Current EVEntS – MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Ridicules Romney’s Black Adopted Grandson

Melissa Harris-Perry

Melissa Harris-Perry, 40 – MSNBC Host of The Melissa Harris-Perry Show

This radical, second-wave feminist female is the most repulsive, piece of crap, I’ve ever witnessed on TV. Her show on MSNBC, The Melissa Harris-Perry Show, is a perfect example of just how low a radical feminist can sink, when she replaces her faith with feminism.

Lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminism’s intrinsic hatred of white, Christian men and everything these men stand for, principally their opposition to homosexuality, is wide-spread, sardonic, vicious and insidious. And this hatred is disseminated primarily through radicalized, highly educated, highly visible  and influential females under the guise of elitist enlightenment and job equality.

And, there is no limit to the outrageous lengths to which these twisted females will go, to prove their fidelity to the irrational tenets of radical feminism. This often includes the mollification of the troops by publicly demonstrating increasingly vile behavior towards white, Christian men whom the radical feminists irrationally consider the purveyors of female “oppression” and “domination.”

Ms. Harris-Perry’s contemptible, anti-Christian behavior, which is on display nearly every week, is beyond the pale. It was bad enough, when in July, Ms. Harris-Perry (hyphenated last names always = radical second-wave feminists) told her audience that post-birth abortion was now acceptable. She stated that a child was not considered to be alive until its parents decided it was alive! (See my link to my post for more.)

The Mitt Romney Family with his grandson on his knee.

The family photo of Mitt Romney with his little black grandson on his right knee.

But, just after Christmas, Ms. Harris-Perry, who is black (go figure), chose to ridicule a photograph of Mitt Romney and his wife, who are Mormons, and their 22 grandchildren, which included his adopted grandson, who is also black. This infant was the focus of their mockery.

Pia Glenn - Actress

Pia Glenn – Actress

Harris-Perry and panelist Pia Glenn laughed and sang, “one of these things is not like the others” from Sesame Street, while another panelist said that the picture, “sums up the diversity of the Republican Party.”

Ms. Harris-Perry and her group of oddballs went on to ridiculed and mock interracial families as though they were something amusing, all of which resulted in raucous hilarity on their part.

Do you know what an egregious and despicably “cheap shot” this was on the part of Harris-Perry’s? Incredibly, the fact is, that not only is Harris-Perry obviously black, which makes her behavior beyond repulsive but, she too was raised in an interracial family and has many Mormon relatives ta boot!

Radical feminism, despite the rants of those who claim otherwise, is a destructive  form of brainwashing and Ms. Harris-Perry is a profound example of the damage it does to society when left unchecked but more importantly the personal damage it inflicts on the, formerly Christian and formerly rational, women themselves.

I’m not even going to discuss Harris-Perry’s televised, Academy Award winning performance, a week later when she “apologized” to Mr. Romney, which he  graciously accepted, but I am going to ask once again – “Why is this bitch on TV?”

The simple answer is that MSNBC has been out to get Mitt Romney (white, Christian man) since his bid for the Presidency in 2008 and this disgusting female is still doing their bidding. The less obvious answer becomes clearer when you look at the list of the top NBC executives who are responsible for MSNBC. Two of the three top execs listed are radical, second-wave feminists and either lapsed Christians or non-Christians. The remaining list of 10 additional MSNBC execs (4 women and 6 men) repeats this pattern over and over again.

Patricia Fili-Krushel, 59 - Chairman NBC News

Patricia Fili-Krushel, 59 – Chairman NBC News

The top two women are Patricia FiliKrushel (note hyphen), who created “The View” while at ABC and is now the top exec at NBC.  She is the Chairman of NBC Universal News Group and the first person on the list.

Vivian Schiller - Senior VP and Chief Digital Officer NBC News

Vivian Schiller, 52 – Senior VP and Chief Digital Officer NBC News

Vivian Schiller (yes, the same bitch who fired Juan Williams at NPR and then resigned – see my link to my post for more) has a new job as Senior VP and Chief Digital Officer NBC News and is the third person on the list of top executives.

So, when all of this additional information is taken into consideration, the fact that Ms. Harris-Perry has not been fired for her outrageous behavior,  should come as no surprise to anyone because, “the fish always rots from the head down.”

2 thoughts on “Current EVEntS – MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Ridicules Romney’s Black Adopted Grandson

  1. There is actually a theoretical explanation for your observation:

    “Lesbian-led, radical, second-wave feminism’s intrinsic hatred of white, Christian men and everything these men stand for, principally their opposition to homosexuality,..”

    Feminists are NOT going to like it.


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