Save the Innocent!

If we can’t, as a nation, protect these innocent children from the vagrancies of their disturbed mothers, we are unworthy of life ourselves. Below is a group trying to educate college kids about the value of human life.  They concentrate on college campus’ because this is where so many aborted babies are conceived as a result of the “Sexual Revolution” spawn on those very same campus’, during the late 1960s and early 1970s. pro-life image 2


Video of TFP volunteers in action: On the front lines for innocent life

Dear Kathy,

Good morning. Here’s a video I want you to really watch.

On the front lines for innocent life

It all happened when 17 of us were at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

We were promoting truth and handing out pro-life literature, challenging the culture of death.

As you know, the abortion debate wages hot and heavy on campus these days, and this was no exception.

So when you watch the video, you’ll see a feminist student screaming in my face, “Abortion is okay!”

And others yelled, “Abort children – spare Bin Laden.”

We had to suck up a lot of insults. But our campaign hit its mark.

It pricked the consciences of many people, young and old, and popped the bubble of moral relativism that numbs so many young minds on campus.

And listen to this:

Hundreds of students wanted to read copies of our hard-hitting flier:

10 Reasons Why Abortion is Wrong

This flier tells it like it really is. And I’m hoping that you will pass the link to the flier to friends and family.

And also I hope you will send them the link to the video.

To make that easy, I’ve typed up a short pre-made message below that you can use. Just copy and paste it into your email and send it.

Thank you so much.

For the innocent unborn,

John Ritchie
John Ritchie
Tradition Family Property, Student Action
P.S. — Take action.

(Message for you to copy and paste and email to friends and family)


I watched an incredible pro-life video that you’d like to see too:

On the front lines for innocent life

This exciting video will give you a good idea of what happens when young volunteers from TFP Student Action do a pro-life campaign on a liberal college campus.

In this case, they were promoting truth and pro-life literature at George Washington University.

Please watch the video. And then take a look at a great flyer that these young men promoted and that made such an impact on campus:

10 Reasons Why Abortion is Wrong

This is a flier that really says it like it is. Actually, you may want to pass a link to it along with a link to the video above to friends and family.

Thanks for reading my message, and thanks for standing up for the unborn.



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