Quote: Rick Ross on Cursed Cults

Rick A. Ross, founder of Intitute for Study of Destructive Cults

Rick A. Ross, Founder of Institute for Study of Destructive Cults

“In a cult intervention, information is presented about the group that the member is most often not aware of.”

Considering the fact that most women think feminism is good for them, perhaps a cult intervention is what’s needed in order to return them to earth. kqd

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6 thoughts on “Quote: Rick Ross on Cursed Cults

  1. Interesting that parents who alienate tend to be narcissists, and that parental alienation psychodynamics are very, very similar to those of a cult (i.e., cult of the alienating parent).

    Since feminists are gender narcissists, I’d say this is more than a coincidence or an intuitive observation. There appears to be a theoretical link in this that has yet to be properly explored.


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