Current EVEntS – Texas Democrat Candidate for Governor, Sen. Wendy Davis, Lies for Political Points

Texas Senator Wendy Davis, 50 - Represents Ft. Worth District 10

Texas Senator Wendy Davis, 50 – Represents Ft. Worth District 10

According to Candidate Wendy Davis’s bio she was a struggling, divorced, teen mother, living in a trailer who pulled herself up by the boot straps, worked her way through college to finally graduated from Harvard Law School. As Davis said, “I’m a Texas success story. I’m the epitome of hard work and optimism.”

Too bad almost none of her story was true. The truth is she was 21, not 19, when she divorced her first husband. She and her daughter, Amber, lived with her parents in their mobile home for a few months before moving into an apartment of her own. She then married Jeff Davis, who was 13 years her senior. Ms. Davis then had another daughter, Dru, with Davis. Jeff then paid for her last two years at Texas Christian University. When she was accepted at Harvard Law School, Jeff cashed in his 401(k) and in addition, took out a school loan, to pay for her education in Boston

Wendy then left her children, Amber, 8 and Dru, at just 2-years-old, behind in Texas in Jeff’s care, while she spent the next three years pursuing her law degree in Boston. No sooner did Ms. Davis graduate, and Jeff made the final payment on her Harvard Law School loan, then she divorced the poor guy and never looked back.

Jeff is quoted as saying, “I made the last payment, and it was the next day she left.” He filed for, and received, full-custody of their daughter Dru. And in order for this to have happened (women always get the kids) Ms. Davis has to have agreed – obviously Dru would be too much baggage to carry into Ms. Davis’ gleaming political future.

Despite the fact that this radical, second-wave feminist is a lying, manipulative, self-centered bitch, the exposure of her lies, by Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning Times, unleashed the typical avalanche of radical feminist support for Ms. Davis and an equal amount of condemnation against Mr. Slater.

The national liberal, mainstream news media, in lock-step with the lesbian-led, radical feminists, have basically refused to acknowledge, much less report, on these unsavory revelations, preferring instead to polish their Texas Democrat’s rising star. Does it surprise anyone that Ms. Davis is rabidly pro-abortion (she shot to fame filibustering abortion limits in the Texas Senate last year), and therefore a comrade the liberal news media can recognize and embrace.

girl scouts logoEven the Girls Scouts of the United States has jumped on the band wagon in support of Wendy Davis. This may come as a surprise to some, since the Girl Scouts have never been considered a political organization. But for those of us who have been following the leftist swing of the GSA over the last 30 years, including its support for abortion and explicit sexuality for young girls, this type of left-wing political pronouncement comes as no surprise.

In response to the Girl Scouts support of Wendy Davis, and both of their pro-abortion stances, John Pisciotta, Director of Pro-Life Waco (Texas), is organizing a nation-wide boycott of Girl Scout cookies. As a former Brownie troop leader, I wish him great success with his undertaking as the Girl Scouts no longer represents the high-minded priorities, for the girls in their charge, that Savannah Georgia native Juliette Gordon Low had in mind when she established the Girl Scouts in 1912. In fact, the reverse is now true.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies

I can say that I have been boycotting Girl Scout cookies since 1984. After discovering that the “cookie mother” from my troop had stolen all of the $600 in cookie money from my troop, I was further shocked by the response from the Girl Scouts NYC central office to the theft. I requested that they prosecute the woman, which they refused to do, and then they threatened me, when I told them I was going to file a police report. Not only did they refuse to prosecute the “cookie mother'” but they also refused to send her a letter of rebuke, condemning her despicable actions!

To make matters worse, after taking these inexcusable positions, they added salt to the wounds by refusing to help to restore the stolen funds. Due to the organization’s cowardness, all 21 little girls were denied the opportunity to attend the two-week camp they had worked so hard to earn! The entire experience was beyond frustrating and completely uncalled for.

As far back as 1984, the NYC headquarters of Girl Scouts proved to be infested with spineless, hypocritical, unethical bureaucrats, more interested in staying out of the newspapers then setting a good example for the little girls in their charge. They did absolutely nothing to protect the children’s interests. So, when they tried to take “God” out of their oath ten years later, I wasn’t surprised because my experience had showed me that the fish had already begun to rot from the head down in 1984.

The organization’s hard left political turn, in support for abortion and explicit sexuality, was just around the corner and you can see the sordid details of that story here. As you can see by the link, your girls would be much better served as members of The American Heritage Girls.

So, if you’re a Texan, don’t vote for Wendy Davis and if you’re a Christian American, don’t support the Girls Scouts, highly controversial and destructive political agenda aimed at little girls, by buying their cookies.

4 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – Texas Democrat Candidate for Governor, Sen. Wendy Davis, Lies for Political Points

    • Thank you. Congratulations on your marriage and the upcoming birth of your, soon-to-be beloved, child. Faith and family – they are your key to a joyful life – treasure them above all else. God bless and thank you again for your comment.


    • These women are the direct result of forty-five years of indoctrination of college educated women by radical, second-wave feminists, since the tenets of Christianity, and its stands of good behavior were eradicated from all levels of academia, women have been convinced to replace their Christian faith with radical feminist ideology. The results have been devastating for families, children, fathers and the country at large, but most especially for the women themselves. See all the Current EVEntS” listed in “Index” in the right column of my home page to see many examples of how and why this is happening to women. Also read my post, “First vs. Second vs.Third-Wave Feminism” and Christina Hoff Sommers book “Who Stole Feminism?” for more answers to your question. Thanks for the comment and also thanks for following my blog. You should find it very enlightening.When you have a few minutes go back to the index and search through my older posts. You will find many other examples of the problems and my answers to your question there too.


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