Short Essay – Men, You Can No Longer Assume That A Woman Is “Good”, Just Because She’s A Woman!

Business 1 Until Christian men stop being taken-in by women’s appearances and foolishly judging them based on their own personal standards of behavior, they are going to continue to get buried alive!

Hello! Today’s young women are NOT who you think they are! They may be well-dressed, highly educated, well-spoken and cosmopolitan but they are NOT your kind of woman. They are, in many cases, a modern-day version of “The Portrait of Dorian Gray”, beautiful and charming on the outside and rotten-to-the-core on the inside. And it would serve Christian men well, to stop them in their tracks because they are out to get you! See my “Current EVEntS” posts for dozens of examples.

Most women under 60 are living lives defined by duplicity. They portray themselves in public as respectable, responsible, loving and sensitive, when in reality they have been trained by radical feminism to instead be banshees of irrational thinking, subliminally motivated by their combined rage against Christian men and the values these men represent.

These women, who hold millions of influential positions within all of our great institutions, including business, media, military, judiciary, academia, organized religion, politics, banking, and medicine are more of a threat to America’s continued success than any potential foreign enemy because their mission is misunderstood by the men who interact with them on a daily basis. In many cases, the women themselves are unaware of the damage they are inflicting on their country (and their personal lives) through their irrational attachment to radical feminist ideology.

Thanks to forty-five years of subliminal indoctrination by lesbian-led, radical second-wave feminist academia, these twisted feminists actually view Christian men as the “enemy.” And as a result, they are deliberately destroying the major American institutions that Christian ideals built, for the simple reason that their non-Christian feminist leaders consider everything that these men touched to be “oppressive” and “domineering” towards women. These twisted women are convinced that Christian men have traditionally placed unacceptable “limits” on women’s ability to “be all that they can be.” The outcome of these misguided feminist theories have left millions of feminist women unable to determine why they are left defining their lives through misery.

These ridiculous women have been convinced by lesbian-led, radical, feminist academia to hate Christian men, not only for what they stand for, but also for what they will not stand for, including homosexuality. These women tend to be rabid pro-abortionists as well because radical feminism has irrationally trained these gullible women to believe that the sacrament of marriage and the miracle of motherhood are albatrosses, deliberately placed around women’s neck, by Christian men.

Radical feminists view marriage, as a “burden” and a “hindrance”, “chaining” women to husbands and children, while they “toil away their lives in domestic servitude.” Feminists have convinced these weak-minded women that Christian men have in the past, denied women the highest form of female fulfillment – a CAREER!

They irrationally believe that these men stand in the way of women’s only avenue to  “emancipation” from domestic toil. And, more astoundingly, they have been convinced by radical feminism that children have become expendable, justifiably aborted to advance their “careers goals”, or to buy a new boat or to take a trip to Europe. With these twisted female priorities, is it any wonder that our country is a mess?

The fact is that all of America’s great institutions, into which these twisted women have for decades been insinuating themselves, were initially established, centuries ago, by highly religious, moral and ethical Christian men. Their Christian faith, their work ethic and their high standards of moral and ethical behavior were the foundations for their success and were the reason their institutions flourished.

These great men trusted each other do what God would expect them to do, under all circumstances. They all played by the same God-given rules and this created one of the most productive, peaceful, pleasant and prosperous countries in the history of the world.  “A man was only as good as his word” and Andrew Carnegie and J. P. Morgan proved this splendidly when, in 1901, Carnegie sold his company, Carnegie Steel (valued at the time at $480 million dollars), to financier J. P. Morgan, on a handshake – no written contract, just Christian faith in each other.

Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) - American Industrialist

Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) – American Industrialist and Philanthropist

J. P. Morgan (1837-1913) - American Financier, Philanthropist and Art Collector

J. P. Morgan (1837-1913) – American Financier, Philanthropist and Art Collector

The institutions these great men established outlived their founders, and continued to thrive well after their deaths, for good reason – the men they had mentored to replace them were also honest Christian men. They were men who lived their faith, both privately and publicly.

These men understood well, that they were accountable to a much higher authority than themselves, and as a result, they operated their institutions and their lives with the fear-of-God ingrained in their very souls. These men brought that same, deeply held, sense of personal hard work, accountability, integrity, good character, trustworthiness and honesty wherever they went. And it was certainly not just reserved for their church pew on Sunday, it went everywhere with them, but most especially to work.

No one can run any  institution successfully, including marriage, without trust and trust is only attainable when an individual internalize the teachings of his Christian faith. Despite the secularists assertions, goodness, honesty and trustworthiness is not produced out of thin air, they must be taught, and they must be grounded in faith in order to stick. Christianity is what separated these great men from the rabble and, although it is harder to determine today, Christianity continues to separate great men from the bowels of radical feminism and the deceit it employs, i.e. Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton.

These great Christian men were not willing to sacrifice their own salvation for political points, cash or anything else. They recognized the inequality of character traits that were distributed among men by God and they unenviably sought to acknowledge, encourage, mentor and follow the men who were the most gifted in their chosen fields. And, this acknowledged understanding among these Christian men allowed for great feats of personal accomplishment. They trusted and supported each other’s undertakings.

This understanding among Christian men is what’s missing today. The Christian principles they revered and the trust they generated among themselves, which trickled down to everyone in their separate spheres of influence, has been annihilated as more and more radical feminist women have replaced these principles with priorities based on lying, cheating, stealing, abortion, same-sex marriage, explicit sexuality, divorce, free love, illegitimacy, and adultery. These twisted priorities taint ALL feminist’s judgement and annihilate their good judgement and common sense, politicizing everything in their destructive paths.

Today’s radical feminist leaders believe in an ideology that is diametrically opposed to the principles by which Christian men once defined their lives and their depleted priorities are affecting EVERYONE in their lives. Where these men cooperated on the basis of Godly trust and high standards of behavior, today’s feminists operate on the premise of irrational distrust and hate, deliberately and irrationally criticizing, dismantling and destroying the deep-seated Christian principles that set American men, and their ventures, apart from the rest of the world and onto a path of unprecedented success.

These smiling “career” women are, in many ways, diabolical in their efforts to undermine Christian morality and ethics. And as such, they remain unprincipled, irrational, untrustworthy and a very real threat to Christian ideals and to Christian America as well. They have indeed, replaced their Christian faith with the destructive hate-filled ideology of radical feminism with damning results.

prochoice rally

Beware! And be prepared to FIGHT BACK because she is NOT who you think she is.

13 thoughts on “Short Essay – Men, You Can No Longer Assume That A Woman Is “Good”, Just Because She’s A Woman!

  1. Excellent essay. If you look at the Book of Genesis, the devil approached Eve because she was the weaker vessel and was susceptible to the devil’s lies. The problem with Adam was that he was passive: he should have aggressively been protecting his wife from the devil, instead he went along with Eve and they both fell from fellowship with the Lord God.

    You probably have heard the phrase, “When a man looks at a beautiful woman, he loses his brains.” I am sure that Eve was absolutely beautiful, but the real problem was Adam’s passivity in not obeying the word of the Lord. I truly believe that if Adam had not partaken of the forbidden fruit that he would have restored Eve (repentance) to her fellowship with the Lord God.

    An interesting detail: if you go back to Genesis, the Lord God told Adam not to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. When the devil approached Eve, the devil asked, “Hath God said?” In the first question the devil ever asks Eve, the question is subtle and misleading. In the Hebrew, “Lord God” is a different word than “God”. Satan is very clever. We need to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

    This may be related: have you ever seen the film “The General’s Daughter”? It stars John Travolta and Madeleine Stowe. To make a long story short, the general in the film does nothing to help his daughter after she is raped by soldiers at West Point. She is betrayed by her dad. Because of this betrayal by the one man who should have loved her and protected her most, she got involved in some very destructive behavior with some soldiers on this military base. She ended up being murdered.

    Adam betrayed the Lord God and his wife, Eve, when he disobeyed the Lord and partook of the forbidden fruit. This is why it is called Adamic Sin. Adam failed to cover and protect his wife and the whole human race was born in sin.

    Thank you, Lord Jesus, for dying on the Cross for the sin (Adamic) of the world.


    • That movie’s plot has been multiplied a million times over, only because radical feminism has emasculated men. This is exactly why I think today’s women are such a mess. Their fathers, brothers, uncles and cousins have all been denigrated, belittled and unjustly “blamed”, by lesbian-led, radical, second and third-wave feminism, for doing exactly what God intended them to do for their women – protect them from evil. Without their positive influence to offset feminism, women are devolving rapidly.These brainwashed feminist women irrationally revile, reject and repulse men when they attempt to act on their God-given duties towards women. How many times can a guy be rejected before he just gives up? So, this has continual barage of negative feedback, some of which begins before little boys even know they are boys, has left generations of “castrated” men who are totally intimidated by the nasty response to their masculinity and as a result, has left them unwilling, or unable, to step up to the plate and do what, in their hearts, they know is their right and duty towards women. That’s why I call this blog, It’s the Women, Not the Men!


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