Good Guys – Love It! Cadillac Commercial Highlights a REAL American Man

Kimberley Weisul - Editor-at-Large for

Kimberley Weisul – Editor-at-Large for

Every screaming meemie, radical feminist, female reporter, woman advertising exec and girly talking-head

Carolyn Gregoire - Features Editor Huffington Post

Carolyn Gregoire – Features Editor Huffington Post

is pitching a hissy fit over GM’s new Cadillac ad. I LOVE IT for two reasons – the guy in the ad is my kind of guy and the women critics, in their hysterics, are just miserable.

The guy in the commercial  (actor Neal McDonough) is the same confident and self-assured American man who ran our great institutions for centuries! It shows a man who is proud of his accomplishments, in league with other American men of great achievements. It shows a man who is happy in his role as protector and provider for his family.

The TV ad shows a guy we haven’t seen in commercials in 25 years! And the reason? because this wonderful male bravado has been squelched, denigrated and belittled by radical, second-wave feminists, whining women and butchy bitches who have insinuated themselves, and their influence, into every institution in America, including the military, politics, organized religion, judiciary, business, academia, government and banking.

I’ve written before about the female, corporate advertising directors, who are aligned with the female Madison Avenue execs, in their hatred of white, Christian men. I’ve written about their chronic, and despicable, agenda to continually portray white guys as buffoons, idiots, jokes and irrelevant nincompoops in the television commercials they produce. I’ve written about the damage this ongoing, unjustified, and demeaning attack on white men has done to the self-confidence of developing boys and young men and how this ridiculous portrayal is not good for ANYONE.

Well, this commercial may change everything.

Let’s hope the men who created it do NOT cave, to the female hysterics. Let’s hope they just  ignore them because that will drive them farther up the wall. And maybe if they reach the top of the wall, they’ll just fall over it and play dead,  finally leaving the guys alone for long enough to do what they know is best.

Lance Jensen - Rogue Ad Agency

Lance Jensen – Rogue Ad Agency

The commercial was produced by Lance Jensen of the Rogue Ad Agency at Hill Holliday in Boston, in

Craig Bierley - Cadillac Director of Advertising

Craig Bierley – Cadillac Director of Advertising

conjunction with Cadillac’s advertising director, Craig Bierley and his boss, Cadillac Chief, Bob Ferguson. These guys should ALL be given metals! Congratulations on a job well done.

All you REAL men out there, ENJOY the video of the commercial below.

8 thoughts on “Good Guys – Love It! Cadillac Commercial Highlights a REAL American Man

  1. I loved that commercial. One of the worst things about feminists right now is that they try to rob you of your sense of humor. The personal is now political so every little thing becomes a Very Serious Issue, even a rather benign TV commercial.


    • That’s because radical feminists have denied their sons, their fathers, through illegitimacy, single woman adoption and divorce. and fathers are the ones who are commanded by God, in the Bible, to raise their sons to be God-fearing men and to become leaders of their own families, in their communities and at their workplace. As a result, we have butchy females and wimpy males, neither of whom are happy. These brainwashed radicals have turned the world up side down.


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