issues through my writing. Although you would think that being a woman, I would find a more receptive ear, I’ve discovered that the publishing industry is awash with liberated female editors, agents and publishers who are lined up in defense of their feminized lives and offsetting my efforts. That’s why I started the blog.

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