Good Guys – Conservative Radio Broadcaster Paul Harvey – “What are Policemen Made of?”

Dianne Feinstein and ObamaThanks to Obama’s lack of support for the Christian men, who comprise the vast majority of the police in America, the police are suffering through some of the most trying times in their history.

These men are being attacked, assaulted and murdered at extraordinary rates, the likes of which America has never experienced in its 239 year history.

The nation’s policemen are routinely being insulted, demeaned and denigrated by blacks, despite the dangerous and heroic job they do everyday, on their behalf. A job that is done for OTHERS, not themselves. A job that requires courage, patience, diplomacy, strength, honor and a strong sense of duty. A thankless job that the vast majority of Americans would not want to do. And yet, they are being unjustly assailed as never before.

This MUST stop because these Christian policemen are the only people who are capable of keeping evil at bay. The only people willing to do all of the dangerous dirty work, so that the rest of the good people remain unassaulted. The only people who voluntarily fight evil on a daily basis so that we can all sleep peacefully at night. And the only people who are willing to place their very lives on-the-line in order to provide the remainder of America’s citizenry with the safety and security we have come to expect.

Paul Harvey (1918-2009) - Conservative Radio Broadcaster

Paul Harvey (1918-2009) – Conservative Radio Broadcaster

Paul Harvey, who was a radio broadcaster for more than 50 years, had a unique affinity for the men in law enforcement because his father was a cop. But just as with his “Rest of the Story” series, which held the listener in rapt suspense as he described the backstories of people’s unique lives for 32 years, this is NOT the end of his story.

Tulsa policeMr. Harvey’s father, Harry Aurandt, rose through the ranks to become the assistant to the Tulsa Oklahoma police commissioner. When Paul was just three years old, his 48-year-old father was murdered.

Officer Aurandt and Detective Ike Wilkinson were rabbit hunting at the edge of town. When they were finished, they returned to their truck and began the short ride home. On the way, they noticed a car along the side of the road and they stopped alongside the car to assist motorists who appeared to be lost. When they called out to the vehicle from their truck, they were shocked to find four guns pointed directly at them from the windows of the car. It was a robbery attempt and the thieves demanded Aurandt and Wilkinson’s wallets. The two cops drew their weapons too and a gun battle ensued.

Prisoners breaking rocksDespite multiple gunshot wounds, including one to his liver, Officer Aurandt managed to drive his truck a mile, to find help at a farmhouse, before collapsing.

Harry Harrison Aurandt succumb to his injuries two days later. Detective Wilkinson was paralysed from the waist down but survived. He identified the four men, who were tried, convicted and all sentenced to life in prison.

In 1970, while race riots raged, Paul Harvey wrote a newspaper column titled, “What are Policemen Made of?” I’m sure it was written with his deceased father in mind. It would be pinned to police department bulletin boards across the nation by policemen who were suddenly, and unjustly, being labeled “pigs” and accused of “police brutality.”

Mr. Harvey would eventually record his newspaper article for his radio audience. It was then renamed “Policeman.” It has now been made into a video, with snapshots of policeman in action, as Paul Harvey’s fatherly voice fill the airwaves.

Considering the terrible state of affairs many honorable Christian policemen find themselves in today, I think it’s time to, once again, explain what they do and, and more importantly, why we should admire and respect every one of them.

And, who better to do that, than Paul Harvey himself. 

 (Tap once and then once again to view video on YouTube)

“Hello, Americans. This is Paul Harvey. Stand by for news.”

“Paul Harvey … Good day.”


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