Current EVEntS – Shaela Evenson Sues Catholic School That Fired Her For Being Pregnant and Single

Right! Don't get knocked-up by some guy who cares nothing for you!

To answer Shaela Evenson’s poster. “Right! Don’t get knocked-up in the first place!”

Here is another glaring example of the ongoing battle  between lesbian-led, radical second and third-wave feminists and Christian men. When Patrick Haggerty, Superintendent of the Catholic schools for the Helena diocese of Butte, Montana was told that one of his middle school teachers, Shaela Evenson, was unmarried and pregnant, he fired her. You’d think, from the response, that he’d killed her.

Eight years earlier, when Ms. Evenson was hired by the Butte Central Roman Catholic middle school as a sixth, seventh and eighth grade literature  teacher, she signed a contract that clearly stated that she was to respect the religious and moral teachings of the Catholic Church. This applied, not only in her professional life, but to her personal life as well.

The “morality” clause clearly stated that the employee was not to engage in activities which are in direct conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church.  These included, among others things, entering into a same-sex marriage, becoming pregnant outside wedlock or having an abortion. All employees understood that becoming involved with any activity deemed sinful by the Catholic Church, would result in immediate termination from the school.

Obviously, Ms. Evenson thought that since she was considered an “excellent teacher” that the diocese would give her a pass. She thought WRONG. Her ability to teach literature pales in comparison to the negative impact she was having, as an unmarried, pregnant teacher, on the 12, 13, and 14 year olds in her charge. She chose to get pregnant, despite signing a contract that clearly explained what the outcome would be if she chose that route. Mr. Haggerty’s decision to fire her could not have come as a surprise.

Mr. Haggerty released a statement in which he said, “The Catholic moral teaching is that the sacrament of marriage is a holy union between a man and a woman. And we certainly believe and we teach our children who attend our schools about the sacrament of marriage. That’s as old as our church. Not only do we teach that to the children kindergarten through 12th grade, but we’re held to that standard as well.” And as a result , Mr. Haggerty went on to say, Ms. Evenson, “made a willful decision to violate the terms of her contract.”

But no, Ms. Evenson thought she should be allowed to continue to teach 12 year olds at a Catholic school while being unmarried and 8 months pregnant, so, she is now suing the school.

It always amazes me how little self-respect radical feminists have for themselves as they publicly pursue litigation for redress of their shameful personal behavior which inevitably exposes them to nationwide ridicule for their ill-advised sexual exploits as well. But, I find it even more amazing that they actually think they’re right and that they are somehow above the law, and, in Ms. Evenson’s case, that the centuries old, Christian rules and regulations, do not apply to them.

My guess is that Ms. Evenson is looking for cash, at the expense of the Church. Let’s hope she does not get a female feminist judge to hear her case because Ms. Evenson is already being supported by the female feminist principal of her school, Kerrie Hellyer, who told a local Butte Montana newspaper, the Montana Standard, that she couldn’t elaborate but she did manage to say that Ms. Evenson was “an excellent teacher.”

Aw Gee.  It’s just so sad that she happens to be an irresponsible slut too!  


10 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – Shaela Evenson Sues Catholic School That Fired Her For Being Pregnant and Single

  1. Yes, because it is so Christian and loving to fire a pregnant mom so that she can’t support her baby. I’m certain that Jesus would have made it difficult for a pregnant mom to take care of her baby, right? If only the teacher had an abortion: the school would have kept her! What lesson are they trying to teach the children: that abortion is better than giving birth? That IS the message that some of the children took away from this episode. That, and the lesson that there is no place for compassion or forgiveness in the Christian faith.


    • In typical feminist style, you have totally missed the point. With irrational “sexually liberated” feminists like yourself, it’s always all about making up ridiculous excuses for the irresponsible child-like behavior of other members of the brainwashed sisterhood without one ounce of consideration for the damaging effect their selfish behavior has in anyone else. Not even the innocent children, who’s parents do not want them to end up in the same difficult, compromised and conflicted situation this stupid “teacher” allowed herself to get into. It always amazes me how incredibly inconsiderate radical feminists are, not only of others, but ultimately of themselves. Even if no one else was involved with this story but her, this “teacher”, through her own stupidity or arrogance, ruined her own life and worse yet, her child’s. I thought feminist women were supposed to be smarter than that.


  2. Kathy,

    I 100% agree with your position on the school’s actions being completely justified, and your opposition to Evenson’s claim of victimhood in her lawsuit. She is the author of her own misfortune.

    Sadly, she may be more of a product of her society than a cause of it.


      • Feminism has become so entrenched that she may not even understand it as such. She may perceive her behaviour as normal and acceptable, and that of the Catholic school system as an egregious violation of her “rights.”


      • I’m sure that’s the case and that’s what make radical feminism SO dangerous. What always. Amazes me is that these girls lack the commonsense and good judgment to figure out that they are being destroyed by feminism , rather then


      • That is a topic that I intend to address rather forcefully in my sequel. In terms of what feminism preaches, a lie repeated often enough becomes the ‘truth.’ (Lenin, with a slight modification in punctuation.)

        At some point this young woman might realize that what she’s received is a reality check. Perhaps an unpleasant one, but a reality check nonetheless.


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