Current EVEntS – Congresswoman Ms. Eleanor Holmes Norton is an Arrogant Ditz

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, 77, - Democrat, non-voting, representative to the House of Representatives from the  District of Columbia or Washington,DC

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, 77, – Democrat, non-voting Congressional representative to the House of Representatives from the District of Columbia (Washington, DC)

This radical, second-wave feminist, is a disgrace. She is nothing more than a tiresome troublemaker with an arrogant “attitude”, who consistently demands that the laws, which govern her district, be circumvented to cater to her constituents “needs.”

In reality, her nasty, confrontational disposition has nothing to do with her constituents and everything to do with her.

Despite Ms. Holmes Norton elegant rhetoric, she is, in reality, an overbearing, obnoxious, 2-bit hustler. She stamps her feet, screams, and yells while accusing other lawmakers, who are simply following the rules, of deliberately trying to undermine her authority, when in fact, as a non-voting member of Congress, she has none.

The following videos include some of her more notorious efforts to “get her own way.” As can be seen, Ms. Holmes Norton routinely resorts to intimidation, extortion, deceptive statements, irrational rants, and angry, baseless accusations while, all the while, unwittingly defaming her title as Congresswoman.

It’s unfortunate that the other Congressmen are required to refer to her as, “Gentlewoman”, because she is nothing of the sort.


1.  In this video, Ms. Holmes Norton, who considers herself an elitist, and an Obama insider, astoundingly proclaims, to other members of Congress (white, Christian men), that, “You don’t have a right to know what’s going on in your government.” The male members of Congress were pursuing Obama’s deliberate, and unprecedented, political abuse of the President’s executive powers. Obama had side-stepped, one too many times, the Congress’ constitutionally mandated Legislative responsibilities, while deliberately usurping them for the Executive Branch, i.e. himself. That is an abuse of the separation of powers, not the other way around, as Ms. Holmes Norton arrogantly, and ignorantly, claims.

2.  This video was made by a young, black conservative who sees Eleanor Holmes Norton for what she is. A political hack.

3.  Here we see that, despite her rants to the contrary, this bitch doesn’t even comprehend the fact that the District of Columbia is NOT a state and therefore does not operate under the same rules of governance as do the 50 States. Watch this video from the 18 minute mark onward to spare yourself most of her puffed-up performance which leads up to her drama-queen tirade at the end.  This way, you can experience her arrogant idiocy, in all of its full-blown audacity, and then shut her off.

4.  Here Ms. Holmes Norton has the unmitigated gall to leave a voice mail, for a lobbyist, basically asking why they hadn’t sent her their bribe yet?

5.  The fact is that black women comprise only 7% of the American population and yet they have 35% of the abortions. But, this radical, second-wave feminist is still bitching about lack of funding for MORE abortions, in her totally black district. Is she SICK, or what?

6.  Here Ms. Eleanor Holmes Norton lies and lies and lies again. Despite her assertions to the contrary, Washington, DC, in 2012, just prior to Navy Yard Shooting, ranked 8th among America’s most populated cities, for its high crime rate! DC is hardly, as Ms. Holmes Norton claims, more than once, the “safest city in America.”

7.  And, just for good measure, this “where’s my bribe” voice mail bears replaying. If you don’t come away with a vile taste in your mouth, and a strident sense of entitlement, unmitigated gall, and arrogance on Ms. Holmes Norton’s part, you may have to listen to the recording again. The brazen, ballsy, BS that oozes out of this radical, second-wave feminist’s mouth may be explained by her close association with the “queen of contempt”, congresswoman-in-chief, Nancy Pelosi. Note the cozy photo taken of the two radical feminists on their trip to the Taj Mahal in India, all on the taxpayer’s dime no doubt. Just, two-peabrains-in-a-pod.

We, as Christian Americans, are being overrun by influential radical, second-wave feminists, like MS. Holmes-Norton. Brainwashed women who have substituted the ideology of radical feminism for the tenets of their Christian faith.  It’s time for influential Christian men to step up to the plate and knock them out of the ballpark!


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