Short Essay – What Are You Teaching Your Children While You’re At Work?

Is this really as important as your kids?

Is this really as important as your kids?

Obviously, the answer is – nothing! Only a brainwashed, radical, second-wave feminist “career” woman could go to work each day, leaving her little children, including infants, to be cared for, and imprinted by, anyone other than herself, and believe it was for the best.

You can tell yourself that putting your little kids in day care will help them to learn, to socialize and to become independent, when in reality, they will suffer from separation anxiety, learn someone else’s bad habits and probably get sick more often.

If you don’t think you are a radical, second-wave feminist just because you are a working mother with a “career”, think again.

If you think you are setting a “good example” for your children by having a “career”, you are definitely a radical feminist. If you think your little kids take pride in having a “working mother”, you are definitely a radical feminist. If you think working is more important than raising your children, you are definitely a radical feminist. And, if you think that being at work all day is good for you, and your little children, you are definitely a radical feminist.

career woman

The Boss?

Stop kidding yourself! Your little children don’t care if you are the CEO of Microsoft! You do!

All your kids understand is that Mommy is GONE ALL DAY. Admit it! The real reason you leave your children behind everyday is to satisfy your own selfish ego, as defined by radical, second-wave feminism, and for no other reason.

And don’t tell me it’s for the money either. If that’s the case, you should never have gotten into debt in the first place.

Fox News Megyn Kelly

Fox News Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly, from Fox News, is a perfect example of just how insidious radical, second-wave feminist indoctrination of females really is. As much as I admire Ms. Kelly’s general view of the world, she is a hypocrite in one very alarming way.

Megyn Kelly and her husband, Douglas Brunt

Megyn Kelly and her husband, Douglas Brunt

After marrying late, she was nearly 40, Kelly and her husband had three children, in three years, and she left them all, to immediately return to her “career.”

And this, despite the fact that her husband is an author and successful executive and is perfectly capable of supporting his entire family, all by himself.

Kelly’s behavior, with regard to her little children, is based on rabid feminist ideology. Radical, second-wave feminism that includes an inconsiderate, self-centered, egocentric, “all-about-me” mindset and professes a profoundly distorted view about the importance, or better yet, the unimportance, of mothers to their children.

working mother 3Radical feminism has managed to convince millions of young women to abandon their children in pursuit of a “career.”

And this indoctrination occurred despite the fact that the guilty truth festers just below the surface, in the hearts of these working “career” mothers, who have embraced this despicable lifestyle.

The truth is that little children need their mothers more than anything that their mother’s incomes can buy! And, they need their fathers, just as much, so they can support their mothers and allow them to can stay home, and properly care for, and love them! It’s as simple as that.

Little children need their mothers even when visiting Santa!

Little children need their mothers even when visiting Santa!

Despite non-Christian, lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminism’s pathetically trivialized view of children as ornaments, when compared to their illustrious view of female “careers”, children ARE more important than “career!!!”

And, this is not something that was invented by a social engineer. It is what God intended for mothers and the Blessed Mother Mary’s life should be every mother’s inspiration.

working mother guilt 2I truly believe that most “working mothers” subconsciously acknowledge, and understand this, but unfortunately they have been trained since childhood, by our feminized, secular culture to keep these feelings to themselves, as they “proudly” pursue their “careers” instead. Incredibly, these brainwashed women have overdosed on radical, second-wave feminism, at the expense of their own flesh and blood!

Mother and child

Mother and child

If you are not with your little children during most of the day, you’ve not only denied yourself the joy, love and laughter little kids radiate but you have denied yourself to your children as well. This is wrong, period. God did not intend for mothers of minor children to work outside the home. Simply put, that’s why He invented fathers!

You would think that after nearly 50 years of feminist “career” women trying desperately to balance family and work, that it would begin to dawn on them that this is an impossible situation to rectify. There isn’t, and never has been, a way to “balance” those two diametrically opposed concepts. It will never work and unfortunately it is the children who are always given the short shrift in their mother’s efforts to sustain her “career” and her family life.

Unfortunately, businesses, hospitals, military, etc. cannot wait while a female employee addresses personal issues at home, where as children have no choice but to wait while mothers address “career” issues at work. It is patently unfair to place your own little children, especially infants, on that type of misguided, and inverted, priority list.

girl in thongSo, despite what radical second-wave feminism has told you, while you are at work, some babysitter, day care worker, neighbor or somebody else’s mom is imprinting herself on your little children. Imprinting them with their priorities, their standards of behavior, their dialect, their values and their temperament.

bad little kidsSomeday you will regret the loss of your children, to your misguided “career” choices, because the truth is that no one else should be given the privilege of teaching their personal “values” to your little, innocent children.

No one, other than you.



4 thoughts on “Short Essay – What Are You Teaching Your Children While You’re At Work?

    • It’s all true. I just wish there weren’t SO many young women who are blinded to these facts by their foolish substitution of “career-oriented” radical, second-wave feminist ideology for the tenets of their family’s former Christian faith.


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