Can’t Find a St. Valentine’s Card for Your Wife That’s Not Just Plain Stupid? Try This

valentines 11Time is getting short. All the good St. Valentine’s cards are gone and you’ve driven to every conceivable “card” shop within 25 miles of your house, without any luck. Don’t give up. Instead, give her a card she will never forget.

The following is the most beautiful and heartfelt verse I’ve seen so far this St. Valentine’s day. If you can’t find a suitable card – make your wife one!

Use whatever markers, crayons, or colored pencils you have lying around, on whatever paper is handy and when you give her the card, she will first laugh at your efforts and then get weepy at the sentiment enclosed.

To my wife,
Together you and me…
there’s no better place to be.

I promised to love you forever-
to stay by your side
through good times and bad.

It was the biggest promise I ever made.

Yet each year, as forever draws closer,
I’m struck by how simple it has been…
because marrying you 
was the smartest thing I ever did.

I can nearly guarantee you, she will never forget this card. Have a wonderful day!

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