Short Essay – Shhh! The Baby’s Sleeping.

baby sleeping 6Who told young mothers that newborn babies should be able to adapt to their loud houses and hectic schedules? Sleeping and napping through the drama and din of daily life. Snoozing through slammed doors, dropped pots, loud TVs, shopping trips, bright lights and raised voices!

There can be only one answer – some female, non-Christian, book-taught, know-it-all, child psychologist with too many degrees and too little common sense or practical experience!

It is the height of stupidity to tell new mothers that it’s OK, and even preferable, to go on living, in exactly the same manner, as they did before the baby was born.  This nonsensical advice is just another example of elitist academia’s deception called “social engineering”, gone awry. The fact is that when followed, this brilliant advice results in young mothers, and new babies, who are both stressed and exhausted.

The very idea of forcing a newborn to do what you want them to do, is ridiculous!

The self-centered, irrational, nasty nerve it takes to subject a newborn’s new nervous system to anything but quiet is about as inconsiderate as is humanly possible! And for the mother of the child to persist with this preposterous behavior, ignoring the stressed, sleep-deprived, hysterical infant’s negative signals, is the height of callousness! This irrational approach only makes a bad situation, worse. But what amazes me more, is the fact that rather than looking for reasonable answers to the troubled sleep patterns, and behavior problems, the child develops, the misguided mother instead blames the strung-out baby, for her lack of sleep!

baby sleeping 7Babies are not just another piece of furniture. You can’t ignore their needs, and think everything will be OK, because they won’t.

Because babies represent the future of your family, they should also represent the center of your universe! Reignite your faith and follow the Blessed Virgin Mary’s example of a caring mother.

Babies are designed by God to be all-consuming and they come with universal needs, which mothers must address. To expect otherwise is ludicrous. Babies may frantically cope but they will not “adapt” because they are incapable of changing, altering or dispensing with these intrinsic needs.

God planned for mothers to do everything for their babies, not the other way around. And although that seems so obvious, there are millions of mothers, most of whom are distracted while pursuing their “careers”, who choose to ignore this fact, which inevitably causes everyone to suffer.

Despite what radical second-wave feminism has told these “liberated” women, babies need their mothers 24/7. God intended that the babies were to be fed, hugged, changed, carried, dressed, washed, played with, kissed and put to bed by their devoted mothers, not a “career woman” or a day care worker.

Simply put, caring for your infant, is a one-way street. And, despite what the feminist theorists tell you, babies cannot, nor should they have to, adapt to YOU! By nature, YOU are supposed to adapt to them. And it’s the way it is for many good reasons, but primarily it creates a symbiotic relationship of interdependence between the mother and her child which should last a lifetime. In other words, it creates happy babies and happy mothers while they both learn the ropes.

baby sleeping 2Mothers teach their babies love, trust, and joy while caring for them. And, if the “expert” advice is ignored, babies teach their mothers, through the Grace of God, much more. When you shut down the noise, and take the time to open your heart to your baby’s real needs, rather than your own, he will teach you the true meaning of love. And, I can assure you, that you will experience a depth of love that you never thought was possible. At the same time, as you address his needs, he will also teach you consideration, patience, devotion, selflessness, quiet, perseverance, limitation and tenacity as well.

Caring for a newborn baby not only teaches the mother new skills but it teaches the young father as well. Both parents learn responsibility, kindness, concern, calm, steadfastness and, probably for the first time in their lives, serenity. Babies teach new parents the meaning of, not only parenthood, but adulthood. Babies teach their parents to grow up and move away from the selfishness of childhood. Babies teach their parents how to become mature adults as the parents begin to plan for their baby’s future.

So, when a young mother refuses to center her daily life around her baby’s unalterable needs, she is not only denying her child the care he must have in order to thrive, but she is denying herself the emotional maturity the child is remanded to teach her – for his own sanity and safety as well.

Refusing to read the baby’s signals for quiet, sleep or food will inevitably turn the home upside down while the desperate child wails for his mother to do for him what he cannot do for himself.

So, next time you read some jerk “expert’s” comments indicating that babies should adapt to your loud house or your “career” goals, shut off your computer, and then your TV and then your cell phone and then the lights, shush your family, skip the pacifier and go quietly to hug and kiss and rock your beloved baby to sleep instead.

Remember, babies thrive on quiet monotony and, this precious baby-time is so short-lived. Enjoy it while you can. Allow yourself, and your baby, to quietly wallow in this special time together by gearing your days towards his needs and not yours.

The happy outcome will be well worth the effort.

baby sleeping 4Sssssshhhhhhhh! Mommy and baby are sleeping.


8 thoughts on “Short Essay – Shhh! The Baby’s Sleeping.

  1. Thank you for what should be a common sense piece of information. It actually came to me quite naturally to shh everyone in the house as the baby slept, however upon reading somewhere that this was not necessary because the baby should adapt to his new environment sent me against my instincts. how silly. Well thank you, I will keep this in mind. I really appreciate your approach on feminism and other such matters. I understand you have a new grandbaby so congratulations!!! I will enjoy your past posts and any new ones that might come along. This is a work from your heart is what I detect, so I hope you can relax while away and not feel to obligated to this work. I think it is led by the Holy spirit anyway. Thanks again


    • Thank you for your kind words. Most people do not understand how powerful an influence the Holy Spirit can be in your life because they are immersed in the ceaseless drone of everyday modern living. In the quiet of the night and the quiet necessary to write, I’ve often felt as though someone was working through me, as a steam of consciousness overtakes me. I too have come to the same conclusion as you, it is the Holy Spirit. I only wish more Christians would stand still long enough to hear Him too. We would all be better off for it, especially the little children. Thank you again for your comment. I look forward to hearing from you again.


  2. certainly like your website but you have to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very bothersome to inform the truth nevertheless I’ll certainly come back again.


    • I’m so sorry for the spelling errors. It is one of my pet peeves. I hate misspellings. Sometimes the spell check doesn’t catch them all and on other occasions my brain sometimes auto corrects the errors and I actually don’t see them. Other times my stream of consciousness just overlooks them. Could I impose upon you and ask that you to let me know when you find a post with spelling errors? There is no need to bother with details, just a simple comment – “Spelling” will send me back to review and re-edit the post. I can’t thank you enough for your telling me of the problem. I very much appreciate it. Thank you.


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