This is what The Party of Government has created

Or – Obama’s:
Anti-Christian/American government is the problem.
Christian/American business is the answer.
Anti-Christian/American socialism is the problem.
Christian/American capitalism is the solution.
Either way, the muslim-in-chief is a treacherous, diabolical, and dangerous dictator who hates white Christian Americans.

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By Tom Quiner

1620918_856503234409807_715264291279090244_nGovernment is the solution.

Business is the problem.

Socialism is the solution.

Capitalism is the problem.

I know I’m painting with broad brush strokes, but these four sentences pretty much express liberalism’s philosophy.

The Democratic Party is the Party of Government. The essence of their approach to everything is more government, more spending, higher taxes, more regulations.

They’ve gotten most of what they’ve wanted dating back to 2006 when they retook Congress in the midterm elections. The election of Barack Obama accelerated the growth of Big Government at a dizzying pace.

How is their solution, bigger government, working out? It’s a disaster.

This blog has recounted these disasters over the years: Fast & Furious; Obamacare exchanges; you can keep your policy and your doctor; IRS; Benghazi; Arab Spring; ISIS, and the list goes on.

This leads me to Ebola.

On October 2nd, the Obama Government said we…

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