Good Guys – Pastors Have Unmitigated Gall to Mention Jesus During Their Minn. State Senate Invocation

Sen. Terri Bonoff

Sen. Terri Bonoff, 57 – State Senate Democrat from Minnesota

Although these situations occurred in 2011, they are worthy of a revisit, as these two pastors refused to follow the State Senate “request” for “non-denominational” invocations and actually had the courage to mentioned “Jesus” in their prayer for the State Senators of Minnesota instead.

It is another example of the war being waged, by radical, feminists, against Christian men and the three Christian men (two ministers and a State Senator) who fought back.

Not surprisingly, the bitch that griped, Sen. Terri Bonoff, (D) Minnetonka, is another flaming, non-Christian, radical, second-wave feminist on a mission to deny Christians their constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of speech and religion.

Pastor Dennis Campbell

Pastor Dennis Campbell

In the first video, from March 14, 2011, Baptist Pastor Dennis Campbell’s prayer raised the illegal, unwarranted and unjustified ire of Ms. Bonoff when the pastor had the “nerve” to mention Jesus in his invocation. Something, by the way, that has been occurring in U. S. State Houses since the founding of America, over 200 years ago.

This radical feminist, in keeping with her irrational feminist ideology, hates Christian men and all they stand for, especially Jesus, and seeks to stamp out His and their influence wherever possible.

In Ms. Bonoff’s effort to gag Christian Pastor Campbell, of Granite City Baptist Church in St. Cloud, she  explained that the numerous mentions of Jesus and Christianity made her uncomfortable.  (Why?, we might ask. Does He bite?)

Voicing her objections was not enough to satisfy this anti-Christian feminist. Ms. Bonoff then proceeded to try to gag, not only Pastor Campbell, but all of the pastors who would follow in his footsteps.

To this end, Ms. Bonoff, stated that she wanted the letter, given to the invited pastors, to say that they were “required” to keep their prayers in a non-denominational tone, rather than be “requested” to keep them so.

Sen. David brown

Sen. David Brown

Luckily, Ms. Bonoff’s pleas to Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch were rejected. And Sen. David Brown, (R) Becker objected too when he said, “Pastor Campbell, yesterday, he just prayed the way he would always pray and there just seems to be intolerance for the name of Jesus on the Senate floor.” EXACTLY!

Brown went on to say, “If we’re going to invite clergy to the Senate session to pray, we know they’re coming from a denomination, or a religion, that represents a belief system. I believe we don’t have the right to censor their prayers.” EXACTLY!

Later Pastor Campbell would say, “There’s nobody that loves the Jews any more than the Christians, so that was not meant as an insult or disrespect. Rather, it was a show of respect to Jesus Christ — just like our founders showed respect to Jesus Christ and the word of God when they built our Constitution.” EXACTLY!

Pastor and Radio Host - Bradlee Dean

Pastor and Radio Host – Bradlee Dean

In the second video, from May 20, 2011, Pastor Bradlee Dean, in anticipation of the blowback, prefaced his prayer with a history lesson on the Christian traditions inherent in the American political system. He would not be intimidated by an irrational, radical feminist either.

Through the influence of radical, non-Christian, second-wave feminists like Ms. Bonoff, America’s great tradition of Christianity, including its high standards of behavior, is in danger of being lost.

Thank the Lord for Sen. Brown, and both Pastors Campbell and Dean, for standing up for the faith of 83% of Americans because without the impetus  of trustworthy, honorable and duty-bound Christian men, and their faith in Jesus, America will continue to slide backwards under pressure from influential radical, second-wave feminists like Ms. Sen. Terri Bonoff. 


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