Admirable Women – Dr. Laura Lewis Does An About-face on Abortion

baby sleeping 3Dr. Laura Lewis is from Ontario Canada. She has been a family practitioner for more than twenty years. She recently experienced a personal revelation. Dr. Lewis realized that she no longer agreed with the notion that abortion was a “reasonable option” for pregnant women. There had to be a better choice.

During Lewis’ developing career as a doctor she first became aware of her personal conflict surrounding abortion when confronted with abortions performed for chromosome abnormalities. Primarily, she became concerned about abortions done on fetus’ with Down’s Syndrome. She said, “Gradually God began to reveal to me His heart for life. First He highlighted people with Down’s syndrome in our community.”

As her experience expanded so did her understanding that children born with Down’s Syndrome brought with them the unique gift of perpetual joy. She observed that although children, and adults, with Down’s Syndrome were indeed deficient in mental capacity they were the happiest people she’d ever meet. It then began to dawn on Dr. Lewis, that although God had closed one door for these children, He had opened one of equal value for them. Down Syndrome children were, for their families, truly a “bundle of joy.”

Dr. Henry Morgentaler

Dr. Henry Morgentaler

Dr. Lewis, “by God’s grace”, eventually came to the conclusion that abortions were not, as her non-Christian, medical school instructor, Dr. Henry Morgentaler insisted, “a reasonable option for women.”

As the years passed, Dr. Lewis opened her heart, and ears, to her patients who had the personal experience of having an abortion. She began to hear the intensely emotional stories of regret, sadness and remorse surrounding the deaths of these women’s unborn children. Dr. Lewis said, “I saw the great sorrow that some had carried for thirty years. I heard stories through tears of loss. I realized that silence, secrecy and shame have kept much of this tragedy hidden.”

The more Dr. Lewis initiated these conversations, and truly listened, the more she began to understand that there had to be a better approach to unplanned pregnancies than choosing an abortion.

The medical community understood the finality of abortion for the innocent children who were aborted but no one was addressing the heart-wrenching personal loss that the mothers suffered. The medical community was silent on the serious, and life-long, emotional, spiritual and psychological side effects of abortion on the women themselves.

Dr. Lewis came to realize that, not only wasn’t the medical field listening to the beating hearts of the unborn children anymore, they weren’t even listening to the women themselves. Women who were also victims of those same abortions.

Dr. Lewis wrote that her medical schooling had failed to prepare her to deal with the horrific personal fallout from, the reality of what is today refered to as, “choice.” She continued to write, “I wish I had learned that in the name of ‘choice’ many women have no choice regarding their unplanned pregnancy. I wish I had learned that many men and women live with great regret about their children lost to abortion.”

These pro-life pendants are sold through Designed Forevermore to raise funds for Christine's Place

These pro-life pendants are sold through Designed Forevermore to raise funds for Christine’s Place

In 2011, Dr. Lewis decided to do something about this terrible waste of humanity. She chose to open Christine’s Place in Huntsville Ontario. As she told LifeSiteNews, “I care that many women have felt let down by the care provided to them by health care professionals, medical doctors in particular. I care that these women have felt alone at a time when they needed guidance and support. I care that many of these women suffer remorse and regret that often remains unspoken. I care that many have felt they had no other option but to abort their pregnancy.”

The facility that Dr. Lewis opened provides young women, suffering through the “chaos of an unplanned pregnancy”, with an alternative to abortion. Christine’s Place gives young pregnant women a chance to live a life without remorse by choosing life rather than death for their children. Dr. Lewis’ care center provides supportive alternatives to abortion including adoption and pregnancy care.

Dr. Lewis has said, “It is my hope … that the medical profession will become part of a new system of response to those facing crisis pregnancies … returning to the Hippocratic roots of our profession, a place where all life is valued and protected.”

God has touched Dr. Lewis’ heart and she has reversed her view on abortion. She has become instead, a devoted advocate for life. I hope and pray that she becomes an inspiration to other female doctors. Doctors who have been subjected to the same, non-Christian, anti-life medical education which deliberately ignores a tiny beating heart struggling to live, but also the devastating emotional, spiritual and physical damaged suffered by women who undergo abortions.

It’s time to listen to the vile truth about abortion. It’s time to acknowledge the irreparable damage done, not only to the innocent children it destroys, but to the mothers who never cease to grieve for their lost children.

Dr. Lewis is leading this movement to find a better “choice.” She is truly an admirable woman. I wish her good luck and God’s continued blessings on her very important efforts to save the world, one woman at a time, from the destruction of abortion.

4 thoughts on “Admirable Women – Dr. Laura Lewis Does An About-face on Abortion

    • We will never see abortion returned to its deserved place, at the bottom of the barrel, until WOMEN finally admit to the vile, destructive, inhumane reality, that abortion cannot be excused as anything other than a horrific demonstration of a pro-choice women’s hatred of innocent children. Guilt – they must ALL be made to feel profound GUILT about being Pro-Choice. No exceptions, no excuses. Nice to hear from you again. Hope all is well.


      • The men and women I know who have been involved in abortion do feel profound guilt; many of them spend the rest of their lives trying to make amends by working in the pro-life movement.

        Those who have been involved in abortion, especially those who work or have worked in abortion clinics, often feel isolated. Believe it or not, there are people who have lived in such a bubble all their lives that they have never really known anyone who is pro-life: the way to end abortion is with the love and grace and forgiveness of God. Some of the greatest pro-life leaders are ex abortionists: we should welcome them into the pro-life movement with open arms.


      • You are talking about guilt AFTER a personal experience with abortion. I’m talking about the providers and advocates of abortion. These are the people who need to be made to feel guilty about their activities. Just like Dr. Lewis finally did. I am aware that these people may feel isolated. And it’s mainly because, other than a few Christian women who picket abortion clinics, I’ve not heard of any large groups of Christian women that are making it their mission in life to make an overt effort to council, or convert, the providers and advocates of abortion through intervention, invitations or information. Please read my post, “Crimes Against Children Vol. #1 Essay 7” for more on my disappointment with the current crop of brainwashed women, both pro-life and pro-choice.


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