History of atheism..

See, there's this thing called biology...

It absolutely astounds me that there are people walking this planet calling themselves atheists that do not even understand the term or the history behind it. To make matters worse, people are also foolish enough to try and claim that atheism is based on reason and free of dogma. Take heart people, every time I hear this, I whack my head on my desk and you win the argument by default.

Modern definitions of atheism didn’t even exist until the late 18th century. Prior to that, such as in ancient Rome and Greece, “theism” was a belief in the divine right of the state. Christians were considered atheists and frequently executed because of it. “Atheos” meant refusing to acknowledge the gods recognized by the state. Christians were some of the first “atheists.”

It wasn’t until 16th century France that we started to see Deists, people who would actually be called true…

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