fat women in bathing suits


8 thoughts on “fat women in bathing suits

  1. I guess I’m not sure what this photo is meant to imply. There doesn’t seem to be a caption for it. I read the post you wrote about the purpose of your blog, which is a commendable purpose as far as I can tell, but this photo still seems largely unrelated to that purpose. Is it your contention that bathing suits (or bikinis, like the woman on the left) are a regression brought on by modern feminism? I’ve never heard that claim made, and would be interested in learning more about it. I’m just guessing, though. Other than that, I have literally no idea what the intended purpose was of this photograph.


    • Interestingly, I’m not sure under what circumstances you discovered this photo but it has nothing to do with the purpose, or the premise, of my blog. The only place I used the photo was in my post titled, “Fat is Fatal Vol. #1 Essay 18”. It was used to illustrate the dramatic difference between the weight of the average woman in the 1950s (pre-feminism) and average weight of women today (post-feminism). As you can imagine, there is NO comparison. The post explains why today’s women think it’s ok to be fat and goes on to explain why. It points out that when the non-Christian originators of radical, second-wave feminism created their anti-Christian credo, one “ideal” they espoused was that a woman’s body was of no importance, as compared to her mind. This was initially promulgated by the gluttonous, non-Christian, anarchist and radical feminist Andrea Dworkin. When she died at the age of 58, she weighed more than 250lbs! Her ridiculous writings actually encouraged young women to disrespect, and disregard, their physicality in favor of their intellect, BUT at the expense of their health, just as she did! Oprah and Rozanne Barr advanced this lunacy further while irrationally embracing their sins of gluttony on the public stage thus advancing the “acceptance” of obesity by women nationwide. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, unlike during the 1950s, we are now awash with morbidly obese females of ALL ages. It’s not only ridiculous and revolting, it’s deadly.


      • As both a Christian and a Thomist, I have no love for modern feminism, or for the view that the body is irrelevant. In fact, I think it’s one half of our makeup as human beings (body and soul.) We shouldn’t be trying to ignore our bodies or their well-being. I also agree with you that gluttony is a sin. However, I don’t see what that has to do with obesity, and while I agree that gluttony is deadly, it is not the same thing as fatness. Frankly, I feel we should be going back further, culturally, than the 1950s if we want to revive a strongly Christian and human ethic. The 1920s at least, if not further.

        Feminism attached itself to fat people like a parasite in the 1960s, and has been pretending to benefit them, falsely, during all this time, and it’s sad the degree to which so many of them have bought into that lie. However, this is because fatness and feminism are unrelated issues. Fatness has existed for thousands of years. Feminism is the newcomer.


      • “Fatness” has NOT existed for “thousands of years”! It is a VERY recent phenomena. Starvation is, instead, thousands of years old. Gluttony CAUSES fatness. You CANNOT have fatness without gluttony. They are irretrievably connected to each other. One is the DIRECT result of the other. And gluttony has ALWAYS been reviled by Christians because eating more than your fair share of the limited production of agrarian based food was a SIN because it caused others to starve! Feminism is the only ideology that encouraged gluttony because radical second-wave feminism promulgated the ridiculous premise that women’s appearance doesn’t matter because they should ONLY be judged by their intellect. The outcome? Women, starting with Roseann Barr and Oprah Winfrey, who were not Christians, abandoned the traditional Christian limitation of consuming food, and both became OBESE and famous! Going back to the 1950s, when America was 94% Christian, most women chose to stay home and care for their beloved children rather than have a limited effect on the world of work. Those young women who chose to work before marrying and having children, brought a bag lunch to work and often ate it at her desk, thus limiting her caloric intake, versus eating caloric-ladened food at a restaurant. Feminism absolutely opened the fat flood gates for women and tired “working” only aggravated the situation because they stopped making home-cooked food due to exhaustion and resorted to buying “take-out” restaurant food for DINNER too! So, not only was she consuming unlimited lunchtime calories herself, due to feminism’s total disregard for women’s appearance, but the brought this deadly gluttony home to the family as well! There is NO other explanation for this proliferation of obesity that makes any sense! Women abandoned the culinary arts, domestic responsibility to feed themselves and their families healthy meals while in pursuit of a pointless, full-time feminist “career”. It’s a national disgrace and a deadly legacy to the people women love the most-their families! AWOL!


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